Monday, October 04, 2010

Suz’s Cell Phone Pics

This is a little segment that I’d like to call: “What’s On Suz’s Cell Phone?” (obviously, NOT the best quality…and I envy those who have iphones! Boo!)   ;)

I do not have many pics on this replacement phone---seeing as how Ben went swimming with my old cell a couple of weeks ago. And btw- peeps who have my cell phone number, please text me and tell me who you are so I can re-save you to my phone! Thanks a heap! ;)


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So here’s a good idea of what we have been up to lately via Suz’s cell phone:

Sept. 11, 2010- VIP Dave Matthew’s Band seats with some of our best buddies!!! We had never been this close at a DMB show before and Dave did not disappoint!

(this pic was actually from my friend, Katie’s phone- I think?)



Poor Shi Shi- on her way to the vet for a routine pedicure and gland expression. Doesn’t she look happy?! LOL. She knew exactly where she was going…but Savi and Drew (and E  & Ben) cannot wait to go see all of the different animals!

sav and drew with shiloh in burb


Later that morning, we played at the mall playground with cousin Carter and friends. LOVED this pic of Sav and the lil’ man!

sav and carter at mall playground


Guess what color we are learning about at school for the next 2 weeks?… (Ethan, Drew, Sav, Ben)

red clothes- burb



…Yep,  RED! (Drew, Ethan, Sav, Ben)

more red clothes- burb    

suz signature



*I have been selected as a BlogHer compensated LG TextEd Ambassador


kmklida said...

Your kiddos are adorable! I <3 reading your blog :)

angie said...

I cannot believe how much your babies have grown. Such beautiful little things and I'm assuming so. much. fun!

Anonymous said...

It's probably too late, but I read that you can revive a water-logged phone by putting it in a container of rice for a few days. The rice absorbs the moisture.

Stephanie said...

Yep, the rice thing really does work! lol

Love all the pics!! I used to do a blog every once in a while from my cell phone pics! Its been a while though!

Peta said...

OMG I love Sav's expression in the second last photo, she is such a little ham.
Carter has grown so much, he's a real little boy now instead of a baby.

boysmum2 said...

Well done to you, I have pictures on my phone and unfortunately I haven't worked out how to get them out of there yet! LOve the borders you put round them, was this with Photoshop?

Sandy P said...

Does the gland expression keep the dog from drooling? Dog drool is one of the biggest reasons I stick with cats? But, my 3 year old would love a dog.

12-arrows said...

IPHONES are overrated/over priced!. . . I've seen a lot of pictures from their cameras and they really aren't that great! Yours are as cute as ever, by the way!

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