Friday, July 31, 2009

The Quads at 2 Years

There are SO many things the kids are doing right now that I want to remember. So many times when someone is asking me a specific question about when the quads were young/schedules/milestones, I say: "Hold on, let me check my blog!" Thank God I have been writing all of this stuff down in my online family journal, because I promise you that I would not remember. I encourage you all to do the same! And one of these days, I have every intention of making my blog journal into a book for my family---something to treasure for many generations.

Favorite words & phrases:

- "I yuv yu" (I love you)
- "Here-go" (Here ya' go)
- "Whatssupdoo?" (What's up dude)
- "Pee-ga-goo" (Peek-a-boo)
- "Ahh-seeu" (I See You)
- "Here-come" (Here I come)
- "I-got-choo" (I got you)
- "OK"
- "Moor-pees" (More please)
- "Tank-u" (Thank you)
- "Hep, hep, hep" (Help--mainly used over and over by Ethan)
- "Ouchie" (and pointing to the problem area)
- "Kees-kees" (Kiss Kiss)
- "Aggees" (Aggies)
- "ABeeCee" (ABC's)
- "Benos nochess" (Buenos Noches)
- "Tee-bah" (Andrew's word for table)
- "Abblesah" "Applesaas" (Applesauce...another fav of Drew)
- "Seehoss" (Seahorse)
- "Ban-ket" (Blanket)
- "Yawn-mow-wah" (Lawn mower, their fav toy)
- "Whut-tuh" (Water)
- "Umbuggah" (Hamburger)
- "Ehh-Pane" (Airplane)
- "icky"
- "poopy"
- "baybeee" (Baby)
- "Jump jump jump"
- "Bebo-Bebo-Bebo" (Anytime they want to watch a movie, b/c of the Signing Bear named Bebo)
- "Nemo" (Nemo the Disney fish, from some books & swim diapers)
- "Eh-mo" (Elmo the Sesame Street character, from some books & diapers)

Names for themselves and others:

- "An-doo" (Andrew)
- "Saah" (Sav)
- "E" or "Etan" (Ethan)
- "Been" (Ben)
- "Sii-loh" or "Yii-yoh" (Shiloh)
- "Gan Gan" "Ganna" (Granna Hoag)
- "Papa" (Papa Hoag)
- "Suu-gah" (Andrew's word for Sugar)
- "Gamby" "Bubbles" (Grammy Steece)
- "Gumpuh" (Grandpa Steece)
- "Un-cah-cah" (Uncle Col)
- "Ass-hee" (Ashley)
- "Cah-tah" (Carter)
- "Uncuh-dah" (Uncle Dan)
- "Uncuh-eh" or "Edd" (Uncle Ed)


- "Yeyow" (Yellow, they're favorite color to say)
- "Geeen" (Green)
- "Buoo" (Blue)
- "Redt" (Red)
- "Purpuh" (Purple)
- "Peenk" (Pink)
- "Ornge" (Orange)

Other cute things:

- Ethan and Andrew are counting to 10! They count everything, its so cute. One car ride, I caught Andrew just sitting there and counting his toes to himself.
- Ethan and Andrew are also recognizing and reading certain words (alligator, giraffe, hippo, hands up, hands down, smile, etc)
- Helping and getting toys for each other (Ethan getting Savannah her doll, Sav getting Ben his blanket, etc.)
- Yelling Aggie Chants with their Dadda (pointing, and trying to say "Whoop"). They're favorite chant is "Aaaaa-Rrrrr-Mmmmm-YYY-yyy"- They giggle and laugh every time.
- When we say "Gig 'Em", the kids say, "Agggeees" (Aggies)--mainly Drew.
- They have almost learned all of their colors...still working out the kinks!
- Constantly running around the house loving on each other with hugs and kisses (Ethan is our main "kisser" of the house...he thinks everyone needs a "kees-kees" about every 5 minutes)
- You can tell that we travel alot when the kids constantly ask for "umbuggah, umbuggah)..yep, Sonic plain cheeseburgers are their favorite!
- Frequent random bursts of clapping, yelling, cheering, and laughing...when one starts, they all join in
- They are repeating and trying every word/phrase they hear (Scary!)
- Walking up the stairs like big kids while holding on to the railing (Ben and Sav are pros!)
- Love to dance: Sav does the arms in the air with the Chicken-Wang; Ben gets those shoulders jiving back and forth; Ethan does the river dance stomp; Andrew just claps and stomps
- Still love themselves some Bob Marley on a road trip

(BTW- I was cracking up as I went through the spell-checker on this post. Awesomeness)
I'm sure there are SO many things we are leaving out, but this is what Joe and I have come up with for now. We will add back to it as we think of more. I also plan to blog specifically about each child and what he/she is doing at this age...they are all so beautifully different.


