Friday, March 18, 2011

Bald Beautiful Boys

Well…not completely bald- but pretty dang close!

Here it goes:

Early yesterday morning, I loaded up the kids- decked out in their green- and headed to the hair salon. Thought this picture was hilarious and totally non-scripted. They all walked in, grabbed a mag, and sat down by each other.

03 march 2011 141


Andrew, Savannah, Ethan, Benjamin- with a classy little sit down and a nice read.

03 march 2011 138


“MOM! Just think of the fun styles I could make on myself and my brothers with all of this product!!!”… ummm, NO. Sorry Sav. No can do.

03 march 2011 143


Ben’s up first with a #4 guard on the clippers. Sav got him good in several spots!

03 march 2011 14403 march 2011 145


Andrew up next with a #3 guard. SHEESH! His mauling was the WORST, by far.

03 march 2011 146


Not sure what to think about it…

03 march 2011 147


All smiles

03 march 2011 149



Ethan was last. I actually left it up to him, whether or not he wanted a buzz cut like his brothers~ and sure enough, he hopped right on up into that chair. He had a #5 guard.

03 march 2011 15103 march 2011 153



Oh my. Oh my. God love you and those BIG, beautiful foreheads! Gotta love genetics! Sorry, dudes- you can thank your Mama AND Daddy for that one. You’ve got it on BOTH sides! ;) LOL. Funny that all 3 of their hairlines do the exact same thing: slant up from the left to the right.

My 3 bald and beautiful boys. (Andrew, Ben, Ethan)

03 march 2011 154


“Caused by MYYYY handiwork!” ~ Savi Scissorhands (2011)

03 march 2011 155

(And no, Miss Priss was NOT rewarded with a haircut- which she loves. She’s gonna have to sport her inch long sections with pride.)


We had a VERY busy morning- after the hair trimmage, we took Shiloh to the vet and pet store. Then we hit up McDonalds for some grub and play time. After a nice nap---we met Daddy at our new favorite place: Texas Roadhouse. (the place itself isn’t new, but we’ve been going there a LOT lately!)

The kids LOVE standing at the window, watching the meat on the grill. The cooks behind the grill- love making the flames roar for the kiddos. Pretty sure the Steece Quads are known by name here. Ha!

03 march 2011 156


My little Irish boy just had to get himself a green beer (ick!)

03 march 2011 157


Endless peanuts and warm rolls with cinnamon butter- what more could you ask for in a place??!!! (me, Drew, and Benny)

03 march 2011 159


Joe, Sav, and E-bud

03 march 2011 160


Good times celebratin’ St. Paddy’s with our wee little leprechauns. The Steece family is *LUCKY* for sure…but I would much rather use the word: BLESSED!

St. Patrick’s Day is special to our family for many reasons… we also remember it as the day that Joe’s grandmother (Grammy Tracy), ventured on over to life on the other side. And with Joe’s fam, being of Irish Catholic origin, what an appropriate send off celebration for the matriarch of their family?!! The Irish surname “Tracy”, translates to “fighter”…and Grammy Tracy fought that cancer with all her might. Yesterday marked the 9th anniversary of her passing and we celebrated the life of the woman we (me and the kids) never knew. We love you, Great Grammy, and look forward to meeting you in the blue skies above.


And, being the ridiculously positive person that I try to be (but fail miserably sometimes)- I had to post this Irish blessing. LOVE IT:

“May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day.
May songbirds serenade you
every step along the way.
May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue.
And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.”

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Love Being A Nonny said...

They are all no hair!

The Townsend's said...

The boys hair looks so cute! And Sav sure does look proud of the job she did pre-pro cut!

April said...

Suz love your blog and your quads! I have to share a similar story about my Grandpa Egan. As I was raised in a Catholic Irish family as well. My grandpa egan passed away on St. Patrick's Day 1991. I was only 11 at the time, but I can remember so many details of that day. He was wearing green (of course) and had marked the Reader's Digest he was reading at the time with a clover on 3/ if he knew all along that he would be going up to heaven on his "holiday".

Charity Donovan said...

Savi Scissorhands...I LOVE that! The boys look ADORABLE w/ their new do!

