Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gig 'Em, Uncle Ed!

Congratulations Eddy!!! Fightin' Texas Aggie Class '09, Engineering-Industrial Distribution (just like his bro/my hubby!)

We spent last weekend in College Station for Ed's graduation from Texas A&M University (WHOOP!). We split the quads up between Granna & Papa and Chris & Liz. The twinks played in Waco while Ben & Sav played with Liz's twin girls all weekend long! (and yes--Liz is BRAVE! She offered and really wanted to keep all 4 of them! What an incredible friend!..seriously) Thank you- Mom & Dad and Chris & Liz- SOOOOO much for making it possible to celebrate with Ed! LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!

Here are pics from our fun-filled weekend without kids! ;)

"Dids", Joe & Kate

Jess, Ed, me & Dan

I love this picture of "Mom & Dad" walking up to the arena to watch their youngest son graduate from college (and graduate from their payroll! lol)

Aggie graduations are HUGE! This was the 3rd of the weekend and the rows went on and on. It lasted approximately 3 hours. Hilarious to look around and see everyone (including the graduates down below) playing games/texting on their iphones! This is a pic of the service men and women who were graduating.

Eddy crossing the stage with honors! (Cum Laude) WOO HOO! So proud of you, Uncle Ed!

Sweet family! Paul, Dan, Ed, Joe, Kate---the STEECES!

Dinner that night was AMAZING! We went to Christopher's World Grille--hadn't been in forever! So classy and SOOOOO good!

(Have you noticed all of my new LOFT duds in these pics? I LOVE them! Remember--you have until December 25th to enter for your chance to win the $200 gift certificate!) Lovin' the date night!

What a great weekend spent laughing & loving with family & friends! Paul and Kate--thank you so much for everything...and congrats again, Uncle Ed! (Joe and I are secretly hoping you find a job up here in DFW!!!)

I plan on posting our Christmas cards soon!!! Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL holiday! (and thanks SO much for all of the ridiculously sweet comments about my new hair! You guys had me blushing for sure!)

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Anna said...

I have been a long time reader of your blog, but don't think I have never commented. I thought this deserved a one. My brother graduated in the same ceremony on Saturday. His name is Michael Dunn and he got his degree in mechanical engineering. It was so weird, when I heard Ed's name I told my husband that I thought it was the quad's uncle. I am sure he thought I was a little crazy for thinking about it. (What is even crazier is that I actually heard his name...) Anyway, small world. Congrats!

Rachel E. said...

Congratulations, Uncle Ed! What a sweet gift to give your parents! :-p

john cave osborne said...

i love your blog. what a beautiful family. we only have trips (i know, slackers). they were born in late sept of 07 (36 weeks + 1 day). i just moved my blog from where it had been to a new domain and when i made the move i added your blog to my blog roll. i've got it listed as "the steece quads" but i'm going to change it to steece's pieces. great stuff!

Kelly said...

Congrats! We live in College Station...came here for school and decided to stay and make it our home. lol Love Christopher's what a fun place to celebrate.

Class of '02...Whoop!

Charity Donovan said...

Congrats Uncle Ed!

You look awesome in the new threads my dear!!! Hope you & your's have a fabulous Christmas!!! LOVE YOU!!!

kidear said...

Ahhhhhh, this is why I love reading blogs. It is such a small world!! My husband and I were at the same graduation and my step-son graduated with the same degree!! How funny is that!! He already has a job starting on Jan 4th here in Houston. I also have friends who used to go to church with some of your family near San Antonio and met you when you were visiting there! Small world!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Thought about you this weekend...was in Dallas and guess where I went? My fav store, THE LOFT! And I picked up a few things for myself and spied some of your recent purchases, too.

That's normally a staple in my Christmas gifts...a gift card to Loft.

Wish we could have seen you guys down South this year. Maybe next time!

Thanks for the sweet card, btw. Cutie patooties! Hope you got ours with our own cuties in it. Ha!

Our Family said...

This is really random....but did your husbands family live in Lake Travis? I have been reading your blog for awhile, but when I saw this picture with Dan Steece in it and put the last name together, it made me curious. If so he was a year ahead of me in school at Lake Travis HS. Small world...

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