Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Steece 4 Turned 4!

This is what the quads’ woke up to…

08 august 2011 005



We opened some presents early- before Grampy and Dad headed to their golf tournament

08 august 2011 01208 august 2011 011



We played around with Grammy and our new toys for the rest of the morning while Mom went and picked up our awesome cake from Cooper Street Bakery.

08 august 2011 022



After a failed attempt at a nap (except for Sav), we headed to our big birthday party at Pump It Up! (Ben, Ethan, Sav, Drew)

08 august 2011 023



Granna, Cousin Carter, and Papa attended the festivities!




Never knew a safety video could be so entertaining… (Drew, Ben, Ethan, Sav)




and the Kings and Queen are ready to get this party started!

08 august 2011 030











Yours truly

08 august 2011 032




Uncle Col with a happy lookin’ Ethan and terrified Carter! (he wasn’t, but his face cracks me up in this picture)




Our temps have been 110 for the last week (ridiculous, right?! We are MELTING down here!) and I’m pretty sure the inside of this facility was averaging around 90+ degrees. So, Mama was done after this pic.




Dad and his kiddos playing bounce house basketball




Benny Boy




Grabbing the Birthday Princess and making her take a picture with me!

08 august 2011 040



Some of our favored party goers:

Aren’t these 4 gals just precious?! Love them.

08 august 2011 033



Lizzie, me, and Teryn (T drove her kids over an hour to attend the party---that’s true love right there!)

08 august 2011 036



Candace, Liz, Joe, and me- thanks SOOOO much for coming, you guys!

08 august 2011 038



Sweet V, Boa, and Baby I! Adorable.

08 august 2011 042



Savi loving on her girlfriend!




A special appearance by the Sheedys! Love Adam and Katie!

08 august 2011 046



The whole gang! (We were missing lots of our buddies because there is a random cold/virus going around DFW right now!)

08 august 2011 048



Chow time with our buddies!

08 august 2011 059



Drew, Ethan, and Benny~ the Birthday Boys in their new CARS2 shirts.

08 august 2011 064-1



The Little Darling Diva in her Little Mermaid dress.




…trying to incorporate all of the birthday themes into one cake~ pretty clever, if I do say so myself Winking smile

08 august 2011 061



This is what it sounds like:

“Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday dear


Happy Birthday to You!”

08 august 2011 068



Love how the quads just migrated back over to their “throne of honor” and all four squeezed together.

08 august 2011 075



Ethan enjoying his “CARS cake” (and it was GOOOOOD!)

08 august 2011 072




My Four, 4-year-olds!

Andrew, Savannah, Ethan and Benjamin Steece.

08 august 2011 067

(such a hilarious forced picture with forced smiles)

We have been blessed with 4 magical years with these little goobers. Love them SO much.

(Also hoping that the 4’s will be “more smooth” than the last half of these “3’s”! SHEESH!)


Thank you to everyone who made it to the birthday party and for the cool new presents! It meant so much to have you there to celebrate with us! And to the sweet sickies who couldn’t make it- we missed you and hope you feel better soon!


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Jenna said...

Awe Happy Birthday Steece quads! You all are so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday Ben, Ethan, Drew and Savannah!
Next I want to see pics from your Quad Mama's getaway!

My Muñoz Family said...

So cute! My daughter has had her birthday party at Pump it Up for 2 years in a row! Once in Arlington & once in Austin! Her birthday is in January & it's still steaming hot in there! Congrats!!!

Misty said...

looks like they (and you) had a great time! so bummed we missed it. :(
love ya,

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to the coolest 4 year olds around! great party mama!!! love you!

Pam Johnston said...

Wow 4 already.....they are adorable and just growing way too fast! I told you it would go by way too fast! They all have such a beautiful complexion! I bet it is always so much fun around your house! Now, come on football was 103 degrees at 6:30p.m. here in East Texas! Your friend in East Texas, Pam!

Savannah said...

I can't believe they are four! I've followed your story from the beginning and am so glad you have four healthy four year olds to celebrate special days like this.

teryn said...

We had a blast. And the bday song sounded just like that. Love you all :) teryn

Charity Donovan said...

Happy FOURTH Birthday Ben, E, Drew & Sav!!!! We hope you had a FABULOUS day! Looks like a blast!

Megan said...

I love Sav's ariel dress. Where did you find it?

asplashofsunshine said...

FUN PICS! Please tell me Pump it Up only made you pay for one party and not 4! :) Kidding, kinda! Looks like you all had fun!

Jodi said...

Wow, I can't believe they are 4! I started following your blog just a few days before they were born ~ time sure does fly by. They are all beautiful miracles! Happy birthday to them :)

Kaci said...

Awhhh how fun!! Looks like it was a great time!! Happy Birthday!!

amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like they had a blast...cute as ever :)

cat said...

Happy happy Bday to the Stecce 4! May your year be truly blessed.

Barbara Manatee said...

Looks like LOTS of fun! Great idea on the cake! With boy/girl twins, I can relate to the challenge of how to make them both happy with 1 cake! Heck, they don't turn 5 till November and my 2 are already talking about what their cake and decor should be! ha!

Zoey said...

I cant imagine how you afford a kids party x4. I think having it outside the home is a BRILLIANT idea though!

Donna said...

Four is much better than 3. It's so fun! And, since your fun is x4, it will be a welcome relief, I'm sure. My youngest will be 4 in September. I remember reading your posts when the quads arrived and being so thankful that they were healthy!

Anonymous said...

I have to know where Savannah's striped socks came from? I want them for my Savannah :)

Elyse said...

Seriously, Suz, your kidds need to stop growing up. The boys' haircut is too precious but oh my-where does the time go?

Suzanne said...

hey anon! umm...i think they came from target? several years ago? hope you find them!!!

Carly said...

Happy Birthday to your babies! I have to know where you got the CARS shirts for the boys?

Sara M said...

Hi Suz! Congrats on surviving the past four years, lol.... and happy birthday to your four sweeties!!

Twp questions for your -
Where did you get Sav's dress? Would love to get it for my two girls for our upcoming trip to Disney!

Can you tell me about the DFW area? I'm from Pittsburgh and have been living in NJ for the past 5 years but my company is relocating and we're considering making the move. Like I said, we have 2 girls (8 months & 2 1/2) so good schools are imporant & we want to be in a family friendly area. Where are my best bets for places to live?

Thanks for any advice you can offer! If you want to shot me an email I'm at

Kristi said...

I totally forgot to wish your kids happy birthday - they share my birthday with me! :) I'm so glad to see they have a wonderful day...

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