Monday, August 29, 2011

Nomads, Twin Birthdays & Quadruplet Swim Lessons- Oh My!

WoW! We have been traveling like crazy for the past week and a half! One last blast before school starts next week.

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Waco (sans kids!), celebrating the birth of my two favorite twin ladies:

Mom and Aunt Judy!

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Always so much fun to hang around these lovely ladies (and you too, Daddy!). Going back home to Waco is soooooo relaxing and refreshing for me. Just what I needed to gear up for a very busy week!


Next, the kids and I headed on down to Lakeway (Austin, TX) for week long swim lessons and some fun times with Grammy & Grampy! Ben, Ethan, Drew, and Savannah

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This is about the extent of Ethan’s natural swimming ability. Haha. (sadly- I’m not kidding). He is very cautious before trying anything new, especially around people he does not know. If Ethan and Drew would just close their mouths and stop giggling when trying to swim- it would probably work a whole lot better! Its so funny---they can NOT stop giggling! I think they are going to take after their Mama and giggle when they get nervous. Sorry, dudes- apparently it’s a genetic curse.

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Sweet little Drew and his blue goggles…he’s so proud. This guy definitely has the will and determination to swim, just needs some slight “technical modifications” on his form. Haha. I mean seriously, he fights harder than anyone else in the pool…little dude just needs to stop giggling & smiling!

08 august 2011 101-1



Ben has the most natural ability out of the group- but CANNOT be pushed or he will back away and stop trying. * Did you read that, Joe?*  Let me repeat just in case you missed it:

Ben does NOT like to be pushed in athletics and can go much further if you just let him figure it out himself! (tee hee hee- tuck that away in your brain for later, k?)

Ben is a little bit of a perfectionist (Sorry about that, Benny!) and is very good at learning new skills like bike riding, swimming, etc. He is always the first one to pick it up and practices until he has it down perfectly.


And little Miss Sav- well, of course she is swimming. Of course! (said sarcastically) I’m pretty sure there is nothing that she cannot do. Sav was amazing in the water. The girl has spunk and a STRONG WILL – (but we already knew that! Ha). She practically had this swimming thing down by the second day. My little fearless wonder.


Here are the kiddos with the amazing Miss Natalie! Thank you SOOOOO much for your help!

08 august 2011 105-1

Bless her heart---Natalie is a saint! She wanted all four kids by herself each day. I could not be present during swim class. (Which I LOVED!!! You go, Miss Thang!). It was funny to hear Miss Natalie tell me how each child is SOOOO very different---they all have extremely different learning styles. Story of my life! It really is very interesting.


I don’t have many pictures of the week, because each day after swim lessons, we would go back to Grammy’s house and I would practice and practice and practice with each child in the pool. Needless to say, it has been a LONG, exhausting week…for all of us!


But have no doubt- we managed to squeeze some fun in there along the way! (haha) LOTS OF FUN! Movies, Dinners, Playgrounds, Shopping---you name it, Grammy sure does know how to entertain!

08 august 2011 113-1



Dear Grampy & Grammy, thanks for letting us tear up your house stay at your house this past week! We had an absolute blast and are excited to keep practicing our swimming! Grammy- hope you enjoyed sleeping in this morning, for the first time in a long time!!! Haha.


Love you!

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Elizabeth said...

What all of your kids are different! ha! Benny and Madelyn are SOOO much alike. Don't do it until they can do it perfect! Love you all and glad you are home!

Esther said...

I learned that lesson, too. Well, I mean, I had to tell my hubby the same thing, Suz: cannot push our twins into anything that they do not want to! Period. Example: at 24 months, boys did not want anything to do with swimming. At all. At 36 months, they were little fish with their Puddle Jumper floaties! And loving it. Without being pushed to do so...:)

Curious to find out if you had the kiddos well-check yet: so so so hard to tell how big the kiddos are from the photos. Impossible, actually. All I can see is that they look perfect and are super duper cute...and savvy.

cat said...

Looks great - ai, the swimming thing - some children just takes to it and others not.

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