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Rachel E. said...

Happy Birthday, cuties! Can't wait to see what God has in store for you four in the coming year!

Cori Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Steece's Pieces!! Hope you all have a wonderful 2nd Birthday!!

Following Him said...

SWEETNESS!!! I can not believe that they are ALL TWO tomorrow! stinkin' amazing! I LOVE the way they say things too.

Rebecca said...

I can't believe they are 2! It seems like just yesterday I stumbled across your blog and they were only 6 months old.

Happy Birthday, babies! :)

Linda Frances said...

I so remember when Lacy called to tell me that they were about to be born that afternoon 2 years ago - and then seeing little Ben at home with you first - and then seeing all 4 in one bed at your house for the first time soon after all got home - took my breath away - see you next weekend - love to all - Linda

Kelly Trullinger said...

Happy Bithday Pieces! YOu are all amazing and beautiful! Enjoy your day!


The Drama Mama said...

OH MY is so hard to believe how fast the time goes! Thinking about all of you...tomorrow will be such a fabulous day! Much love and hugs, girl!!

boysmum2 said...

It is already Saturday here, so Happy Birthday to the wonderful 4. Enjoy reading what you are doping and how well they are doing.
Hapy day to everyone

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday to the quads! I printed our blog about the triplets for my husband for father's day. here is the link:

Beachski said...

Congrats on the beautiful babies, your amazing last 2 years, and everything you have been through. What a family! Such a joy to watch you all grow.

jag said...

Happy happy birthday Steeces!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I think of you often, as my two just turned two and I swear they get funnier and funnier each day! FUN times ahead!!

Kelly said...

Time flies! Happy birthday x 4!

Momma and Her Doodle said...

Happy Birthday Ethan, Andrew, Benjamin and Savannah!

Your turning two, lot's of fun things to learn and do. Maybe more trips to the zoo. Playing hide and seek, boo! No matter what the days bring you'll always have each other to hug, kiss and throw a tantrum or two...

Suz and Joe, Congrats on the quads turning two. Nick is not far behind born on 9/15/07 time is moving so fast!

Happy Birthday Buddies, you friend up North.

Stacy, Tom and Nick Doodle

Annie said...

Happy Birthday beautiful kids!!! God bless all of you.

Have a great birthday and weekend.

Jess said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Happy Birthday, Sav!

Thanks Joe and Suz for sharing your beautiful family with all of us.

Williams' bunch said...

That's so cute reading what they are doing now....I'm sure they are BUSY! :-)
My husband's birthday is tomorrow, too...I thought it was so neat when I read your blog the day they were born, knowing they were going to be born on his birthday.
I LOVE the pics from yesterday's post, too...they are AMAZING! I just love pictures.

Happy birthday Steece Quads! Hope you all enjoy yourselves.

The Carlsons said...

Dudes and dudette, I can't believe you are turning TWO! Where has the time gone! You four are too precious, sweet and cute! Praise God for how well He has taken care of you these past 2 years and praying He continues to bless you and your family!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Steeces!!
-fellow quad mom of 16mo GGGG and a 5yo boy

The Sweet Life said...

Happy Early Birthday to the awesome foursome!

glitzen said...

Happy Bday to them all!!! I can't believe how the time has passed by so quickly, and its been so much fun to watch them grow. I love that you take the time to notice each thing, and that you treasure them all individually and collectively. YOu are a wonderful mama.

Jessica said...

Happy birthday, Steece quads! You are gorgeous little miracles!

The McNulty Family said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday day Savi, Beeen, E and Drewwwwwww!
Happy Birthday WE LOVE YOU!!

Awww Suz! This was one of my favorite posts ever!! I just wanna KEES KESS those pieces right now! One of these days it won't just be over web cam.

Happy birthday sweet babies and HAPPY BIRTH DAY to you Suz and Joe! You survived 2 years and we are so happy for you. You are both such an inspiration to us in so many ways. and we love ya'll with all our hearts.

Miss you so much.

Have a super duper fantastic weekend!

Gen, Conor, Russ, Ally, Molly and Libby

grace said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY TO YOUR BABIES!!!!!! May God bless their hearts!!!

lynne uk said...

A very Happy Birthday to Ethan, Andrew, Ben and Savannah for Saturday. Hope you all have a lovely day.

lynne uk said...

I do hope the children have learned to say 'hamburger' if you ever come over here to visit, as their version of it sounds remarkably like an English swear word!! (not a really bad one!) Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Andrew, Savannah, Ethan, and Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing Greis said...

Happy Birthday to the Steece 4! It's fun watching you all grow! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. 2?!? Where has the time gone?

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd birthday to andrew,ethan,ben and savannah. Thanks for sharing your family with us. Kids are great!!!

