Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Trip to South Texas

Last Tuesday night after work, I headed home and threw clothes into a bag for me and the kids, traveled 1.5 hrs to Waco to pick up Papa, and then traveled 5 hrs to Brackettville, TX…..arrived at 3am! PHEWW! A whirlwind adventure, but SO worth it. I attended the funeral of a dear, sweet man: “Opa” and was able to love on lots of family that I rarely get to see.


We played with our Great Grands!



Ethan, Sugar, Savannah, GrandPapa, Ben, and Andrew




We played with our Georgia “cousins” Brit & Jackson! LOVE THEM!




We visited our Aunt Patsy and her Winter Wonderland House (and managed to NOT break anything! Woo hoo):


And topped off the trip with a classy movie- “Megamind” (hilarious)…with our dear Auntie Juju.IMG_0865



We spent the weekend in Waco for the Texas A&M vs. Baylor football game…had a blast! Will post pics tomorrow.

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Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

I am sorry for your loss, Suz.

Lisa said...

Savannah looks like a big girl with her hair like that.

The Titsworth Family said...

I bet you were exhausted! I don't know how you travel so much with those cuties!

Kathryn Lewis said...

Yes - so sorry about your loss. I remember seeing Patti's Winter Wonderland a LONG time ago when I was back in high school =) Amazing and super fun!

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