Sunday, June 08, 2008

Uh-Oh...Joe's BAAAAACK!!

All right ladies and's been a long time coming, but the Quad Father Steece has returned!!! For those of you that have read the blog since the beginning of this crazy ride, YES its been a long time, so its good to be back and posting again. For those that are new and haven't seen me post, its been quite a while, but you're in for a blog post that's so good, you may not be able to read another blog EVER again. Ok, so its probably not THAT good, but I'm telling you its going to be pretty sweet. At the very least if you don't like it at all...well, Suz will be back momentarily.

I love using sports metaphors as often as possible so this post is like MJ#23's comeback from retirement! Well, hopefully.

Edit: Just realized I'm hyping this post a lets get to answering some of the questions that have been sent my way.

(1) What is the best support a husband can give during pregnancy?

Well, the only thing i can say is just be there for her (whether its getting her ice for her fifth non-caffeinated drink in 1 hour, holding her hand, getting her the daily "required" ice cream snack in the vending machine or calling her a few extra times during the day). I know it sounds cheesy or simple or even chick-flickish (yes, I just used the made up word "chick-flickish"). I just tried to be there to do little things to help cheer Suz up when she was down, help her enjoy the good times even more or be the person she could lean on. Now, this is making me sound like "the rock" or the "emotionally stable" one, but to be honest...Suz did more of that for me than I think I did for her, but I may have done a good enough job at faking strength or positivity to help.

(2) What is your fav part of being a daddy of 4?

Easy...just being a dad to 4! The blessing is unbelievable and to come home from work and do nothing but show my face in the playroom and get smiles across the board...its an awesome feeling. Not to mention, right now I can do just about anything and get a smile or laugh out of these guys...I feel like the Jerry Seinfeld of the house, maybe this is a career opportunity for me. I could hit the "under 12 month old quad" circuit comedian...definitely a market there.

Jerry Seinfeld or Joe Steece...hmmmm, close call

(3) How do you make sure you & Suz get alone time together?

We really just make it a was something we talked about even before we had kids. Now it got a little harder when that first kid turned into 4!!! But we just made time for ourselves so that we could continue to strengthen our relationship for each other and for our kids. Whether its watching a movie together, listening to some dave matthews on the patio or just sitting and relaxing not saying anything...its all time well spent. The other HUGE blessing have been the family and friends that have given their time to come "hold down the fort" so we can get out of house, even if its just for a quick dinner...feeling like a normal couple from time to time can recharge your batteries in a heart beat.

Our first dance, kiss and concert happened while listening to see this guy (Dave Matthews)...I owe him a big thanks

(4) What do you think of all the "girly-ness" Suz dresses Sav in?

Love it all. The bows, the dresses, the shoes...I'm in trouble b/c she's going to be able to get whatever she wants whenever she wants. She's already breaking down old dad by looking at me with those big brown eyes and gorgeous smile...I'm hosed and the boys are going to wonder why they're wearing the same outfit 7 days a week while Sav has morning, afternoon and evening outfits. Sorry fellas...

(5) What is like coming home after a long day at work to 4 kids who want dinner, bath, and so on? Is it complete chaos?

Depending on when I get home, chances are that its all gravy...they're upbeat, laughing, playing, smiling and paying attention to every thing you say. BUT, if I'm running late and its borderline or past feed time...well, quite frankly its as if someone has replaced my kids with a pack of little hungry Gremlins. Sure they're not green, full of fangs and trying to kill Gizmo, but they're screaming, crying, and could care less who's least until the bottle is in their mouth. Bottom line, it CAN be crazy and chaotic, but it is always a blast...we signed up for it all and I wouldn't trade one single day of it.

(6) Do you miss alone time with Suz?

Sure, we had a blast being a young married couple with very few responsibilities and had time alone whenever we wanted. It just gets back to making time or finding time to enjoy little things you used to do when 4 kids weren't upstairs sleeping in your guestroom. Date night at the coffee table for dinner with a good movie is a big deal...sure its a little different from hitting the town, but we can get just as much out of it!

