Monday, January 31, 2011


Well, he pulled it off! Billy Graf has been planning a surprise 30th birthday party for his beautiful bride and my fellow quad mom/BFF~ Moni for MONTHS now. 01 January 2011 093


Almost all of my Quad Mama buddies and their hubbies were able to make the trip to Kansas this past weekend---and the ones who couldn’t were greatly missed! A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE FRIENDS/FAMILY WHO WATCHED ALL OF OUR CHILDREN SO WE COULD ALL MAKE THE TRIP! And a special thanks to Grammy, Grampy, Ed and Jess for staying with our little guys.


It was SO FUN to get our boys together as well…and just like us, they all instantly bonded. Awww

Here we are, waiting to jump out and yell: “SURPRISE!”

01 January 2011 076



We had one of the best weekends ever…even got to love on those Graf quad cuties! LOVE these girls like sisters and their hubbies are super cool too! We share such an amazing bond, its just difficult to put into words--- easy to see how God had a hand in all of this. I love you girls with all of my heart.

01 January 2011 090

Back row: Jennifer King, Sandra Cochran, Jac Tubre, Moni Graf, Gen McNulty, Kami Lambe, Mari Goerlich

Front row: Heather Cox, Beth Walker, Casey Gerwer, AJ Sathers, Suz Steece, Charity Donovan



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debi9kids said...

What an awesome group of peeps!
Can I just it a prerequisite that all quad mommies and daddies are all beautiful???

Suzanne said...

lol deb! God love you ;)

Kaci said...

How fun!! Surprises are the best!

Cherie said...

Looks like so much fun! And you guys are all so cute and skinny! I guess running after quads will keep you fit and trim :)

Stephanie said...

What an awesome birthday surprise!! So gald you were all able to go and be together again!
You are all just amazingly beautiful!!!
Cant wait to hear everyones updates!

Moni Graf said...

thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart.............thank you for helping make it all possible!

i SOOOO needed my QM fix, and QD fix too! happy you found some "tame" pictures in the party scenes.

i had to break it to my sister softly that she couldn't join us on our next gathering.

and how incredibly kind are your bloggers to say such sweet compliments?!

love you, woman!

Amy said...

i had to come over here from Kami's page to tell you that you were rockin the torn jeans (my favorite pair in my closet are torn).
also i saw your post below about your wreck and wanted to suggest that if insurance gives you the full $270 for Britax that the frontier 85 would be a great option since you dont need the option to RF anymore. taller top slots and converts to a booster [you know, for when they're like 8 :) ] if they wont give you that much the graco nautilus would also be a great option (again taller top slots than the MA and converts to a booster. anyway, just my 2cents on that, glad everybody was ok.

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