Friday, January 23, 2009

There's No Place Like...

...Daddy's Arms!

Little Miss-Fit LOVES her Daddy

I caught her cuddling up with him last night

And this photo just cracks me up because we have about a billion of these (Ethan) see, when you are trying to take a picture, you have 2.2 seconds to snap away before you have at least one little body running toward you with full force! The quads are getting faster, so Mom & Dad need to be quicker!

Prayers: I am praying for tons of sick babies and friends right now--Tubres, Gerwers, Cochrans, Russ McNulty, etc. (it is uncanny how many of my quad fams are struck with RSV and illness)...My prayers are ESPECIALLY with this little guy: Preston King. The King quads were born at 25 wks and sweet Preston is in kidney failure. The Kings need lots of love and prayers right now. Please feel free to drop on over and lift them up!

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Charity Donovan said...

This post cracked me up! I've been trying to catch a good shot of Meredith "making eyes" at her daddy! She has ALWAYS been daddy's girl but lately it has just been hilarious...I always tell Steve that she is just working him over so that brand new car is sitting in the driveway "just for her" on THEIR Sweet 16! lol!

Greis said...

Love, love, love the picture of Sav and Daddy cuddling. Too freakin' cute!

Casey's trio said...

Adorable pics as always!

The McNulty Family said...

Sav's hair is getting so long!! :) I love it and the bow.. so cute!

Great pics Mama!
I love you all!

Kendall and Brooks said...

I am sure you get these all the time - but I gave you a blog award! Thanks for being one of my FAV blogs! Check it out!

Kelly said...

Uh huh. With my two girls I have learned I have to wait till they are in bed to get my turn. Make that THREE girls...Molly Pup is all over Daddy too.

She and Joe are SO CUTE together. She is a mini-Joe for sure!

King Quads said...

Love Love Love this always. I always get so excited when I see you have a new post out there.

Following Him said...

CUTE pictures!!! Sav and her daddy are fit for eachother :)

Addison G Taylor said...

Hi Suzanne, This is Rachel (Jumper) from WCS. Mrs. Murphy told me about your blog. Congrats on your 4 little ones! Glad to see they're doing so well! We have a 13mo. old.

BoufMom9 said...

Love those pics of Sav with her daddy. So cute!
And, how funny about taking pics with faces right there.
I have Emma saying cheese and closing her eyes and making a HUGE cheesy smile every time she sees the camera. LOL

Saying lots and lots of prayers for Preston. Sweet Teeny Blessing.

jill said...

Hey Suzanne! Thanks so much for sharing your prayer requests. My heart is breaking for little Preston, but I will continue to lift him up. Please keep us posted on his progress

Mom of Twins said...

Suzanne, I am a mom of a 4 y/o and 18 mo old twins. I have been a follwer of your blog since your pregnancy. Someone told me about your blog when I found out I was having twins. It was amazing the thought processes all of us who carried multiples have!! You have been such a blessing! My twins were born on July 20, so they and your quads have been right on the same pace. Today I saw this article and thought you might be interested, too. It touched my heart. This lady has quintuplets and her husband is overseas. You and I both know how hard those first months are- I can't imagine doing it without my husband and with 5 babies!

Blessings to you, Joe and those sweet babies!

shartalbot said...

HI Suz! I know you don't know me but I have been following your blog now for the past few months and wanted to wait until I finished reading it from the beginning to now to comment! I have absolutely LOVED reading your journey to being quad parents and just love your blog so much! You and Joe seem like such fun people and my husband and I wish we "knew" you two :)
I have a question as well, but I know you don't have a lot of time to answer....humm...I wonder why :) My husband and I personally have been trying to have a baby now for over six years. We have been through many tests and until now they haven't found anything to be "wrong". I had a laprascopy done just the other day and I was found to have a lot of endometrosis. I read on your first post that you as well have/had a lot of it and surgery to try and remove it. I was really scared and so was my husband when our doctor told us after I woke up from surgery that he had discovered the endometrosis, as we have heard such bad thigns about it! I have to be honest and say I haven't really done my research when it comes to that as I never though that would be why I wasn't getting pregnent. I had not one symptom of having it so we were both kind of floored when he told us. All that to had it as well and you were able to carry those sweet quads of yours!! They are seriously SO adorable!! Is there anything else you can tell me about it when youn get a minute..yeah right huh???
You two are GREAT parents. I can tell that honestly from looking at your pictures and how much fun you and Joe are. They are SO lucky to have you two! Blessings to you both!!


Anonymous said...

That picture of Sav and her daddy hugging is something else. She has her daddy right where she wants him. I don't think Joe will ever be able to say "no" to her. :)
Loved the picture of Ethan's eyes, it's hilarious!
Cathy in Frisco

JO said...

Love the bow in Sav's hair. I always did that to my little girl too - only girl with 4 brothers - so relish in the girly-ness!

Such cuties!


4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

Hi! I just found your blog from... can't remember... anyway, you have a BEAUTIFUL family!

have a great night!


Lauren said...

Could you imagine having your 4 munchkins but then 4 MORE??? A lady had OCTUPLETS!!!! Here's the news article..

Anyway I thought it might be fun for you to hear about... you only have 1/2 as much work as them! ;-)

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