(7) Do you ever watch all 4 kids totally by yourself? (When they are totally awake?)

Does a dad who just had quadruplets get a Vasectomy? YOU BET! I do it as often as I can, b/c Suz and I will trade off nights to get out and run errands or hang out with friends. She'll do it for me and I'll do it for her. I'm definitely not as smooth as Suz, but I think the little dudes know when dad is on his own and take it easy on me. Also, you know you've been in the house with no other adult conversation for too long when you start making up and singing a song to the bongo drum toy that seems to play non stop even when ths kids are napping.
Buyer beware, you may become the next family singer/songwriter

(8) Do you and Suz fight or argue very much?

I'm trying to decide how to answer this question...the wrong answer could incite one of these "fight" things you mentioned. In all seriousness, NO, NEVER I don't even know what we would fight was that? pretty smooth, huh? ok, ok, We do...We get frustrated about things, say the wrong thing (usually me), or just get in one of those arguments you don't even know how it started or why it started but you're dead set at winning...until we realize its just not worth it.

(9) Are you both as laid back as you seem? Do you guys have a good sense of humor?

Depends on when you catch us and yes, I'm absolutely hilarious! I do think we're laid back and try to be more so after quads b/c I think I'd be in the looney bin if I didn't just pump the brakes on worries and stresses. I think we think we're two of the funniest people WE'VE ever met, but not so sure everyone else would agree...we laugh at the same stupid stuff, give solid high fives for bombed jokes (I'm talking a bombed joke that may or may not cause the dreaded awkward silence in a group setting) and we both have those moments where anything and everything is funny b/c we haven't slept much or Ben just wont stop crying and there's nothing you can do but laugh about it.

(10) Ever thought about doing voice overs with that deep voice of yours? or a radio dj? You know when you watch a preview to a movie and that deep voice comes on saying something like "in a world where..." you could do that, lol!

This is one time when I'll say I would love to be THAT guy. Also, do you work for a radio station and are you hiring? I don't have a demo, but I could make one in the next 5 seconds. I honestly don't really hear what everyone else hears...I know I have a deep voice, but I'm not a big fan of hearing it in videos or on messages, etc. I honestly would love to be on the radio and talk sports...I could do it for hours on end and as Suz has figured out (the kids will too)...I already do. I also love the movie guy reference...if you want to hear something hilarious, go to youtube or google and search for Pablo Francisco movies. He does a great impression of the movie preview guy...freaking awesome.

(11) Since you are a twin, what is it like as an adult? are you and your twin bro still really close as adults?

I was actually a fraternal twin and my mom miscarried her/him during her pregnancy. I've got two other little bros that may as well be my twins b/c those guys are my absolute best friends. Now, we don't look all that alike...I'm the shortest at slightly over 5'10" (gotta give me credit for the "slightly over") and have curly hair while Ed and Dan are both over 6' with straight hair. Actually, maybe Im adopted...jk! Ok, see, that right there was one of those jokes that sounded hilarious in my head...not so much when I typed it. (motion high five to return...ouch).

(12) Where did you get those bracelets for Suz?

I think Suz has referenced this site and lady before, but just in it is:

She does really great stuff and her customer service is awesome.

(13) What was the first thing you thought when you found out you were having quads? And then that 3 of them would be boys?

Ahhhh, this is going to be a little tough. When we first found out I kind of blacked out. Not literally, I just went blank...I started backing away from Suz and the lady with the tv screen that apparently told me we were having quads. Sorry, but I couldn't make out anything and Suz started crying and it felt like one of those dreams you want to wake up from and restart. Ok, its tough thinking of that now considering I've got 4 healthy kids sleeping upstairs...its just how I reacted. It was a really long day filled with no emotion at first and plenty of it the second we walked out the door.

