Monday, February 09, 2009

18 Month Pedi Well Checks

Today was our big trip to the Pediatrician for the quads' 1.5 yr check ups and immunizations. FUN FUN!

You may ask yourself: What exactly takes place during a well check appointment for the Steece quads? Well...I'd be more than happy to fill you in...

Four babies need to be stripped down to diapers and socks. One-by-one each child is weighed, has height calculated, head circumference calculated, temperature taken, and respirations counted...repeat 3 more times. (All the while, making sure the other three kids aren't getting into trouble while mom is busy helping the nurse)

Then we wait for the Pediatrician to come in and examine each child, one at a time...which can take a while, so we pull out books and snacks--whatever will keep them content and quiet while waiting. (Sue with Ethan, Tempe with Drew, Ben examining Drew's shoe)

Once the doc comes in, she examines the ears, nose, throat, eyes, head, lung sounds, heart sounds, neck, lymph nodes, abdomen, genitals, hips and asks various questions about what the child is currently able to do. (Repeat this process three more times...while keeping the other 3 happy and out of Mom's way as she is assisting the Pedi)

Once all four children have been examined by the Pediatrician, we wait for the nurse to come back into the room with the immunizations for each child. One-by-one, they are hauled back upon the table to receive their injections. Cry cry cry...SWITCH! We trade children: Mom helps the nurse hold the kids down for their shots, while others are frantically trying to dress the wiggling babies that have already received their immunizations. Crying...chaos...children are shuffled back out to the burb and strapped into carseats while Mom packs up all of her items, pays for the visit, schedules the next appointments, etc.

Whew...tired just thinking about it? While I could definitely manage this trip alone, it is SOOOO nice when others are happy to come along! Thanks Sue, Tempe, and Joe! (Our Pedi is located right by Joe's office, so it takes him no time to drop in and lend a hand during his lunch break!)

Quick stats from this visit:

23 lb 2 oz
31 3/4"

22 lb 12 oz
32 1/4"

24 lb

20 lb 11 oz
30 3/4"

In other news, Liz and her twin girls are doing great! You can check her blog for more updates & pics! Happy Monday! ;)

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jag said...

Officially dreading our next visit to the Pedi. I just got the call today that Synagis is on the way! Glad yours is out of the way!

Midwest Mommy said...

So cute! I can't even imagine doing it solo.

Wanted to pass this blog along to you for prayers...

The McNulty Family said...

Few! I'm tired just reading!! LOL;)

Love you mama.. everyone looks so BIG!! They are growing up way to fast.

LOVE the recap.. PERFECTION!

Jamie said...

My kids are two days older than your quads. We go for our 18 month check-up tomorrow. They'll get Synagis and immunizations. Not looking forward to it! I don't even like going alone with two! I've read your blog for awhile now. Your quads are so cute and doing so well!

Charity Donovan said...

We go in Fri for our 15 month well check-ups...just reading this I'm already tired! lol! The Steece bunch looks so cute in the diaper & croc get up! Love it!

Jenny said...

the Burkett's LOVE the Steece's!:) i was going to do this same post next week after our 18 mos i'm going to have to be more creative--you know so people don't tell me that i'm copying you:) heh. glad they're doing well. i think my chunkers have yours by a few lbs though...we'll see:)

Anonymous said...

Your husband looks exactly like my father when he was that age. I'm from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Does he have any family named Chance or Taylor in that area?


Suzanne said...

lol,, sorry...joe has no family named chance or taylor in the pine bluff area....they are mostly all from minnesota.

Jess said...

Wow, reading that made me tired.

Yay, Steece's for their great health!

And, I have to say I absolutely LOVE Sav's pig tails!

Jessie said...

I love reading your blog because it reminds me that I have it relatively easy when I think having twins is oh so hard. :-) Mine just had their 18 month check up last month, and I was so exhausted afterwards. Your kiddos are getting so big. They've bigger than my 34 weekers!

Anonymous said...

AAAGG, we have our one year check up (moved back because of our visit from Mr. Flu) on Wednesday adn you just reminded me who tiring it is :)
But I love that the kids are just walking around in their crocs, how cool is that? Remember taking them there in their little infant carries with blankets tucked in the sides? Isnt it amazing? LOVE YOU

Following Him said...

HAPPY half birthday to TWO Steece quads! Love that Sav is in Joe's arms :) Glad everyone is healthy, happy, and thirving!

