Friday, May 16, 2008

Entering Suz's Blog World...

Why did you start blogging? What are your favorite blogs to read?

I began blogging after getting "hooked" on one of my best friend's blog: Lauren (I am not going to link any of these people, b/c the majority have invitation-only blogs). I thought it was a great way to keep up with friends and family...and I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone. My original blog peeps (from when I first started, waaaay before I even got preggo) are: Lauren, Kim, Amanda W, Amanda N, Nicki, Corrie, Charla, Audrey, Page...and I'm sure there are more that I am leaving out...(SORRY GUYS!)

My new fav blogs to read are: my original peeps (above), plus the quad blogs: Murrays, McNultys, Goerlichs, Burketts, Gerwers, Harris Quads, etc. And the Quilao Triplets/Casey.
There are others, but these are the ones that I check when I have only seconds on the computer. I don't have a blog link list, b/c there are just TOO many and I don't want to leave anyone out or for anyone's feelings to get hurt.

First and foremost, my blog is a JOURNAL for ME! I love going back and reading my blog from day one. In no way did I EVER think people from all over the world would be following our lives! It is surreal.

How do you find time to blog?

Guys, many of you asked about stress relievers in my life? My blog is an outlet for me to vent/share praise/ask for prayers/voice concerns/share funny stories....otherwise, it would be me, stuck in a house by myself, with four 9 month old babies and no one to share stories with. It is comforting to know that people are laughing with me, hurting with me, praying with me, finding encouragement through our lives, etc. I LOVE it! And the babies are incredible nappers (at least in the mornings), so it gives me plenty of time to get on the computer throughout the day (you know--in between laundry loads, dish washing cycles, bottle making, food preparation, etc) haha!

What do you think about all the attention you get from random strangers on your blog? It is flattering or does it freak you out a bit?

Like I said, I NEVER intended for my blog to be anything more than a boring journal about my life. Getting pregnant with quads is a phenomenon that I guess lots of people are interested in reading about. It was actually the best thing that ever happened to us, because within days/weeks/months, there were tons of people around the world, praying (and sending positive thoughts) for us and our quad babies. It is so worth it b/c of the prayer connection. I believe in prayer with all of my heart.

I also love getting in touch with other families of multiples out there who find us through my blog. I know that Jen and Gen were God-sends for me while I was terrified and pregnant. I will do whatever I can to help others in my situation.

Yes, there is the occasional rude comment, but I just shake it off. I have to keep reminding myself of the wonderful families I have come to know and love through the internet. If I were to make my blog private (which I have contemplated many times), I might lose out on the opportunity to help someone else out. Apparently, God is using our family to minister to others (which BLOWS my mind-very humbling), my blog is an outlet for God to work through me to touch the lives of others.

Would it totally freak you out for a "stranger" who "knows" you through your blog to approach you when you are out and about with the quads? Has anyone ever recognized you in public because of your blog?

If one of you guys EVER saw us out in public, YOU HAD BETTER COME SAY HI!!! It's great because we will have plenty to talk about! haha. In many ways, it is neat and flattering to say the least, that there are people I have never met who consider me a "friend", I offer the same in return!

It was funny, b/c right after I had the quads, my parents were eating at Rudy's in Waco (woo hoo...great BBQ) and a sweet young lady walked up to their table and said, "I apologize for interrupting your meal, but I was wondering if you have a daughter who just gave birth to quadruplets?" (how crazy is that?! and by crazy, I of course mean awesome!) The woman recognized my mom from my blog pictures and was actually from Arkansas in town for a relative's graduation at Baylor? or something like that. (hey, anonymous lady in Rudy's, if you still read, give me a shout out!) I thought that was hilarious!

Other than that, I have never personally just randomly bumped into a total "stranger" who reads my blog. Now, it was funny when Joe was at a Texas A&M basketball game in College Station and random people he barely knew in college (whom I have never met or heard of) were coming up to him and saying, "Joe! Where are the kids? Suz let you out of the house? I saw that they had a good report at the doctor last week! Way to go!" (like old best friends who knew everything about our lives!) sooo funny! good times. We are tremendously blessed and I consider it an honor that you guys keep coming back to read about our crazy, love-filled, lives. (awwwww....tear)

Is the professional photographer coming back to take pics of the babies?

