Monday, February 15, 2010

Sesame Street LIVE!

This past Saturday, we took the quads to see:

Joe & Drew- anxiously waiting for the show to start (yah right, the kids had no idea what was going on...haha)

Papa, Ben and Granna

Mama, Ethan, and Savi

It was SO much fun to experience this live performance through the awe-struck eyes of our children. I had been prepping them all week---telling them that we were going to see Elmo and his friends dancing on stage!

Me and Ethan---he held on tight to Abby Cadabby (courtesy of the McNulty quads). I would watch him look at her on stage, then glance down at his toy--trying to figure it all out! So serious--just studying everything.

Joe and Drew, Papa and Ben, Granna and Sav---we traded places quite a bit---trying to get the best view possible

15 minute intermission? Ahhh...YES!...the kids were starting to get a little antsy! Popcorn anyone?

Chatted with my BFF and her darling daughter (Thanks for telling us about the show, Ade!)

Me and Savannah- getting ready for the 2nd half

Drew LOOOOVED the show! Especially all of the lights! He would smile and clap CUTE!

...and Ben? Well, Ben had taken all he could stand of the big yellow bird and was beyond ready to go! He threw quite the little fit during the finale, poor guy...

Here's proof! (LOL) We caught some video of Ben in his fit and Sav dancing around during the last song:

After a nice lunch with best buddies, we headed back to Papa and Granna's house to pack up and travel home. Sav was still beaming from the show...looking like a little girl these days. (sniff, sniff)

We had a wonderful day on Sunday---lovin' and squeezin' each other! Here are some cute pics from our Valentine's Day!

Joe and I were cracking up as we were trying to coach Savannah on how to smile without looking like she is about to eat the camera. lol. God bless her and that big, beautiful smile (when she decides to show it!)

LOVE this picture of Ben and his silly face! Hilarious!! Everyone was on fire---a.k.a: jacked up on candy hearts and cracker jacks! (Not a good idea when you are transitioning into toddler beds & about to go to sleep---more on that later this week!)

And some sweet sugar from brother Ethan...melt me! (Drew was off playing with a toy somewhere!) But we had a FUN night--full of giggles and smiles!

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Anonymous said...

OOOOMMMGGGG So jealous! What fun! I bet the kiddos LOVED THAT!!!!!!!!
Sav does look so grown up!!!

The Ashes said...

You guys are all SO cute! You have such a beautiful family

Anonymous said...

Your kids are ADORABLE! Such a sweet gift from God!

cat said...

Oh that was fun. I was just thinking how grown Sav looks when you mentioned it.

HoundDogMom said...

I love the picture of Drew and his Daddy. They are holding their heads the exact same way. So cute. And their smiles show they had a great time.

Janet said...

All of your kiddos are adorable but with each picture you post of little Sav she gets cuter and cuter! So stinkin' cute!!!

Lauren Borquez said...

How precious! Looks like you guys had a blast :)

Cassie Channell said...

Aww! TOO sweet. This show is in Ohio on the 23rd and we are hoping to take our little one to it. Hopefully he doesn't freak out on us!

Gen McNulty said...

Sooo freaking fun!! You look so cute.. love the head band!! AND.. LOVED seeing Abby Cadabby ... glad to know she's in E's darling hands.

Sooo fun mama! I hear Joe was having a great time enjoying the show... such a good sport!!

I love you all so much. Kiss your momma and dad for me!

ps: miss you!

momto1 said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. They grow up way to fast

HW said...

Sweet Mercy this makes my heart do flip flops. My son is 18 1/2 and I remember so clearly when we took him to see Sesame Street Live. It is still one of the happiest memories we have as parents. Of course a couple years later we returned with his little sister.

I'm glad your little ones had as great a time as ours did years ago.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Suz, your blog now has over 5, that's 5 million views plus. Granna H and I enjoyed going to the show with ya'll, even if you didn't stay very long with us.
Till next time......
Papa H

Meagan said...

My name is Meagan Hawley, and I help run an orphanage in Zambia. Chris came over a couple of years ago and brought over a bunch of baby items that a family his wife had helped with some had given him to donate. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I found your blog, but still had no idea the connection. About a month ago as I was wrapping up one of our little ones, I went to tuck in the blanket and it said Steece written on the tag. It all came together! So I just wanted to say thanks for all of the sweet items you sent to us, and I always enjoy reading about your experiences with your precious kids!

Jill said...

precious pictures! love savannah's dress!

D said...

LOVE your headband! Where's it from??

Becky said...

Looks like the show was great, but the thing that really stood out to me was Savannah's eyes! Look at all the white showing around her irises!!!!! What's the latest report?

Jennifer said...

Sav's eyes look awesome! Looks like her surgery really helped!

Annie said...

Love to see their precious happy faces.

Wow, Sav have the same look as Joe.

Anonymous said...

Totally precious. I have sooo enjoyed every blog posted and watching these precious babies grow up. They are truly a joy to watch. Always say if I run in to you I will have to introduce myself since I feel I know your family, but you have no clue who I am. I keep up with the King Quads as well and Jenna is a friend of yours. Her sister-in-law is almost family to me. xoxo

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