Barbara Manatee said...

So glad all looks good with all 4 kiddos! Glad, too, that you had extra hands in that adventure! I know I'm always glad to have someone with me for our twins' appointments! Soon I'll be lugging 3 in at a time!

Lori Hoag said...

I just did this with my 6 month old twins and was sweating by the time I got myself and the boys back in the car after the appointment. I cant imagine doing it with 2 more!!!

Halftime Lessons said...

OMgoodness...we have enough trouble simply keeping up with 2 kids in that room...what an incredible sight 4 kids running around in there must be!!!

Did you get my email? Absolutely fine if youre not interested, just wanted to make sure my message didnt get caught in a spam filter somewhere since it had links in it.

Congrats on your healthy kiddos!!


The Carlsons said...

yeah, we're heading to our pedi in the morn for the girls' monthly synagis shots. uff! as you know already, it's like planning for a big trip, making sure you have everything in order and coordinating someone to come along with. usually it's just me and one other person. last time our girls desperately wanted to roll and crawl out of their infant carriers. i can't imagine when they are all walking, like your crew. oh man!

your kids are growing great there! good job mama and dad!! :D
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Sav's piggy tails are precious!!!! I love the boys and Sav in their nakedness with crocs. You should send a photo of that into Crocs and see if you get on their website. Suz, love you, girl. You and Joe are amazing parents. Congrats on having perfectly healthy babies!!!!!

Moni Graf said...

You nailed it, sister! I could copy and paste this to our blog (but I won't cuz that would be plagiarism and just not cool).

It's funny how EVERYONE seems to need a nap after a dr appt (including mom).

Hope everyone is recovering from their shots and are fever-free!

Love ya,

p.s. Sav's piggy tails are TOO FREAKIN'-FRAKIN' ADORABLE. I can't wait 'til Danna has enough hair for that....I'm sure her brothers can't wait, either. Can we say, "handlebars"?

Jessica said...

Wow! That does sound like chaos! I don't know how you do it! I'm sure you appreciate all the help more than anyone will ever know, though!

Kristina said...

I AM tired after reading that! Check out my blog for a fun giveaway this week!!

Rachel said...

Wow- makes me tired reading all of that. Love the kiddos running around in diapers and crocs- what a sight :-) They are getting so big!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

What a visit! I love the quads in their diapers and crocs! Super cute!

samantha said...

Hi there,

I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I read it all the time. Im a total fan. Hope you will follow mine too.

Michelle said...

Suz, I felt like I was there with ya and man am I tired! Whew....

CLIFF & KRIS said...

It makes me tired just reading your blog. I remember the days of bringing two newborns in for their immunizations -- I thought that was tough. You are one strong Mommy!

4 under 4 said...

Just wanted to comment on how much I love your blog, your writing, etc.!!! You and your husband have such a beautiful family, and I love reading about your life with quads!!!

We only have twins (born at 27 weeks), but are the parents of 4 under 4, with one on the way!!!! Keep up the good work!!!


Brittany said...

18 months!?!? omigosh, they are going to be driving before i get to meet them :( love savannah's piggy tales! can she be my little mini-sunshine?!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked you what you think of the woman who had the eight babies? It seems to be a big issue in the news right now.
-Becky from Texas

Andria said...

...and all in good health I presume? Sounds like it! What an event, what a milestone!

Corrie said...

You are a super-woman! I can't bear to watch them give C her shots. Ryan has to help hold her down and I stand ready with the paci when they are done. We're going for a big shot on Friday. Not looking forward to that!
Thanks for sharing your doctor experience with us all! It think it is safe to say we all admire you!

Sooz said...

You guys rock...glad the babies are all healthy!

lynne from uk said...

I'm glad everyone did well. I thought for a moment that the doctor looked just like your husband, then I realised it was him!

Kathryn Lewis said...

This comment is really about Tuesday's Tribute but I wanted to make sure you got it! I was really inspired to take part in the Tuesday Tribute and I'm already thinking for my person for next week! I posted this past Tuesday about Mikey so I thought you might be interested in reading. Today is the 10 yr. anniversary of the accident... hard to believe

love your blog!
Kathryn Lewis

KatRob said...

Hi Suz :) It's Kathy from ECI.

I have to comment on the last pic of Sav..the pig tails..oh my golly...i love her! could eat her up!! Next time I'm out can her hair be in pigtails..please please :) :)

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