Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tired of Sucking in that Stomach?

I know I get tired of always trying to suck in my extra flab...but I have found a tank top that does all the work for me!

If you are interested in looking 5 pounds lighter and tigher (who isn't?!)---go check out my new product review and enter for your chance to win a gift card for your very own slimming tank top!

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Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Do they make one in a rear, thigh, upper arm and chin model? ;)

Anonymous said...

SOLD!!! I had twins and still in the process of trying to lose my baby weight and TRYING to get back to my size 0 size (uh, yah right, we'll see how that goes). I still have a little bit of a pooch and have about 10 more pounds to lose. This tank will make me feel a bit better as I continue to work out and eat healthy. Thanks a bunch for this review!

michellenotdawn said...

I was so thrilled they carried nursing tanks too!
I would totally get a black one in Medium, Long.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...Definitely need one of these. I had twins and also wear a tank under everything thanks to the lovely extra skin!!!

hollase said...

No babies here, I'm just fat! I like to try and blame it on the cut of jeans now days, but I could really stand to loose about 10 lbs. These are pretty nice. Your review was pretty much dead on!

Reagan said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! JUST WHAT I NEED!! After having 3 children in 17 months (a little girl then twin boys) my stomach is forever ruined! I would love the strappy oringinal in white, size M. This would be a dream!

Meg-D said...

Wow! The results are amazing! Just what I need to get some confidence. I have three children. After my last one I am not "bouncing" back! You are so beautiful! I love your little ones.
I like the strappy white tank in medium. I always need to adjust the straps so that would rock.

Cory, Laura Beth and Harrison Lamb said...

Love the idea! I can never seem to get rid of that area no matter how much I exercise! LOVE reading your blog!

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