YES! Tuesday and I'm so excited I could pee my pants! (ok, a little graphic, but you get the idea!) Ruth Williams is AMAZING! We have been trying to get together for a while, but sickness and her pregnancy (she is like 38 weeks!) have postponed our plans for a bit. I am beside-myself ecstatic! Can't wait!

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Sherry said...

Suz - I got your blog address from a friend of a friend of a friend... or something like that. I have four but I'm not an over-achiever like you - mine all came at different times with several years separating them. :) Just wanted to let you know I lurk in the shadows and love to read your blog - as do my kids, we love reading about the babies! Thanks for letting us share!

kimbaldwin said...

Since you said you weren't creeped out by "anonymous stalkers" I will take this opportunity to throw this comment out there and let you know that I love your family! You guys are an amazing inspiration and an example of laid-back, love-filled, faithful living. I love the way you love on your babies. I heard about you through friends and have been keeping up with your blog ever since. I am a NNICU nurse at Parkland I see a LOT of babies and your kiddos are so precious I could just eat them up! I only work 3 days a week and don't have my own kids so if you ever need help...:)

Lori said...

I mentioned to someone that I had read their blog that I didn't know and within days they were private :-( I wasn't sure if I made a blogger faupax. Thank you for being so gracious, You rawk!!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a little while now (found it through another multiples blog-my guilty pleasure-I believe) and this post inspired me to leave a comment.

Your blog is one of my favorites to read. The babies are adorable and you and Joe are doing such a great job with them!

- Alex, college student from Illinois

Anonymous said...

I love the story about your mom and the lady approaching her.
I'm so glad you didn't set your blog to private. I'd miss all the smiles from you, Joe and the babies.
I always thought your blog was a good way for you to show off your babies. What do all moms look forward to? They all want to show off their new baby to the world. You couldn't do that with preemies and it being RSV season. But you could post beautiful pictures for all the world to see. Plus it kept the germs away. :) Now you can get out and show off your babies but for those of us who don't live close by..we get to enjoy your babies just by logging onto the Net. So thank you for that! I also love reading what you write about each picture.
Cathy in Frisco

Melanie (Stephens) Hinojos said...

It's funny that you say this was to help you keep in contact with old friends. It's working! I haven't seen you in 10 years and yet, I read your blog at least once a week. It's fun to see how things are going with you and the babies. And to see how much has changed (or stayed the same) in the last 10 years.
Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

I have never commented before, because I really didn't think you had time to actually read all of the comments. I love reading your blog, my husband thinks I am crazy because I will tell him about things sometimes...he tells me you don't even know these people, how can you be excited about something they are doing...I don't know, I love to watch how the babies are growing and learning. I have a 6 month old and a 4 year old and some things relate, and some things you have WAY more challenges. Maybe I am crazy, but I believe you hit it straight on when you said that God is using your family to minister to others, I have a friend who just had twins, and she has 2 other children, and on days she feels frustrated, she can read your blog and see the are an inspiration to others, and I will stop rambling now, but I wanted to give you a pat on the back and let you know I think your a GREAT mom!

Julie said...

I am amazed every time I look at your blog how you are able to handle FOUR babies. I have a little boy that is a little bit younger than your 4 (he's almost 9 months). Sometimes I get worn out with just him, but then I think about you and I know I can do it with one if you can do it with 4. Thanks for giving all those moms out there the strength to keep going! My question for you is how did you lose your weight so fast???? You look great! I'm still trying to lose mine from just one :)

Collegegirl said...

New pictures on Tuesday, what an exciting day!!! Hope they are great. Glad you are starting on the questions that all of your blogging buddies asked! Take your time and have fun!
~Elyse~ in Colleyville
PS- Have an AWESOME weekend!

karamy3sons said...

Your family is so beautiful! Great Blog.

Kara-Decatur, Texas Jer. 29:11-13

Christi said...

I live in Scottsdale, AZ and we are going to start a family soon and your blog inspires me so much. You both are amazing as parents and you seem to keep "joe and Suz" in alive too which is a big fear we both have. Thank you for your stories and sharing your life with us. You remind me alot of myself and it's great to see someone who loves their life and embraces the good and the hard. Congrats to both of you and to your very lucky kids!

