Friday, September 09, 2011

Horray for Another School Year!

Ahhh… the fall: Another school year starting for the quads. There’s nothing like it!09 september 2011 024

(It has become SO MUCH EASIER, now that I can just lay out 4 sets of clothes and the kids do all the rest)


Many people get stressed and busy during their various fall activities- but our summer was SO incredibly packed with nonstop fun, moving at 110 mph! I am SOOOOOO ready for things to slow down a bit and to get back into a routine. I am a creature of habit. (not to mention a HUGE fan of College Football Saturdays! Woot woot!)


ADORABLE dress that I found for Savi on etsy. Gotta love etsy.

09 september 2011 019



Super cute decorating paint can for the kiddos’ teacher. Isn’t is precious? (yep, etsy again). I filled it with a teacher’s survival kit: ADVIL, chocolate, hand sanitizer, lotion, sweets, gum… did I mention Advil? Bless her heart- she is going to need with with all 4 of the Steece quads (along with 8 other kids) in her class!

Bless. Her.

09 september 2011 026



Of course, one of the main reasons why I’m SOOOO excited for school to start- is because I get to start working again!!! Oh, how I’ve missed taking care of patients and interacting with my work buddies. LOVE. IT.

09 september 2011 018


After this first week, I am going to have to get used to running around on my feet for 5 straight hours at work! I love it, but the only time I sit down is getting out of my car when I arrive, and getting back into my car to leave. It is crazy, awesome busy but I LOVE it.



Here are my little munchkins as 4 year olds- on their first day of school for 2011! (I accidentally went a little crazy with Drew’s spikes---but then again, Drew is a little bit crazy, so it fits).

Ben, Drew, Sav, E

09 september 2011 029




Headed into school with their comfy new napmats. It is SO nice now that the kids can carry all of their “stuff”.

09 september 2011 030



They each have their very own desk!

Drew bud and his crazy spikes.09 september 2011 032



Ben (we’re trying to work on his awkward smile…poor guy. Cracks me up)

09 september 2011 034



Sav- excited to have more girlfriends to boss around…(and already trying to “test” her teacher to see who will be in charge)

09 september 2011 035



Ethan going in for a new car. (Mean ole Mom will not let him take any of his cars to school this year---seeing as how the boys lost about half of their “collection” at school last year. Grrr)

09 september 2011 036



We are SO excited and blessed to have Miss Janie as our teacher this year!!! I love this age- and all of the new things that they are learning. It is incredible. My babies are growing up!

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Kaci said...

Love there outfits!! Happy School Year! XOXO

Jenny said...

OH they are SOOOO precious! Could eat 'em with a spoon. :)

Esther said...

Suz, do the kiddos go all day? We just started pre-k3 and it's just a traditional, 3-hours 3x/week...but I reckon that next year, at 4, they will be ready for more...and me for work outside of the house?! :)

Good luck with everything and...with slowing down a bit!

Laura Darling said...

They look adorable, and so old! Hope they have a great school year!

Shannon said...

Several things...

You are SO blessed! I just love those precious faces.

I love the nap mats. Where did you get them?

Etsy is my fav!

Yea for college football!!!

Pam said...

They are all so cute and such exciting times in your lives! I am so ready for fall.....summer in Texas this year has been hard.....HOT! Bring on the football!

Candice said...

Congrats quaddies!! Sav's dress is perfect!!

Cassie said...

okay so you cant post such a cute dress and not tell the seller! :) please!?

MEGAN said...

Ben's smile is SO DARLING. How many of us have 'get that camera out of my face' smiles?

Momma and Her Doodle said...

Do the boys ever fight (HA!) over who wears what color? And I LOVE Andrew's hair so spikey.

Do you have a secret for getting the quads out of the house on a schedule? I have ONE kid and he take forever to get ready on his own.


Anonymous said...

such cuties! i love dressing my (twin) girls for preschool.

Michael and Hannah said...

SO glad you're getting to go back to work! I can't believe you have quads and they look so perfect and put together and then you go and make time for teacher buckets. Suz = TOTAL intimidation!!!! (But in a good way!) ;o)

boysmum2 said...

so cute, how did you manage to score a job nursing where you take all summer off? The clothes are cute and they look like they are having so much fun.

Kimmy K said...

Yes, I would like to have an RN job with summers off and only work 5 hours on my feet instead of 12. How'd you manage?

Penny said...

As a kindergarten teacher, I love the bucket! So sweet! Wish I had parents like you. (I had one like you last year, but alas, her little boy passed to first grade. lol) Love the kiddos school outfits! They all look ADORABLE!!! :)

meghan said...

Love that idea of the teacher survival kit. Im sure she appreciated it and it was great to butter her up for your kids arrival! hehe. You are so lucky you have such an awesome job that lets you have your summers free! And,I totally feel you about the on your feet for hours part. I am a PICU RN and we are on our feet for 12 and half straight hours though! Lucky you, only for 5 hours. That would be a dream for me! haha!


Those kiddos are adorable!!!! So freakin cute!!!

Jennifer said...

I have a smiling question for you... Does Ben ever smile nicely? To get a nice smile out of my daughter we say, "don't smile. 1-2-3 smile!" ((click)) We find that if she must hold her smile for very long it turns into an ugly, painful, smile. =) BTW, love the first day of school outfits. Sav's is to cute!

Kat said...

Congrats on the new school year! And I absolutely LOVE Sav's dress! She is such a little fashionista (and by she, I mean you ;) )

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