Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Date with Drew

My little sunshine, Drew, and I had a fun date today while Daddy loved on Ben, Sav, and Ethan! I'm trying to spend more one-on-one time with the kids and just LOVE going on little dates with each of them. Drew and I spent the morning with two of our most favorite people in the world: Uncle Collin and Aunt Ashley (Baby Carter, soon to make his appearance--our first cousin!!! The quads are SO excited!)

Collin introduced us to Rock Band (the game)---he's been trying to get me to come over there and play for EVER! The game has been SO hyped-up...but, it was actually pretty fun. Drew and I rocked away on the drums and became pros in no time! It was so cute--he was sitting in my lap holding the drum sticks while I held his little hands and hit the drums...

Little dude had the BIGGEST grin on his face! He loved every second of it! We were having so much fun that we forgot to take any pictures--just enjoying the moment.

Precious little guy! I have realized, lately, that it is going to be quite an interesting transition when we get these tykes out into the public again. At home, they are the most happy, smiling, laughing, outgoing, fun-loving little kiddies you could ever imagine (--give or take a few Ben-tantrums, etc--)...but recently I have noticed some pretty severe anxiety when we go places: the park, my brother's house, etc. They are NOT used to being anywhere but our house (or the grandparents). Poor little guys! This morning, it took Drew a LONG time to get comfortable in a new place (immediately crying, scared, apprehensive)...the quads act completely different in public! I know that this is normal for kids at this age...but I believe a LOT of it has to do with the fact that they have been in RSV quarantine for SO long...and all they see is this house or our neighborhood. Sometimes I feel like my almost-2-year-olds (ok, I know--its a stretch) haven't even really experienced true life or the "real world", ya know? Any of you guys feel me? (Geesh, Didn't really mean to go on a rant there...just find it interesting and been thinking about it lately)

But thank God that children are resilient!!! Come on APRIL!!! WOO HOOOOOO! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your lovies! We sure did!

Hugs and Kisses!

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The McNulty Family said...

First, HOW FUN!! I love your dates!!

Second, SOOO NORMAL!!! I know it's hard being inside, I KNOW!! BUT, after this winter is over your life will be more NORMAL all the time! You'll be out and about fielding all the questions and comments and the kids will become social butterflies- just like mommy and daddy! Before you know it they will be making TONS of friends and talking back when strangers ask weird questions!

"We not twins mommy, NO.. we QUADS!"

I love you!

Mommakitten said...

Did the doctors say you had to keep them in this winter because of RSV? Our doctors said to go ahead and take the twins out and let them have fun. We didn't get to do the shots this year because it was not covered under insurance, but I just made sure I washed their hands a lot and they were bundled up when we went out.
Hopefully April comes faster than it has been for you!!

Moni Graf said...

What a handsome date you had! Glad you BOTH had some fun playing RockBand. I know how addictive that game is....

Suz, you've never been one to worry about stuff like that. I wouldn't let it get to ya now. Your babies are well-adjusted, happy, and smart little things. They'll continue to amaze you!

Love ya!

Tabi said...

I don't think I have ever commented before but I have followed you for a long time now! I just had to say that I understand the anxiety for the little ones. My two year old has a pretty severe anxiety in public, it slowly is getting better but we still have moments where she just locks up completley and just shakes! We have started her in Mother's Day Out and that has helped alot but then had to take her out because of constantly being sick!!
All this just to say I feel your pain but ummm minus three other little ones!! Hehe! I will praying for you guys and come April when they experiance the outside world!

Suzanne said... guys are so sweet!

mommakitten: yes, the pedi STRONGLY URGED us to stay in for RSV season this year (last year!! woo hoo)--but she DID say that if they WERE to get RSV--it wouldn't be near as serious as when they were tiny little preemies. (which is comforting!)
but still--not worth the risk for our 30 wk quaddies. we are SO excited to almost be done!!!

Kelly said...

That is the most handsome date I've seen!

Amanda said...

We went through the not wanting to be anywhere but home stage.
The Pedi said it is the go and come back stage, it last from when they are 18 to 24 mon. They will leave your side for 5 seconds and then come back. They are sort of testing the waters. The pedi said that is was going to last for about 6 mon and then they would feel better about going out.
Just have to say I have followed your blog for about a year. You and Joe are just about the best parents I have ever seen. I love all of the humor that happens in ya'll home. You have adorable babies. You all are so blessed.

mrs boo radley said...