Tracey's Life said...

I think they look adorable with their buzzes. Someday you will all look back at this and laugh like crazy.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your posts - been following them for years through the Goerlich's your attitude - you gotta laugh right?? They are all so adorable, hair or no hair!!!!! Debbie

Grandma Honey said...

I have never noticed before this post how much Ben and Savannah look alike. I guess as they are getting older it becomes more obvious. You probably saw it from the beginning. Right?

LStewart said...

Adorable! and you will find that you absolutely love their hair being buzzed. Especially in the summer heat. It's so much cooler for then and a ton easier to wash. You'll love it and they will too!
When I first had Lil Man's hair buzzed I thought I would cry my eyes out but seeing how much he loved it and how easy it was to care for ... left me wondering why I waited so long to have it cut.

Page said...

I love their haircuts!! And I think the buzz cuts makes their hair look really blonde! Happy day after St. Patty's day! ;)

Alissa said...

CUTE!!! We buzz our sons' hair (#4 clipper!) and I think it looks super cute. Your boys are all ready for summer now!

Sarah Toth Photography said...

OMG - they are precious! I actually a relatively cheap clipper set at Walmart and I cut Adam's hair myself on a #4 guard... after I saw the chick do it at Sport Clips I decided I could do it myself!!!

Maybe just give Savi the clippers and put her to work?


Anonymous said...

The buzz cuts are adorable! When my son was a little guy we always did buzz cuts, especially in the summer. Keeps 'em nice & cool. Now he's a teenager with the longer, messy hair they're all so fond of. :)

Rajean B. said...

The haircuts look adorable. I buzzed my son's hair about 5-6 months ago...I have since let it grow back b/c it didn't look so good on him and I missed his long locks.

As far as Texas Roadhouse! OMG! That is my absolute favorite place to eat. My husband and I used to go once a week...but since our kiddos arrived, we only go on special occasions. Just thinking of the rolls and butter are making me drool...

Nichole said...

They are adorable! I heart Texas Roadhouse too, but we dont have a neat window like that! *Stomps foot*

Gracie Rae said...

OMG, they look adorable after the haircuts (and before too)! And Savannah looks soo proud! :) How can you get upset with her trimmings with a face like that??!!

Brandy said...

We have those foreheads in our family too. Although we refer to them as "fiveheads" cause they are a little larger than normal. Hey, what is normal anyway????

Anonymous said...

I love their buzz cuts! Too cute. I can't believe little Ms. Sav got them again though. You definitely have your hands full.

I am sure you have enough people that offer but if you ever need a sitter, I would LOVE to help you out. I live in Carrollton. If you are interested, my cell is 512-922-3971. (Especially during the summer)

Suz said...

The boys look great with their haircuts! How funny that all three have the same forehead hairline. Glad it ended up being a good St Patty's day for y'all!

Nana said...

Well, at least you din't kill Sav!!!!! She is all smiles and so are the boys...Love your blog...this is the best by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

I love the boys' haircuts! I think Miss Sav just had a vision for how cute they would look with a summer cut!

Jodi said...

Just catching up on your blog! WOW can't believe that happened! Ha - hate to laugh bc I can't imagine your thoughts at the time but I have to admit its hilarious! Your writing makes it even more funny! Those boys look adorable with their new buzz cuts!

AmazingGreis said...

I love the buzz cuts! They look so cute!

Kaia said...

Love the picture of Sav with the hair products-really looks like what you titled it! Aha, now I see why you keep the boys' hair longer-to cover up the foreheads! lol! They sure are cuties, even with the buzz cuts!

P.S. What did you do with the scissors? ;)

Lainey-Paney said...

LOVE Sav's new nick-name.
And that pic of her with her brothers & their new haircuts...OMG. If there is ever a slideshow in her future where you get to narrate about her & her childhood....I encourage you to pick THAT picture!

Jennifer said...

The boys look ADORABLE! You may never go back to 'real' hair--my little guys sport buzz cuts. And theirs keep getting shorter! I have one who does a #1 and one who wants a #3. After nearly 3 years, I can't imagine them with hair. :)

Lisa said...

They look so precious! Sav has to have SOME fun in that house full of boys! :)

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