3 boys and 1 girl? I breathed a huge sigh of relief and said "one wedding." The sigh of relief was that I had 3 dudes to take care of Sav and any potential teens that think dating my daughter might be a good idea...the "one wedding" comment meant just that...I only have to pay for one wedding. Now I just need to figure out sporting goods, cars at 16, and Texas A&M tuition at 18...I'm open to suggestions.

(14) Do you have dreams of teaching them a certain sport? Which one?

Every single one of them...just like my dad who had a baseball glove, football, basketball and golf clubs in his back pocket for 18yrs I'm hoping to do the same. I can't wait to play catch, shoot hoops, throw a pass and grab a tee time with all of them. Predictions real quick...Ben will play offensive line, the guy can put away a Gerber can like its no ones business and when you leave him to feed someone else he grunts until you come back around. The twins will be turning double plays for the Minnesota Twins in about 24yrs...these guys have the hand eye coordination of circus juggler on a unicycle...its crazy. A circus juggler on a unicylce does have good hand eye coordination, right? Sav will be taking on the LPGA with her Tiger Woods-like fist pump. Ok, so if her swing is anything like her moms she may end up being a cheerleader instead.

Me and Suz re-living our athletic "glory days" in high school at a Halloween party

(15) Do you guys ever think of having more kids or are you done?

See question 7...plan was 2, maybe 3...we're good. Trust me, we're all set.

(16) Are you in awe of how gorgeous your wife is? What is your favorite quality about her? You can tell she's an amazing mother and wife thru her post...lets hear it from you!

Suz, is that you? Suz?

In all honesty I am...I'm a lucky guy to say the very least. She still blows me away everytime we get dressed up to go out and I know everyone is looking at us thinking "what is she doing with that short curly haired dude?"...did I say I was lucky, yet? I love that we make each other laugh...and she knows me so well its borderline ridiculous, but its great when I don't need to say anything and she can tell somethings up. To say she's an amazing mother and wife wouldn't be enough coming from me...she does it all and then some. She takes care of the kids, takes care of me, takes care of Shiloh...we've all got it good. I appreciate her and everything she does for me and our family...I couldn't say enough and to spare any dudes who might be reading the overly sappy continution of this answer. Love you Suz!

(17) Boxers or briefs? Who is your fav muppet?

Like Dr Seuss once said, "oh the places..." I could take this question! jk. Boxers and any character living down in Fraggle Rock!!!

(18) What is the funniest reaction somone has given you (non-family member) when you tell them you have quads?

Well, the top 5 have to be removed due to explicit content! The others are a combination of either thinking I'm trying to pull one over on them (total disbelief) or others who aren't sure how many "quadruplets" are...the look like, I know that's more than 2 but how many more?

(19) You both have awesome personalities, which of you does each child take after?

First off, much thanks...and is this a collective post by our parents? As far as who the kids take after its still hard to tell. There are little things they all do that we both recognize...E is very easy going and just takes everything in (like me as a baby, so I'm told), Sav gets that diva mentality from her mom (so I'm told!!), Ben is outgoing and loves to flirt like his mom, JK! Drew is a little ball of fire...definitely got that from both of us!

(20) Do you spend time with Shiloh? If so, what are some of the activities ya'll do together? Do you ever find time to follow the NBA playoffs or sports in general? Love your fam! Bubba

Good to hear from you Bubba! Solid question. To be honest Shiloh is really getting the short end of the stick (no pun intended on her fetching sticks or lack there of) with all of our attention being put on working and taking care of the kids...she definitely doesn't get as much play time as she used to, but I think she'll have more attention than she knows what to do with here in a bit. I'm still following my boy KG and the Celtics (born in Minne and I'm pulling for the ex T-Wolve) 2 in the books and only 2 left to get...other sports? Of course, having a DVR and the ability to pause games is a quad parent must-have. We had Aggie baseball this weekend, the US Open next weekend and the Houston Astros every other night (Suz just loves all of this!).

Love this guy and although he's not in MN anymore...I hope he gets the title he deserves

All right if I was in Vegas playing Blackjack and the dealer set me up with 20, I'd b/c Im not in Vegas or at the Blackjack table or sitting with two face cards I'm going to call this a post and return all of you to your regularly scheduled dose of Suz!

