Monday, July 27, 2009

MORE Quad Mama Lovin'!

I tell ya---I sure am getting spoiled! First a weekend with the Goerlichs and their cuties; stopping by a party with the Gerwer & Urech lovies, and now another Saturday spent with Quad Moms: Moni Graf (from Kansas), Amy-Jo Sathers (from N. Dallas), Misty Urech (from N. Dallas), and Casey Gerwer (from N. Dallas). The Urech, Gerwer, and Steece quads were all in attendance and loving every second of it!

My girls! Suz, Moni, Casey, Amy-Jo, and Misty (I have to admit, it is kinda funny having quads and getting connected to all of these other amazing ladies with quadruplets as well! I never would have known! God works in amazing ways, eh?)

Hilarious trying to get all of the quads represented in my pictures! Here are 3 Urechs, 2 Steeces, and 1 Gerwer.

So special for my kids to get some Moni-loving---she drove in with her sis, sis-n-law, mom, and mom-n-law all the way from Kansas! Now, I know why her kids are SO dern CUTE!!! Some great genes in that fam! (It was a pleasure getting to meet you fine ladies!) Sweet Moni and Drew!

The Urech girls at water table...Sav (in blue) squeezed in to play with her girlfriends and Moni!

3 Steeces and 3 Gerwers

Moni with Sav in the little house!

...think I might need to invest in one of these, Case! My kiddos LOVED it!

Awww...look at those Gerwer girlies splish splashin' with Benjamin and some Urechs!

Andrew loving his horsie ride on Miss Moni!

We had such a wonderful time with you guys! LOVE YOU! (Missed all of you other quad mamas!)

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Rachel said...

Looks like the kiddos had a great time!

Moni Graf said...

I LOVED getting to love on all the quaddies and their mamas!!! But I have to be completely honest....Andrew totally stole my heart. We connected, that boy and I. I think I may even be able to tell E and A apart now (whether he's holding his snack trap or not). Probably not, but it's a nice thought.

I think Miss Sav and my Danna would get along great, too. I can picture them sitting across from each other, eating Goldfish, wearing sunglasses and just having a stare down contest.

I think I need to get one of those play houses, too.....I probably had more fun in it than the kids!

Love you, Suz! Thanks for making the trek from SW Dallas to NE Dallas to see us.....and for all the munchies. Had a GREAT time!


Following Him said...

Looks like EVERYONE had a blast. Two words for the little playhouse thing: BIRTHDAY present!
LOVE you guys!

Charity Donovan said... fun!!!! I cannot believe you allowed Moni to move in on MY Andrew!!!!! LOL! Seriously - that kid's smile is amazing JUST LIKE HIS MOMMA'S!!!! I want to meet your kiddos SOOOOOO dang bad because it kills me when people can't tell my identicals apart - sooooo it's killin' me to see if I can keep your beautiful babies straight!!!! Love you girls - so glad you all had a blast!!!!! Huuuuuggssss!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

This is an unrelated question .. but I was wondering what diaper bag you would recommend and what sippy cups would you also recommend? I am a mom to boy/girl twins and would love to know what works well for you



quatro_mama said...

Gracious, I miss you to tears. Save some room in that heart of yours for me, mama!

Stephanie said...

You girls are just too cute! Glad you were able to get some more quad momma time!! You all deserve it!!

Misty said...

Loved seeing you & all the STeeces Pieces! We definitely need to do it again & more often. I do plan to come to the Ft Worth zoo too. Maybe when everyone goes back to school.

Jac Tubre said...

Oh girls I am SOOOO jealous! I'm so glad you got to get together ladies! I LOVE the billboard too - how awesome is that???

Miss you like crazy,

Barbara Manatee said...

wow! how fun that you've all gotten to meet up so much this summer!!! Any more 'reunions' planned yet this year?

Annie said...

Having wonderful friends is the best. Glad that you had a great time with other quads moms.

Have a nice week.

BoufMom9 said...

You quad mamas are all so darn cute! And all of those kiddies! Just adorable!!!

Kaci said...

How fun!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

You are truly BLESSED to have all these moms who are experiencing much of the same things you are going through. What a true blessing. Give thanks!!! I know you do. Your children are precious!

Emily said...

You (almost) make me want to have quads so I can join you and your group of friends ;) Glad you all have each other and have such a great time when you are together.

Keeping The Faith said...

Now that is a lot of toddlers! How fun!

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