Stephanie said...

You are right, if you dont write it down, it will be forgotten! lol
I love all their little cute!!
Happy Birthday Steece quads! It has been so fun following your journey, and look forward to many more years of funny stories and pics!!

Tamie Ross said...

Look how far you've all come together! Happy 2nd birthday, Steece Quads!

Anonymous said...



Following HIM said...


Heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY kiddos. I hope you have a great day and an awesome party. Looking forward to the pictures.

Katie said...

I LOVE LOVE all the Aggie things they already know!! WHOOP! Happy Birthday to those sweet kiddos!! Hope Y'all have a great weekend!

Barbara Manatee said...

Congrats on surviving 2 years with quads so gracefully!!!

How fun it is to listen to lil ones chatter and discover language!!

Thanks for sharing and hope they have a GREAT birthday!!

lauren said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to my favorite quads in the world!! I can't believe they're two!!! They are all so precious, adorable, and beautiful, and I love them so much. I hope y'all have a wonderful day celebrating!

Adam and Julia said...

Happy Birthday Drew, Sav, Ethan, and Ben. Hopefully the twp's will not be so terrible for you! I hope you had a fun day. Congrats on those beautiful children again!!!! You two are truly blessed.
Love ya,

Brooks Family said...

S - we got a FRANCESCA'S! I remember a while ago, I emailed asking you where you got a certain dress...I saw the store today, brand new in our mall, and nearly fell over to get in there!

Kids = super adorale as always!
(Rochester, NY)

Cochran Quads said...

Precious!!! Happy Birthday Steece Quads!

Jody and Janell said...

Beautiful and priceless!!! Happy Birthday sweet babies and Mom and Dad. You have done it again. You guys rock!!!!
May God continue to RICHLY bless you all.

cat said...

Veels geluk (Happy Birthday) Sav, Drew, Ethan and Ben. We hope you have a great party and heaps of fun.

Moni Graf said...

Suz and Joe....this was one of my all time favorite posts!!! I sat here reading each word out loud, probably looking like an idiot if anyone would have been watching.

They are all SO smart, socialable and beautiful....just like their parents. Hope you all had a great day together being a family and enjoying each other's company and "yuv".


Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Drew, Ethan, Sav & Ben - Happy Birthday!! Two years old and terrific as ever! Party on with your parents while they are still super cool! :) Each of you are a such a blessing to all who know you. We hope to have you visit us very soon! Lots of love and high fives too! The Goerlich Fam

Frugal Jen said...

Happy Birthday to the Quads!

As we were driving home from church we saw one of the billboards on I-30. What beautiful blessings you have!

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking for months and months now-- this blog is such a fun read! I figured the big 2 year birthday was the right time to pipe in!

Suz, you seem like the kind of bright woman who might appreciate this little Spanish lesson for you and your kiddos, prompted by one of the phrases on the list of things they're saying now:

Dia (accent over the i), which means day, is masculine and takes the articles "el" or "los" (el dia, los dias). Noche, which means night, is feminine and takes the articles "la" or "las" (la noche, las noches). If you think about yin, which is dark and feminine, and yang, which is bright and masculine -- or maybe Luna bars being marketed to women -- then you get the idea. We women are mysterious creatures of the night, etc. Fine.

So because dia is masculine, it's "buenOs dias" and because noche is feminine, it's "buenAs noches". (You had "buenos noches" on your list -- a sure sign of a gringa!)

So now you and your kiddos can tell Dora the Explorer "buenas noches". And if you want to add something really sweet, you can tell them "que duermas con los angelitos", which means "I hope you sleep with the little angels". My host mother in Mexico used to tell me that. :)

Abrazos (hugs),
Una amiga tejana

JAMIE'S CREW said...

You will be so glad you wrote all these down! We only remember a handful of the funnier words now. Then again - I am getting older and maybe that is to blame.....

Alissa said...

Happy (belated!) birthday to your precious four! Hope it was a super fun day for everyone :o)

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Happy Birthday kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ben, Drew, Sav, and Ethan!!!!!!!! It doens't seem possible!!!

Mommy of five in IL

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh Suz! Didn't they just turn 1 YESTERDAY!?! Where the heck did the time go????

I can't believe all that those amazing kiddies of yours are doing at this age! What a blessing they all are!

Happy 2nd birthday beautiful Steeces!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday quaddies. It was so much fun having you visit this weekend. Congrats to you Suz for getting so close to the 4 million views milestone!!!!
Daddio aka Papa

Rachel said...

Too cute! We called our grandparents Ba-hoom and dee-dee at that age and it has stuck. We still call them that to this day!

Lacy Justus said...

So Adorable. Happy 2nd Birthday boys and girl. Love your blog!

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