Kari said...

So I, like so many others, don't know you but found you through another blog. I am also glad that you haven't made your blog private. I only started reading a little while ago, but find so much encouragement in your positive and fun attitude. Your love for God, life and your family is so fun to read about! (and your quads are absolutely adorable)
Kari in Florida

Anonymous said...

How do you do an invitation-only blog?

The Burkett Family said...

I'm a 'stranger' who continues to LOVE your site, love your honesty, love your parenting style, and LOVE the pictures of your sweet babies. I have a Ben (2) and a Cameron (1 month), and think it's too cool to share with other mamas out there via our blogs. Keep it up, your blog is WONDERFUL! Okay, my question. Do you get a daily shower?? Amanda

Joy said...


I just wanted to let you and Joe know how much of a blessing your blog has been to me. I found the link to your blog through a clomid support messageboard. I had recently found out that I need some medical intervention to conceive and I was doing some research. I was nervous and afraid. This site was posted under the link "a beautiful story" and when I went back and read your blog I can see that it is indeed a beautiful story. It touches me to see what God has done in your life and I know that He is faithful and able to bless me too. I was encouraged after reading how your family came to be. Your story is a true testimony and I thank you for sharing.

McNulty Quads said...

I love you Suz! Don't know what I'd do without ya!

LOVE the Q and A's!

Sooz said...

I started reading your blog because a friend of mine sent me an e-mail prayer request for you and Joe at my work. She lost a baby and then had major issues trying to get pregnant again so she was in that support group. I guess you both were and that's how I got started here. I love your blog and am so thankful that one prayer request on e-mail has kept me in touch with such a sweet and loving couple with beautiful babies. THank you for sharing with all of us!

Sooz said...

OH and my family lives in the Little Rock AR area.

Anonymous said...

Hey- I am "the sweet lady" who ran into your mom at Rudy's. Yes... I am still reading. I was pregnant with ONE the same time you were and gave birth this past September to a little girl. I actually heard about you from Amanda Ware. I taught school with her in Bentonville Arkansas. My husband, Kinsey and I have since relocated back to Texas to be closer to family. You are an inspiration and I look forward to watching your family grow. God Bless! Amber

Anonymous said...

I too have been an anonomous blogger for some time. I found you throught the Michaels Quad Squad. I check your blog everyday to see new pics and updates. You really are a wonderful mom and an inspiration to other moms. Keep up the good work! And please dont make your blog are a wonderful blogger!!

Allison said...


I've never left a comment before, but I've been a long time lurker. I came across your blog quite a few months back and I don't really remember how either. I surely enjoy reading about your beautiful family and your fun adventures. Your Sav sure is a "Diva" (I love the bows)!

Toms River, NJ

kelly said...

I am one of those total strangers that reads your blog. I stumbled upon it through a friends blog and have been tremendously blessed by just reading about your family. I wish you guys the best of luck!!
Kelly from The Woodlands, TX

Ashley said...

Okay, since everyone is coming clean about reading your blog anonomously, I have to admit, I've been secretly reading and enjoying your blog every chance I get. You are a terrific Mom & beautiful person (inside & out)! I don't know how you do it all! I have a 5 year old and a 6 month old baby. Anytime I feel overwhelmed, I try to think about you and having 4 babies at once. Then I tell myself, Suz can do it, you can too! Thanks for sharing your great life!

Jessica said...

looking back at those photos... WOW they have certainly come so far. 9months old. just wondeful.

Casey's trio said...

The Q&A is fun Suz...can't wait to see what Joe comes up with! And I am honored to see I am one of your peeps:)

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi from Arkansas, I linked to your blog from Lindsey Davison Eason, who also attended Harding. I don't know if you know her or not, but I am her special aunt, Nanan. I think you are an amazing women and I love reading about the quads. You know in the movie 'You've Got Mail' when Meg Ryan is rambling about 'going to the sheets'? Whenever I need a lift, I 'GO TO THE QUADS'. I have a picture of them up on my pegboard at work. The one with the headgear and flowers. It brings me joy to read your blog. I don't have a blog, but I am a 54 yr old single mom raising a teenage son. I have family in Houston, so I enjoy all your Texas stories. Have a blessed day! Betty Downs

The Fosters said...

