Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Partying with Tigers

We were SOOOOOO excited to have my Quad Mama bestie: Jac Tubre, and her handsome hubby roll into town ~in style~ for the LSU/Oregon game last Saturday.

09 september 2011 001



Those tigers sure do know how to throw a tailgate! Fully equipped with a NIIIIICE RV! Jac, Torey, Joe, Suz

09 september 2011 003



Our dudes… (Joe had to represent the Aggies a little bit, of course)

09 september 2011 006



Some of my most favorite peeps in the world!

09 september 2011 007



Love you Jac attack!!! Joe and I had a blast- thank you SO much for letting us crash your awesome tailgate! Muah!


Here’s to many more Aggie/Tiger tailgating in the future with the Steeces & Tubres!


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The Cochran Crew said...

Two of my most favorite people! Love you Jaclyn and Suzanne!

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