Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ben’s New Funny Face

Benjamin Stephen Steece is the 100% personality cloned copy of his hilarious, goofy father. He LOVES to try out new funny faces and if you laugh at him---he will keep going and going. This kid LOVES a crowd, always has (sound familiar?)…ever since he was a tiny little baby.


I recently tried to see if Ben could raise one eyebrow (like his Mom and Papa)…you know, like when something is interesting…or when things make you go: “hmmmmm?” (like “a side-ways look from an undercover cop in a comic book"- can anyone name that song?)


This was the result:



Joe and I laughed SO hard! Now, we get Ben to do it all the time. Our little circus monkey: “Ben, show us your funny face with the eyebrow!”


…such a character


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lkalivoda said...

oh how funny!! I love love love your blog!! what a sweet family you have!! by the way...that is Bob Schneider's 40 Dogs!!

Barbara Manatee said...

He looks like Popeye!

Kaci said...

HA! He's so funny!

Marianne said...

That's the cutest stinkin' thing I have ever seen!!! You have the most adorable children, Suz.

glitzen said...

Cute! And I'm sure very entertaining. :)

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