Hi Suz. It's Marcy from Austin. You may remember me from sending you the proclamations from the Governor. I haven't commented before but when I sent you the proclamations I, of course, found your address to do so. (When you work for the Gov, you have connections :)) We happen to have an aunt and uncle that live in Grand Prairie and I think they live right around the corner from you all! They are in the Peninsula. I don't know what triggered your street name in my head, but Steve looked at me like I was crazy for remembering. I won't come knock on your door or anything, but what a small world. Also, you have me a little hooked on this blogging thing, so I started my own. It's no where near as cool as yours, but just in case you want to check it out:

Marcy Foster
Austin, TX

Page said...

Oh my goodness...I just made my blog private last week and don't have your email address! If you'd like to send it to me, my email is Whoops!! ;)
It is so much fun to read about you and the quads and you put such a positive spin on all situations that I think you're as uplifting to us out here reading as you say we are to you. Thanks!

Miss G said...

Hi Suz, can't remember if I've ever commented before but I found your blog through someone else's blog and have been following ever since. It was especially fun when I found out where you go to church as Doug and Sheryl are great friends of mine! Have a great week! Kelly

Abbie said...

Suz, I have been following your blog since your precious babies were born. I have two year old twins and somehow became addicted to finding out how other families deal with multiples. Reading your blog is a true guilty pleasure for me, I love your sense of humor, your faith in God and ability to see the bright side of seemingly everything. You are an amazing mother and I have a great deal of respect for the honesty and candor.

Best of luck with your kids, you are doing a great job. The good news is, I think that it gets easier (and fun!) at 2, it will be here before you know it!

Have a great day!


Lees said...

Thanks so much for your answers - I too always am impressed with how pulled together you look and how cute you dress! I LOVE Target but always am looking for a fun place to get clothes - checked out the Francesca's Shop - Oh My! How cute they are... any when I checked where they were so that the next time I am visiting a sister in law in TX - I could visit - and there is one 3 miles from me in AZ! Whoo Hoo - so just know that you made a complete stranger's day (although I feel like I know you and don't feel like you are a stranger to me).

Also - I just ordered some bows for my Addie (twin) and she will be sending a message to Sav to say thanks when they come in! Ha...

Lisa in AZ

Maren said...

Oh! I thought of another question!
When you were first pregnant, and assumed it was one baby, were you planning on working after having the baby and then changed your mind, when it was quads?
That happened to me; was going to go back to work, but surprise! twins! :)

Sarah said...

Just like so many readers, I happened upon your blog through a friend of a friend and have been hooked ever since. I found your blog last spring and connected with your story of hope! I had tried to get pregnant for some time, which eventually lead us to a fertility specialist last winter. After an HSG, it was confirmed that my uterus had a septum (heart-shaped, instead of an inverted triangle). So, the doctor scheduled me for a laparoscopy and hysterocopy. During these surgeries, it was also discovered that I had a mild case of endometriosis. The doctor was able to "zap" (as he described!) away much of the endrometriosis, so we were hopeful that a pregnancy would be on our horizon. Our prayers were answered and I finally had a positive pregnancy test last May (actually one year ago, today, May 19!). Our little boy, Sawyer Nathaniel, was born this year on February 7. Your blog continues to encourage me, as well as many of friends, who also now faithfully read your story. (At a recent lunch, many of my girlfriends and I had discussed and decided that we would introduce ourselves to you, if we ever saw you in Austin, TX!) You may already know about this site, my sister 'n law introduced me to it, and I thought I'd share, just in case you didn't know. will create your blog into a book! You can download the
free software, which will automatically put your blog (writing and pics) into page layouts (which you can change and edit to your liking). The cost is reasonable, too! My sister 'n law is creating "family yearbooks" from her blog postings. I look forward to doing the same, as I also love to look back and celebrate all the blessings the Lord provides to us. May the Lord continue to bless you, your family, and all those you love!

Liz&Meg said...

I started reading your blog from a link from the wilkinsonquints and have been addicted ever since! I just love your stories and attitude. Bless you!

aje said...

I am a horrible lurker too. I don't remember how I found your blog but I have enjoyed reading it. It has been great seeing how the quads have grown. They all have such personalities. I absolutely love all the outfits you have for them.
The lurker from Mexico :)

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