Thursday, April 09, 2009

Quadfathers Having Fun

Have you ever felt like you were SO far behind, trying to catch up, SO many things you need to do but there are never enough hours in the day? That is where I have been lately. Enough said.

Several weeks ago (the weekend that my sweet nephew was born), we were lucky enough to have Chris Goerlich, one of our good friends and fellow quad dad extraordinaire, come stay with us for the weekend while he attended a work conference.

(Lake Tahoe Quad Couples Trip- June '08...and yes, we are getting together again soon! But that's all I'll say about it, for now......................................wink!) We LOVE Chris and Mari SO time we need to plan better so that everyone can come! 4 adults, 8 children (Our quads are the same age and we each have 3 boys/1 girl!)

Daddy G reading a book to Savannah and Andrew

Big Ben...where did my baby go? He's a KID now...(sniff, sniff)

Chris and Ethan having a it!

Hi-meeeeen adores his red chair...he points to his name all the time.

Sweet Drew

Joe tickling Ethan (the twins totally have my ticklish little square box feet!)

LOOOOVE this pic of CG throwing Ben in the air! They were having so much fun!

Benny LOVED "Uncle Chris"

Chris had fun playing dress up with Savannah

Sav- striking her feisty pose.......and yes, those are pants on her head

..and struttin' her stuff

and Ben, of course, wanted in on the action as well...

such a cute little nerd...he must take after his father! (tee hee hee)

We LOVED having you, Chris! Thanks for loving on and playing with the Steecies as if they were your own.

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The Murray Crew said...

I'm homesick.

Please just put your arms around your teeny little self and squeeze. Consider yourself squeezed by Murr.

Gosh, I miss you ALL!

The Murray Crew said...

PS Are Chris and Mari like MODEL BEAUTIES or WHAT?!!!!

Page said...

I expect to see Savannah's outfit on the runways this fall! LOL!

The McNulty Family said...

Suz, that made me miss everyone more than EVER!!! And.. it was just the push I needed to get through this nightmare of a day. I can't wait to see ya'll... counting down the days!!!!!

Chris, when are you coming to Cali? LOL!!!

GRRRRRREAT pics! And that Savi, man I just wanna love on her!!!

I love you!

A mom and one princess said...

Such cute babies!

Jill said...

Why does it seem like the babies are suddenly children now? They are changing and growing like overnight. Incredible...especially watching Sav model. :)

Jac Tubre said...

Oh, Suzy Q...I just ready your Flat Tire Friday post...Ouch man, really ouch! What a woman you are...I would be in the looney bin!

Love the latest post and love those Goerlich's. Mari has saved my life on numerous occasions with her calm attitude and great schedules :)


Cochran Quads said...

I don't know that I have ever seen a picture that close up of Mari, she's friggin' beautiful!!! Those eyes! And her hubby, yummy!! Those babies, even more yummy!! It's SO great to have Quad Momma and Quad Daddy friends! Much Love!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see that someone else's daughter puts pants on her head. I have a daughter 20 days younger than the quads and she does the same thing. Absolutely precious!

Following Him said...

It's about darn time Suz (just kiddin' kind of) :) Glad Chris was able to stay with you all and be at home too! Sav is just too funny with dress up! Have a great Easter!

lauren said...

I am missing these kiddos so much! I love all of their adorable personalities that really shine through in the pictures. How is it possible that you had 4 absolutely adorable kids?! I really hope we can all get together soon and have a huge playdate! Love you and miss you tons!

Stephanie said...

How wodnerful that you are all so close!!
Love all the pics!!
Cant wait to hear more about your upcoming Quad trip!!

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

I love me some Steece's Pieces!! I had a blast lovin' on your little ones and am so glad I was able to get know them a little. They are so cool and definitely have y'all's fun-loving personalities.

Ben, Drew, Ethan & Sav - thank you for welcoming me into your world and sharing a few hours with me!

We will definitely be seeing y'all soon!

Much love,

Michelle said...

My hubby and I found your blog through another blog and just love watching your kids grow. We just had our son in October and can't believe how fast they change. ps...Ben is my absolute favorite. :)

Deanna said...

How cute! Madyson was looking at the pictures and video and decided she wanted a baby sister like Sav!!LOL!! I told her good luck!! No more babies at this house!!

katherine said...

Who wouldn't want to love on those cute kids?

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