Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Prairie Lights 2010 & Crazy Kids on NYE! (not really)

Ahhh, the Prairie Lights of Grand Prairie, TX…gotta love ‘em. Its an annual Steece tradition. Here are some pics from earlier in December with Papa and cousin Carter. We had a blast! (please note: you are driving less than 1 mph, so yes- the children are allowed to roam around the “cabin”…and BOY did they love it!)




Ethan getting a head start on that learner’s permit




Cousin Carter having an interesting conversation with Frosty the Snowman…finished with a sweet little wave.




Andrew trying to “assist” with the driving of the burb




Ummm..okay…now we have 3 out of 4 quads IN the DRIVER’S seat. (ha. this is what I feel like on any given day…get it? the KIDS are in the driver’s seat?…nevermind)




Awwww…. gummy smiles. Smile Me and Drew.




the “Tweedles” (as Auntie Gen likes to refer to E & A)




Hmmm..okay, not gonna lie. This one’s a toughie. I’m gonna take a stab at it and say Andrew on the left, Ethan on the right. (yep, I was right—I went back and looked at the other pictures)




Having SO much fun! Sweet Carter LOVED looking at all of the lights! Especially sitting in Papa’s lap!




The kid’s favorite light scene: the "Abombidomidabido Snowman” (as we like to call ‘em)




Utter mayhem.




Time to get out and ride the free rides! (Yes, this little light tour is pretty dern cool. You DFW peeps should make the trek out to Grand Prairie sometime during December…groovy set up). Joe being a nerd…as usual. God love him. (Ben left, Ethan right)




Sweet Savi and her rooster?




Drew havin’ fun!




Back in the ‘ole burb to finish out the lights. Love Ethan staring at me in the side mirror.




Savi’s sweet smile




Cooooold wind in our face…but well worth it.




Oooooooo….the tunnel of lights!





So, it has kinda become our annual Steece family tradition to do the Grand Prairie Lights again on NYE- as a family. It is a drastic change to how Joe and I used to spend New Years Eve (a short pause for reflection……sigh)---but SO special to enjoy it with our kiddos. (AND because NO ONE, and I mean, NO. ONE. goes to the lights on NYE- so we practically have the place all to ourselves!) We brought Uncle Col, Aunt Ashley, and cousin Carter along for the ride as well!

This picture is from NYE morning. We were getting ready to run errands with the kids and Sav says, “Mama! We match! Let’s take a picture!”…so cute. So we did. Love her.




Leaving our house to hit the Lights! Drew, Me, Sav (and her triple chin- lol), Ben, Joe, and E-bud.




Quads taking over the cockpit again! (Ben leading the way)




Ridin’ the carousel! Woo hoo!!! (in between funnel cake consumption and Holiday Light Shows in the tent)




Collinsky and Carter-man




Crazy-A-Joe and his Crazy-A-faces. (I do believe that this picture is almost identical to the previous carousel ride a month prior). NERD. Winking smile   (love you hunny!)


(In case you were wondering, Joe & I were in bed by 11pm…and barely made it to midnight- while falling asleep to “It’s a Wonderful Life” in the ‘ole DVD player- Joe’s favorite)


Ben, Joe, Andrew, Suz, Sav, Ethan, Collin, Carter, and Ashley

12 December 20102

Hope you all had a safe, exciting (or relaxing) New Years celebration as well! Here’s hoping for a year filled with love & laughter…and for a fresh start/new beginning to re-focus & re-prioritize the things that are most important in our lives.


Blessings for 2011,

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Crazy Me said...

Ahh I wish I had known about this area! The family and I spend Christmas evening trying to find great lights but couldn't find any! We will know for next year!

Looks like all the littles had a blast!

Erin said...

I'm a long time follower, but hardly ever comment. The picture of Ethan and Andrew looking up just amazes me at God's work, but please tell me how you tell these little cuties apart? :)
You're family is so stinkin cute!

Jennifer said...

This is my first time to comment on your blog and have been a follower for years :) My dad and his family live in DFW area and we went to visit last year during Christmas and he took us too Grand Prairie to see the lights. My son was only 5 months at the time, but we had alot of fun!
Love reading about your family. Ya'll have done an amazing job with the quads!

Katie Favara said...

I have been reading your blog since just after the kids were born. I love seeing all your pics and keeping up with their growth. I even started my own blog, but..... I never get around to posting.

I live in Arlington also (and worked with Sue Baker). Can you tell me where to go in Grand Prairie for the lights? I hate to wait in line for Interlochen! Thanks!!


Lindi said...

Hi! I found your blog when I was pregnant with my first son. He is now 2.5yrs old. I love reading about you family and those sweet kids. You made me smile in the midst of stress! I don't know if you would accept these, however I design children's vests and would love to send some. You can see them at If not, no prob and I hope you keep blogging! Thanks,Lindi

~Shelly~ said...

Have to ask~where did you get Sav's TALL pink boots?! I can't find any that tall for my girl so just curious!

Claire's World said...

I have to say that my daughter's favorite part was the "bumble the snowman"

Miller Family said...

What a GREAT post. I love all of the FUN! I've been reading since you were pregnant and praying for your sweet ones. I also struggled with infertility and now have two precious ones thanks to assistance! My sweet baby boy is 14 weeks tomorrow. So thankful this year for all of God's blessings!

Melissa said...

I'm another long time follower and first time poster! I just love your blog and hearing about all of the fun activities you all do as a family! My twins are just a bit older than your cuties, so it's fun to read similar tales of craziness!

King Quads said...

That picture of you and Drew is so stinking cute, WOMAN! Love the one of you and Miss Thang in your matching outfits too.

What a fun tradition to have as a family. I bet the kids felt soooo cool running free in the Burb too!

Happy New Year!

Stephanie said...

What a fun tradition!!
Lots of great pics!!

Jamie said...

Could y'all be any cuter?!? Love catching up with the Steece family-- thanks for sharing!

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