Friday, February 06, 2009

My friend, Liz!

Liz is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Words to describe this young lady: kind, generous, thoughtful, loyal, big-hearted, self-less, dependable, encouraging, warm-spirited, faithful, a good listener, a true friend.

When Linda (who could be a WHOLE 'nother blog post) was gathering people from surrounding churches to volunteer for our Diaper Darling team (to initially help with the quads)...Liz signed up for the job (having never met me)! She works full time as a nanny to four children during the week, and on one of her "off-days" Liz would spend the day with me and my four, tiny, preemie, crying, spitting-up-all-over-you, loud, lots of hard work, little baby quadruplets. Talk about a self-less woman! In addition, when my friend Casey was looking for a night nanny to help with her quads, I put her in touch with Liz. So, Lizzie was helping with two sets of quads, among all of her other daily activities...and she never missed a beat!

I was new to the area and hadn't had a chance to make many friends. I truly believe God put Liz in my life at that very moment for a very specific reason! You see, everyone would tease Liz that she was going to have multiples (b/c of all of her work with quadruplets!). It was a big joke among her friends and loved ones. Well, low and behold...after a month or so of trying, Liz found out she was pregnant...WITH TWINS! (No artificial reproductive technology)

God is simply amazing and I'm BEYOND blessed to have you in my life, Lizzie! Many blessings to you and Chris as you embark on this magical journey of parenthood. You are BOTH going to be wonderful parents. I love you!

Please keep Liz in your prayers as she is nearing the end of her pregnancy and starting to get extremely uncomfortable. Liz is currently 33 wks and her baby girls are measuring over 4 lbs!

Another little girl to keep in your prayers is little Abby Riggs. She was adopted from Guatemala at six months old. On July 9, 2008 last year, at three years old, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive, high risk Leukemia. The doctors give her less than a 20% chance of survival.

She is currently in the most dangerous time of her chemotherapy. Abby is in the hospital constantly and throws up every few minutes all day long. She is a beautiful little girl, and despite her misery, is a real testimony of happiness and a loving family.

Her Mom and Dad share her journey on their blog – They are constantly encouraging people to trust God, and draw close to Him during the tough struggles in life. They call Abby’s situation an “Opportunity for Faith” because they see every trial as a reason to rejoice as God opens the door for ministry, hope and faith. They truly believe “all things work together for good for those that love the Lord”.

They have a community of blog-reading Believers who are praying for Abby. It really is an inspirational story and their blog is a joy to read. Even in the midst of this, they are constantly asking how they can pray for other people and teaching Godly lessons of trust and spiritual growth.

I wanted to encourage you to take a few minutes to go check out her story and their blog. Their blog is, and when you get there, look for “About Abby…” to get a quick history of her story.

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Brent Riggs said...

Wow... thank you Suz. We are so grateful that Abby is in your prayers, and that your readers know about her.

We have learned, some would say the hard way, that is certainly not about us...

But we rejoice in our trials every day because God's mercies are new each morning, his faithfulness endures, and He is our bottomless well of hope and strength.

Brent (Abby's Dad)

Halftime Lessons said...

Hi Suzanne!

What a wonderful series of tributes...this is EXACTLY what Deb and I hoped for when we designed "Tuesday's Tribute"...a chance for people to use their blogs to tribute, or shine their light on others.

I have been a stalker of the RiggsFamilyBlog for a while, and I am off again to visit them as well as your other friends.

Thanks for such a fantastic tribute, and best wished to your beautiful family.

Jay @

Halftime Lessons said...

Hi Suzanne!

What a wonderful series of tributes...this is EXACTLY what Deb and I hoped for when we designed "Tuesday's Tribute"...a chance for people to use their blogs to tribute, or shine their light on others.

I have been a stalker of the RiggsFamilyBlog for a while, and I am off again to visit them as well as your other friends.

Thanks for such a fantastic tribute, and best wished to your beautiful family.

Jay @

Anonymous said...


You are such a sweet lady, your friends are lucky to have you in their lives, and your precious little babies have such a wonderful example to live with.
You are simply amazing.

Sooz said...

This is a wonderful post. Great idea and hope you don't mind me adopting it onto my own blog. You are a huge testimony.

King's Krew said...

Hello !

I came across your blog through the ... and have really enjoyed seeing how the life of a mom with quads works ! You have the cutiest kids ! And your blog has inspired me on more than one occasion ... First I want to say thanks for sharing your family's story with everybody ! Also ... kinda tied to you latest post ... I have a favor to ask of you ... we (my family) are trying to help out the Smith Family ... We are doing a raffle for little Gavin, trying to help out with some of the expenses from Gavin's treatment for his AT/RT brain tumor ...You reach and touch so many people through your blog ... and I was wondering if you could help us spread the word about the raffle ... The value of your prayers and participation would be immeasurable ... To check it out and get all the details about the raffle go to ...

also ... to reach me, our blog is

laci king

Following Him said...

Abby is such a great girl and my PRAYERS go out to her and the Riggs family. I can not imagine what they are going through!

Sharon said...

Thanks for telling me about this site. Having triplets it IS very easy to get caught up in self!

Need a great shower gift for the twins???

Just surfing around and ran into this site! Just thought I would pass
it on. I think they are so cute. I can just imagine my girls in
matching outfits right now!!!

Mike and Suzi :) said...

I love this idea! I always have trouble finding stuff to write about related to me so writing about others will give me a lot more material.

Fulton Quads said...


I am LOVING this idea! I have never met you but am amazed by all that you do, keep up with, post about, etc... You are an AWESOME women & keep up the great work! I too am going to add this to our blog. Sharing posts about other people is such a GREAT idea!

Love, Cathy & the quads

Nicci said...

I check in on your blog often, but usually just from afar. But, I've had a few thoughts brewing in my head throughout the Whitt family's ordeal and life in general lately, and this is just the right time to share them. Thanks for the reminder!

Nicci said...

P.S. My post is ready to go for Tuesday morning :-)

Grace! said...

Our pastor this morning preached about LOVE since its the "love month" and focused on loving others because God loved us first. Thanks for this. It´s a chain of blessings even through blogs. God´s awesome!!! Have a blessed week!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Great post Suz! I think we all need the gentle reminder to think beyond ourselves and find ways to support others!

Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

Hi Suz:

My husband and I have 4-year-old GGB triplets and a 19-month old "glorious surprise" baby.

Recently, we've both been inspired to train for and run a marathon through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We are running the marathon in honor of a friend who is the mother of two little boys (2, 4) that she adopted after years of infertility. Recently, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of lymphoma and given a 50% chance of survival THIS year.

Within the past few weeks, I've been touched by so many stories - including some of the very stories you have linked on your blog. These little children that are battling cancer absolutely BREAKS my heart.

I've convinced my cousin (whose father is battling Stage 4 lung cancer) to join us in the marathon. Between the three of us (all non-runners!!), we hope to raise over $7K for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This is no easy feat with the current state of our economy.

However, every week, I'm trying to offer up a different contest on my blog to help our fund raising efforts. Currently, I have a raffle on to win an iPod shuffle and a hand knit scarf that I'm making in my "spare" time (details are on the top left side of my blog under Go Deana GO!). Soon, I plan to offer up a double jogging stroller and gift cards.

It is our goal to raise as much money as possible for cancer research. So if you have it in you to give a shout out I would be forever grateful.

Jen from Amazing Trips

Elizabeth said...

Hey I never got to comment about this post will having the babies right after. I love you more than words can say. I know God put you in my life for a reason. (many reasons) You have touched my life so much. Chris and I are so thankful for you being there while our girls were born. You are truly one of my best friends!

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