Love love love reading about your dates! Such a fabulous idea!

The Murray Crew said...

Suz...totally can relate, sista. Last year it took the boys until like June to get fully adjusted to the real world again. Things like going to a friend's house, the church nursery, etc. were terrifying for them. I just knew that social anxiety was a better side effect than life-long lung issues, so it's totally worth it.

Your quads are older than mine were last season, so they'll probably rebound quicker. However, my "real" two year olds cried over a friend coming over today and she even had balloons for them- I think it's since we haven't left them much and have reconfined ourselves to the house after realizing my preemies still couldn't handle a winter RSV season. It's just a unique situation - one of many - and this too shall pass. =) Right?

Try introducing them to all the things you CAN do during RSV season: walks, the park, 'burb rides, etc. and hopefully that will make the transition easier too. =)

Love you DEARLY!


Daphne said...

I've been a longtime "lurker"... your kiddos are precious and you and your husband do a fabulous job with them!

While not a parent myself, I work with preschoolers, as a speech pathologist, and I have some kiddos that have not experienced "the real world." It's very sad to me when they think they are having fun at McDonald's when they sit on the steps to the Play Place but won't go in...or won't jump on a moon bounce. They just haven't experienced these things because of fearful parents, and it's so great that you recognize that your guys and gal are missing some of these things when in RSV season, and will give them the exposure to life outside of quarantine when you can! Keep us posted on your activities when quarantine is over... I'm sure your little ones will be troopers!

Laura said...

I can totally relate to your feelings. It is so tough being inside all the time. I did it for two years with my twins too. Worthwhile, not to just avoid RSV but all the other stuff out there. It's so hard having illness (even not serious) go through 4 kids. Your kids will adjust but for the stranger anxiety did set in and I became a so aware of germs (which isn't a bad thing). I am more careful than I ever was and my girls are now 4. Again, it just stinks to deal with four sick kids. Not worth it. Not long now and you will be basking in sunshine and people (again).

Amy said...

Suz - I have read your blog since the babies were born but don't know if I have ever commented. I love your little family and look forward to your updates!

Do you watch Jon & Kate or did you read their book? In the book I remember her saying that they realized that their babies has never experienced some of the simple social outings of other children (probably around the same age as your kiddos), and they and her best friend started working on taking them to regular places like the grocery store - 1 or 2 babies at a time - to try to work on that. She said that the most simple thing - like riding in the cart - was foreign and scary to them, and they would have to be comforted as they were introduced to what most single babies never had to adjust to. All that to say... it sounds like this is normal for babies that have not experienced much outside of their own home. Hang in there! You are doing an amazing job!!! Your babies will be just as much of a social butterfly as you seem before you know it. :)

Lost My Mind said...

I think when you can start getting them out and about around other people they will start to come out of their shells. When Hudson (not a premi) was born our pedi told us to keep him in during the cold and flu season. People thought we were crazy, (well I guess I am) but so worth it for my child!!!!

Love reading your blog. Praying for you guys.

Charity Donovan said...

I can't help it...Drew is my favorite...I know...I know we're not supposed to have favorites...but his smile is ADORABLE!!! Loved this post! I SO GET IT!!! I was just telling my friend the other day that I had to take Nolan to the doctor (stupid ear infections!) a couple of weeks ago. Afterwords I took him to Kohl's just to let the little guy experience a taste of normalcy! We went past a rack of brightly colored silk shirts & he reached out MESMERIZED & ran his little hand across them so delicately with the BIGGEST smile on his face. It's so sad...but like Gen says RSV lock-down will be over soon & we'll be back to dealing with all the parrot ladies! lol!

The Gerwer Babies said...

DITTO DITTO DITTO!! My kids act so scared outside the house too and great inside (minus, like ben, a few trey and brady melt downs, the girls are great).
CANT WAIT TO DO ONE ON ONE TIME! That sounds like so much fun!! Lucky little Drew!
Arent you excited for the day for mommy and sav time? I cant wait to have girls days with my girls!
Only 45 days til April, You can do it!!

Barbara Manatee said...