In all seriousness, thank all of you for your questions, prayers and encouraging comments about our family...we appreciate every single one of them. I'll be back again to answer more questions as soon as possible...



HotMommy said...

Thank you so much - I now cannot get that bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong tune from the bongos out of my head.

It's stuck and I'm going to have to sing something like It's A Small World to knock it out. But then I'm stuck with It's A Small World. The cycle never ends......

Meredith said...

You two are so lucky to have one another!! Great post!!

Andria said...

Love it. I WISH my husband had such wonderful words to say about his wife! You two are lucky to have each other. Great to see you posting Joe...but don't keep Suz from having the computer.

Todd and Kariann said...

That was AWSOME!!! You out did yourself on this one!! I enjoyed reading everything you wrote and it truly shows who you are, and what God has made you into. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings. You are a wonderful example as to what a husband and dad should be!!!

Have a great week!

Melanie Hinojos said...

Thank you for your honesty. I know what you mean about coming home from work and not having to do anything but show my face to get a smile - that is the most awesome feeling in the world!
I can only hope that my husband and I will be as happy and open as y'all are after 7 years!
Have a great week.

Lauren said...

Thanks for taking the time to post, Joe! I'm new to the blog but I enjoy hearing from both of you!

Megann Cain said...

Ya'll are so great! Joe, you are a team player for sure! Suz, you are one lucky gal as well as Joe is a lucky man. I'm so glad you are both out here in cyberworld setting a great example for all of us! Have a great week with those precious babies!

Megann, Birmingham, AL

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Great post Joe! You seem to be a heckuva guy - your momma raised you right.

Keep up the good work, lovin' Suz and those babies.

The Mom said...

You are such a great guy, Suz is very lucky! You have a blessed family!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Love this post!

My husband and I used to think DVR was a "totally unnecessary waste of money." yeah, we ordered it when our twins were four weeks old! HA!

Brittany said...

awe, joe! that was fabulous. do you even remember me? i'm assuming so but who knows? I think one of my most fondest Bracketville memories (and you know Brackett, it's so amazing it's hard to pin just one down!) was when we first met you. You just cracked us UP!

Anyway, love the post. You're a fabulous husband and father. Thanks for taking care of my sunshine! Keep up the good work! Ha! Oh, and Happy EARLY Father's DAY to you!!!

~Denise~ said...

It's great to read one of your posts again Joe. You two seriously crack me up at times, I just love it. Life in your house is going to be so much fun in the coming years.

The Mama said...

I used to think that Joe was SOOOO lucky to have Suz, but now I think you are both lucky to have each other.
In all seriousness, you both inspire me to try harder to be a better wife. Reading how much you take care of each other reminds me that I need to be good the the dada. Every time I think I have it hard with twins plus one, I think of you.

Thanks for a great post and a smile.

Shepherd Family said...

I have to say, you sound like a pretty awesome dad...and suz, and AWESOME mom! As a mom of 2 (yes only 2) I really your blog daily for encouragment...even have your blog labled as "inspiration". I figure if you guys can handle 4, I can def handle a 2 year old and 3 month old:)...Also, I saw you mentioned you were a twin, but your mom miscarried when she was pregnant. This actually also happened to my mom (when she was preggo with me) and have never heard of it happenining to anyone else. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great responses. I'm the one who asked about you doing voice overs. Sorry..I'm not in that business but I still think you should check into it. I googled Pablo Francisco and loved him. He is hilarious..I also listened to his Mexican music act, that was too funny. I see that he will be in Addison in October. I should get my husband to take me to see him.

I also asked about your twin. I now feel horrible for asking. I had no idea your mom lost your twin. I am so sorry for you and her. I thought your brother (on the far right of the picture) was your twin. Y'all look a lot alike.

I enjoy reading about you, Suz and the babies so much. I think y'all are the kind of people everyone wants to hang out with, invite to their parties, etc.

