Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Festivities with the Fam!

We had such a GREAT weekend with my family! I'll have to break up the posts because there are just TOO many pictures!

Papa and his quadlings (Sav, Drew, Ethan, Ben)

The twinks catchin' a ride together---Here's a hint: Ethan is NEVER without a car!

This yellow car happens to be his absolute FAVORITE. It plays "funkytown" which E has translated to "par-tee-town". He also calls it "beep-beep" and "honk-honk"...kid cracks me up. We lost it for about a week...he would wake up from naptime/sleeping- and it would be the FIRST thing out of his mouth: "Where's beep-beep?...honk-honk?" He walked around the house endlessly looking for it. I finally found it THE DAY I was going to suck it up and buy a new one! Thank goodness! I'm tempted to tape it to his hand permanently.

Drew and that grin

Benny & Sav (LOVE that WiLd hair!)

Big Ben with the biggest heart

Sweet Savannah--poor thing. Her eyes are getting worse and worse. Y'all keep prayin for her surgery coming up on Tuesday, November 24. And yes- Miss Priss is never without a wipe...always cleaning, like her Dadda.

Family-group-photo-gone-wrong! THIS PICTURE CRACKS ME UP. I LOOOOVE real life tantrums caught on camera. Not so fun at the time, but good black mail for later...tee hee hee ;)

Sunday morning, Joe kept the quads so I could go to church with my out-of-town fam & out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory- YUMMO! (I don't think it bothered Joe TOO much, seeing as how he was able to watch the MN Vikings game in peace and quiet..tsk tsk) FYI> With all the swine flu/illness floating around- DFW especially, we are not taking the kiddies to church for a while.

And now some of my most favorite people in the world! Me & Mah

Uncle Stoney and Aunt Judy

Dad and Aunt Susan

Ashley and me

Collin, his bushy facial hair, and precious baby Carter (does his cranial band look familiar?)

Okay...so the next couple of pics are all of that darling little baby boy! I have NEVER in my life met a happier, sweeter, easier baby than Carter. He MELTS my heart to MUSH...pure mush.

Never knew I could love another child as much as I love my own kiddos!

Those baby blues KILL me!

Stay tuned for the BIG Fall Festival Festivities post! The quads were just OH-SOOOO-CUTE in their Halloween costumes!!! Pictures do not do them justice! Cannot wait to share!

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The McNulty Family said...

SOOOOOO FLIPPIN CUTE!! Love every picture and those baby blues, on Carter, just MELT ME!!


Misty said...

Your kiddos are so freaking cute! Can't wait for our crews to play together again.
Love you!

Meghan said...

where did you get that car from? my son is OBSESSED with cars as well and would love that one!!!

Heather said...

The Cox quads got free band wraps from 360 Wraps. You should tell your brother and sister in law about it. Here is their website.


Stacy Brown said...

The kiddos are so adorable! I had the same surgery that Savannah is having for her eyes when I was little! Can't wait to see the costume pics!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair, beautiful lady! And my mouth INSTANTLY started watering when you mentioned The Cheesecake Factory. I will be in OKC early December...I'm thinking CF is now on my list of "to eats." LOL...

Charity Donovan said...

too too cute momma! Love it!!! PRAYING for Sav's surgery to go smoothly! I love the tantrum shots as well! They are the pics that will CRACK THEM UP as adults!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! Miss you so much!

Rachel E. said...

You and your sister look SO much alike! What a beautiful extended family!

jag said...

Tantrum pic ROCKS!

Kelly said...

Tantrum pix = priceless!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great post and pictures as usual!

I just wanted to suggest you try taking Sav to a pediatric chiropractor that works with/on functional neurology. They have great success and may be able to help coordinate the muscles that move her eyes. Something else to consider when researching the best option for your little one.

Meredith said...

Awwwww!!! Great pictures! LOVE the family one!

I left ya a little love on my blog, check it out! :)

cat said...

Little man L also PERMANENTLY has some or other car in his hands. He has his favorites, but he does switch around now and again.

Candice said...

Wow, you, your mom, and aunt all look so much alike. All GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a quick question I was looking back at previous posts and i realized that when the were babies Ben had blue eyes, the twins had green eyes, and Sav has brown eyes when did the boys eye color change?? At what age? My son was born with blue eyes and they switched color around 7 months. I was just wondering what age they were when this happened. Thanks!

SouthernGalsBoutique said...

Such cute kids.. as always.. I lOVE the outfits you chose for your family shoot!! Great for fall portraits.. mine are all getting to big to dress up like that now.. And I was so excited that I got an email from the Star Telegram that featured an ad with your family in it!!!

QuatroMama said...

I stinkin' LOVE your sweet family. I hope I get to hug each and every one of them someday soon! Carter-Man is getting sooo big and handsome!

Anonymous said...

I have a question and I was hoping you could answer it. I follow alot of you quad mom's you simply amaze me. My son is 21 now. But I don't know how I could have done such an awesome job as you guys have if I had 4 of him. also your children are absolutly beautiful. My question is about the Cranial Helmets. Can I please ask why the children get them and what they are used for. I figure its to protect them , but is there something that happened to them.

Thank you

Ronnie Melbourne Florida

Valerie said...

That pic of y'all with all your babies is precious!!! Even if they are kicking and screaming...isn't that real life!

Love to read your blog! Your babies are precious!

Liz said...

Suz--when you get this, can you email me? Lizreeves2@aol.com

I've been reading your blog for a long time now & comment now and then, so I hope you recognize my pic on here or my name. Anyway, your family looks REALLY familiar. I want to compare notes w/ ya & see if we may've lived in the same town at some point!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, it may have been from my SIL. Anyway, your kids are precious. I just wanted to say that my youngest son has Congenital Nystagmus, which means his eyes move back and forth continuously, and they, also, crossed in really bad. He had the surgery on his eye muscles, and I can't tell you how much it helped him. It even helped slow down his back and forth movement, which we weren't expecting. He was younger than your daughter and did great. However, I'll warn you to be prepared for her eye/eyes to be extremely bright red blood shot afterwards. No one said anything to me about it, and I was shocked. It didn't seem to bother him at all, but it's pretty shocking to see, esp when you're not prepared. So, that's my little heads up for you. :) I'm sure she'll do great, and it will help her out so much. It was always so hard for me to look at my son when his eyes were crossing. It just hurt my heart. I'm so glad we had his taken care of. Best wishes to you all. :)

Heather T

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