Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Your Typical Steece Mornin'

I thought I would document what our typical mornings look like these days...

Sav raids the dress-up clothes chest and parades around for all to see...(and yes, part of their Christmas is just sitting in our entry way and they have no idea!)

The fashionista in training loves playing dress up--just like her Mama! Check me out here in my new clothes from LOFT! You can also print out your very own 20% discount--exclusively for MY BLOGGER BUDDIES!!! My cute little princess (with her one heel) is always fully accessorized.

Minutes later, she removes all articles of clothing (I can't tell you the last time Joe came home to find Sav WITH clothes on!). Here she is, working on her fairy wings.

She comes running in shouting: "Mama...butterfwyii"--SO proud of herself!

Ben checking out Sav's wings---usually the poor guy is subject to whatever Sav wants to dress him in---(the sister Sav never had). Ben will pretty much do anything and everything that Savannah does or tells him to do...her little puppet.

Minutes later (and I mean minutes---these photos were taken within a time span of approximately 1 hour)...Sav is sporting nothing but her super chic brown coat...collar popped and everything.

A little mid-morning hug...so sweet!

Kids running back and forth on the couch (Andrew & Sav with her beloved "baby")

Ben practicing his drumming skills on anything and everything

Drew's sweet smile

Feisty Miss Priss---up to no good.

Ethan laughing

Little E-bud (my hoarder) walks around with his Halloween pumpkin and fills it to the brim with as many cars as he can fit in there. He also likes to line them all up and count them one-by-one.

Benny and his drum stick

Here she goes again...Sav in another outfit...

Its been said over and over---but it really is SO TRUE: there is never a dull moment in the Steece house! It has been a blast lately to watch the kids get into the spirit of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. We read Christmas books all day long---such a magical time of year. I LOOOOOVE it! Hope you guys are enjoying this amazing/busy/wonderful/stressful/magical holiday season as well! Blessings to you!

(I'll post our Christmas cards soon--just want to make sure they all go out first! Excited to FINALLY get my act together and make cards---the 1st we have ever sent out!)

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Stephanie said...

Those smiles just make my day! I cant even imagine what they do in person!!
Sav is so darn cute with her wardrode changes!! :)
Cant wait to see the Christmas card!!

brandie said...

Sav totally cracks me up! What a true princess, hey? Bet they will love their Christmas present!
Merry Christmas to the Steece's!

Rachel said...

Such sweet pictures! Sav is learning to accessorize!

Following HIM said...

Joy is definatly in the Steece house! Savannah melts my heart and Ben just puppeting for her cracks me up! By the way, I got the Steece Christmas card, I think Friday, and it is right smack in the middle of my bulliten board. Love to you all!

Mama Llama said...

Is that an empty box to a play Kitchen?? or are they playing around their Christmas gift with no clue??? Smart job Step 2 on shipping it in a plain brown box! I have heard way too many friends pull into their driveway only for their kids to see a bog box with ap hoto of the toy inside sitting on the from steps!

They will love that kitchen!

Cassie Channell said...

My Wyatt LOVES to fill his Halloween pumpkin bucket up and run through the house with it. He puts any and everything into it though; little people, cars, his little four wheelers, his sister's toys. etc. etc... LOL

Charity Donovan said...

SERIOUSLY...what is with girls & stripping...and now Meredith takes the boys' clothes off as well! I do not doubt that she will run off and join a nudist colony someday! Ugggghhh! LOL! I do LOVE it that Ben is so sweet & willing to play along...such a DOLL!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness! Sav and my 2 year old, Gianna, could be the best of buds! Gianna loves to dress up right now and is always wearing her tinkerbell dress, wings, and "crown" as she calls it. Or she has on a coat or sweatshirt with nothing else! Glad to hear we're normal around here! If she ever needs a dress-up date in Waco, G's available :o)

The Cochran Crew said...

Love it!!! She is sooo stinking precious!!!! Next year you won't be so lucky with the presents just sitting around!!! Thank goodness we had the old house this year to store stuff in! HN loves suprises, but also loves sneaking!

Pam said...

The magic of Chrismas is seen through Children's eyes....You have a beautiful family and the babies are just precious, growing so fast and I'm sure keeping you very busy. Enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas! Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

Moni Graf said...

Love it! Sav really IS just like her mama (minus the streaking part, of course). I'm sure seeing the Nutcracker made her love her tutus even more.

We LOVE the Christmas card. So fun showing our 4 all their quad buddies and hearing them repeat their names. Billy said, "Oh my gosh....they ALL have Suz's pretty smile!" And I said, "Yep! Those smiles are even prettier in person if that's possible."

Love you!

Denise said...

Your children are so stinking cute and I have followed your blog since they were born! I was in Granbury, TX visiting my best friend of 45 years last week; looked and looked for one of your billboards to and from the airport but never could find one.


Kelly said...

I am living the dress up days also - times two!! And Ashley also has a puppet - but Jenna is twice her age and twice her size. Hilarious!!

Jenny said...

LOVE everyone one of these pictures! can't wait til the day win the Steece 4 meet the Burkett 4. Tons of fun will be had!!!:) love you!

jenny b

The McNulty Family said...

ADORABLE! I love all the Steece girl power! ;) AND... love ALL those Steecd smiles.

Savy,you would LOVE our dress up box!! COME VISIT with your mama!! HINT HINT HINT!! I miss you!


MEGAN said...

How funny! I know so many people w/little girls that change their outfits COUNTLESS times a day!

Anonymous said...

I love your everyday life, posts the best!!

boysmum2 said...

I loved the aged when you could leave the present in plain sight and they didn't even know! My 2 will now tell people what we have brought for someone becasue they are just learning about keeping quiet and not sharing all information. Such fun, Steve and I pretty much know what each other has brought now thanks to the kids!

Bret and Heather said...

aww suz how fun to be a steece! love how savs got her hands on her hips with her fairy wings, too cute! and her eyes look GREAT!!!

Misty said...

TOo cute! LOVE the card and all those Steece's smiles :)
I think I found the wings that go with that outfit. I'll make sure & get them to you. I may have a few more outfits for her. SO glad she is enjoying it. Mine LOVE to play in theres too. and then strip! JuJu will only put something on if she thinks we are going somewhere.
Love you!

Laura said...

Dear Suzanne,
I think you have had your act together long before your Christmas card! You were just busy doing more important things!

I love seeing how different your kids personalities are and how different your little Sav is from her brothers.

Keith and Jessica said...

Aw, so sweet! We bought the kids a dozen+ dress up clothes for their birthday that they get to open this Saturday. They're going to love it!

I still need to email you about a few things. I will soon!

Jessi said...

Sav's hands on her hips in the first picture with Ben is adorable!!!

writing4612 said...

So cute! Sav is such a girly girl.

Kristi said...

As I was reading your blog... and scrolling through the pics, my daughter, Alexandra, saw Sav w/ her fairy wings and said "FutterFie!! Pretty FutterFie mommom!!" She's two... :)

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