Thanks again for letting us get to know you more.
Cathy in Frisco

plano mom said...

GREAT post!! Loved it! It lived up to the hype...thanks Joe :)!!

Amy said...

Well done, Joe! :)

Collegegirl said...

WONDERFUL post Joe! Thanks for answering the questions! Loved the answers and pictures!

OceanDesert said...

Hi there! I don't remember how I stumbled across your blog, but it's always fun reading about your adventures with those adorable little ones! And it was cool to get Joe's perspective too! Y'all are amazing!
Sara in Phoenix

Amy said...

That vasectomy joke? Classic. Nice post from the husband!

Barbara Manatee said...

I always love reading about your quads, but also enjoy the fun things you two have to share! My hubby and I definitely need to remember to take more time for ourselves...may have to use some of your 'date night' ideas!

Anonymous said...

My siter has a blog (really are you serious, and the hall family) and I started looking at yours about two months ago. I have been going through some really difficult times, and reading these comments just let me know that true love is out there. I always tell my sister I want a man to love me like her husband, Matt, loves I will add that I want a man to love me as Joe loves Suz. Hope that makes homewrecer here!!! just kidding ofc ourse! Your family is truly amazing. I have a niece and Krystyn is knocked up with number two...I can't wait to meet him/her. I have nicknamed the baby Sampson, but have been told several times that will not be the name on the brith certificate. i tried, though, right?! Keep up the great posts! Love, Emily (a special ed. teacher in Houston, I don't have a blog)

duke said...

Whst s great blog, I love the humor and love that in it (and the cute babies too)... thank you for posting!
Christi in Scottsdale

Kyra Newberry said...

Joe, LOVED your post! I live 400 miles away and flew in tonight to visit my sister (in Mansfield). We stopped in at Target to get food for the week for 2 families and ran into your beautiful wife! I have read your blog since before the babies and seeing her walking in Target, I just knew it was her!! I loved your question #7 because I was thinking, I bet Joe is at home with the babies because shopping alone is so much easier (and I only have twins and a singleton!) Suz was so sweet and talked with us, and didn't even think we were crazy when we called her name. You are both awesome and inspiring parents. Your kids are very lucky!

Kyra in Muleshoe, TX

Mary Hall said...

Hey Steece family! I am nurse working night shift and for the past month have read randomly throughout your blog. I just want to say that you are a wonderful inspiration to me and I truly enjoy reading about your quads!!!

Sooz said...

Great post Joe!

Tamora said...

Suz! It was so great running into you at Target! I am so glad my sister recognized you! I am sending you the link to my blog so you can see who we are ;*)
Have a great day!

Lori said...

OK, you may be the next Jerry Seinfeld, but are you as funny as this quad dad?

I'm sure you are, great post!

Michelle said...

Very entertaining and interesting post!I laughed quite a bit! Thanks for answering everyones' questions. Y'all are GREAT!
Michelle, Houston

My Goodness said...

Joe, you did not disappoint! You crack me up!!

You have a beautiful family...and you are both awesome for sharing!

Aimee & Hannah said...


BoufMom9 said...

Great to get to know you better Joe! I had never seen a post from you before.
No wonder Suz loves you! Funny, cute , great voice and loving too!

Casey's trio said...

I am lovin' this Q&A from both of you! I must say that my favorite pic is of Suz man-handlin' you with your arm pinned behind your back!

Blessings From Above said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!! You are so funny! Thanks for sharing.

McNulty Quads said...



Anonymous said...

RE: #13, Talk to the Johnny and Beth Evans family. Their quads are now in college and their son Daniel is the quarterback for the NC State Wolfpack team. They are incredible parents and christians. Johnny played for NC State and then pro football. They both lead bible studies at Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC. They would be great mentors for you.
Love your blog.


Oh My! This post made me laugh out loud more than once - even got a chuckle out of my husband (because Joe sounds a LOT like him probably!). I enjoy keeping up on your site!

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