So glad you got a date with your handsome man there! Love his big smiles!! I bet its so amazing to take each one out on their own and really see their personalities shine when they aren't amongst the whole gang. FUN!

Sorry to hear about the they all said, I'm sure it'll get better - esp as they sense your's and Joe's warm personalities and see how sociable you two are! Good luck and keep hangin in there...spring is almost here!

Anonymous said...

What a smile! That thing could light up a room and it looks like the two of you had a great date. Love the blog.

Jenna in Minne

Anonymous said...

Suz, my b/g twins are 7 yrs and their favorite place is still home. They love to get out and go places but home is where their heart is. This morning I wasn't feeling well so we skipped church. The kids were so happy.."Yay, we get to stay home". We took them to Disney World in 2007 and when we got back I asked them if they ever wanted to go back. They both said it was too far from home. lol!
Your home is your quads comfort zone. They feel safe there so I can see why going someplace new would be hard. Soon you'll be able to take them to a mall play area and they will have a blast. They'll be telling you they want to go to Target and look at toys. :)
I love that you're getting to spend one on one time with your babies. Isn't it fun and so much easier just getting one child out?
Drew looks so grown up in his little shirt and jeans.
Cathy in Frisco

cat said...

Oh I really need to get this one on one time thing going as well. I do with my oldest but not the twins. And I can see that he really blossomed on time alone with mom!

Anonymous said...

I was looking back at your pregnancy blogs not too long ago and did you know you have one ultrasound picture that looks so much like Drew you might as well have started calling him Drew then? It's amazing, given how much your twins look alike, but that one photo is absolutely clearly him.

The Carlsons said...

rsv lockdown the 2nd year??? say it ain't so!! we were just talking about that today. i asked my husband "so, are the girls going to be out and about with us next year? or do we do an rsv lockdown again?" awe man! i was really hoping we could get out next year. no?

glad you had a nice date with drew!!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy

p.s. i see your anniversary is coming up. when? ours is 2/26. looks like yours is very close to ours. how funny!

Holly said...

Looks like a fun time! I've never played Rock Band, but this isn't the first time I've heard that it's insanely addictive!

Holly said...

What cute kids! I hope you had a nice Valentine's day too. :)

ashleygibbs said...

Suz - i've commented a few times before... but i worry about that same thing, i have 6 month old triplets and a 2 year old - and although the trips are still really young, i worry they don't get exposed to as much "real life" as my 2 year old did because it was so easy for me to always take her EVERYWHERE with me & with the triplets, it is just so much easier to do all the errand running, ect. when someone can come to our house & stay with them. i worry all the time about this too!! us moms always have some type of unnecessary guilt!!

Kristen said...

Hey Suz-
I feel you! I feel the same way when I take my 11 month olds twins in public. Noah freaks outs! It is because we have been at home since Oct! I am ready for spring too.
My doc said STAY AWAY from everyone. So we I am ready to get out!

I hope April comes soon!

Following Him said...

Ok...stanger/place anxiety is NORMAL. Your kiddos will get adjusted soon and love their new enviroments. Plus once they are 2, new adventures will follow. Glad you all had a great Valentine's Day!

We are the Smith Family said...

I totally get your babes are angels with me but when we are in new settings it is sometimes difficult. I cherish being a stay at home mom but don't want to put them in a bubble that will down the road make it harder on them. It is more or less other people rather than places that can upset them.....I think some people are just loud and in their face and they don't like that....I know I wouldn't. Well...enough said...your kiddos are fine!!! You will be able to expose them to all they need the meantime they are getting what they need by staying healthy in their own surroundings. We mom's have to stick together and support each other....we all have these moments of "freaking" thoughts.....Hugs lady!!!!

Stacey said...

Suz, we have had a couple of nice days so I took the trio to the store with me and even when we go to the doc they are the very same way. They don't display tons of anxiety they just sit in their choo choo and look around in amazement. You can tell they are never out of the house. I can't wait for spring! We also have spent another winter in receiving synagis. I am a lucky one that insurance aproved it due to the way our pharmacy coverage is written. I am thankful but done with winter and RSV season. I agree with the others and think/hope they adjust well once we can start exploring the world. Love your babies they are beautiful.

Christine said...

Oh, what a cutie!

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