Monday, October 10, 2011

Weddings & Birthdays

We had a blast in Austin this weekend. My beeeeautiful cousin, Shara, was married in one of the coolest weddings I have ever attended. Isn’t she adorable?!!!

10 october 2011 016-1

Miss Shara, you were a stunning bride! God bless you and Aaron as you begin this exciting new chapter in the story of your lives. Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!



I was able to party with dear family that I rarely get to see- which is always precious time well spent! Candice, me, Leslie, Grant

10 october 2011 015



Me and Brit…my sweet Southern Belle!

10 october 2011 013-1



Two handsome dudes: Justin and Joe

10 october 2011 017



Sweet Shelly (Matron of Honor) and her gorgeous baby girl!

10 october 2011 018-1



Joe is super excited to see cousin Brittany

10 october 2011 014



My Georgia Family~ Doreen and Ned. Love them SO much!

10 october 2011 026



Doin’ a little Boot Scootin’ with my girls…

10 october 2011 030



If anyone who is anyone knows me, then you have most definitely heard of ”the Georgians” (a reference to my extended family which includes tons of cousins who are from Texas too---I just group them all together).

It was a “requirement” that my cousins approve of Joe the first time they met him. He passed with flying colors (of course) and I’m thrilled that he loves my fam just as much as I do! Brit, Joe, Candice

10 october 2011 033



I’ve grown up with all of these guys and gals! Young cousins playing out on the ranch during holidays. Now we are all grown up with little ones of our own! Miss them greatly. Shelly, Candice, Suz

10 october 2011 025




10 october 2011 031




Love you girls more than words. It was SO MUCH FUN getting to play with you for an evening. Hurry back and let’s start planning that huge reunion, k?!!! XOXO

10 october 2011 034-1



Joe and I, joyridin’ it back out to Lakeway after the festivities.

10 october 2011 038



We celebrated the birth of a great man…Paul Steece, aka Grampy, aka P Diddy, aka Diddy, aka PDids, aka Dids. And what did he get from all 3 boys? Wine and meat. 25% kidding, 75% dead serious.

10 october 2011 041



The boys giving Dids a hard time. Wish this wasn’t so blurry! I love this huge group of nerds.

Joe, Dan, Ed, Diddy

10 october 2011 045



Couldn’t ask for better bros. Joe, Dan, Ed.

10 october 2011 054



Grammy Kate did an amazing job of throwing a big party for Did’s birthday and the Aggie game on Saturday afternoon/evening.

Dan, Doug, Joe, Ed, Paul

10 october 2011 046



…and the Ags actually won! (They win when Joe and I DON’T attend the games, so I guess we’ll sit the rest out…)

The guys celebrating the victory with Reeeeeeeeves!

10 october 2011 050-1


What a wonderful weekend…and now I’m enjoying this cool, cloudy, rainy morning here in DFW! Haven’t had this in a while.

Life is good!


Happy Monday, peeps!

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Gloria Hall said...

Hi! Long time reader of your blog, I think from the bump? Not sure where I found you, but love reading about your sweet kids! Funny story, I was reading this post, and my husband glanced over, and asked (about Justin), "Is that Batman (aka Christian Bale)?" Haha! Thought that was funny. :)

AKK said...

Looks like that wedding reception was where we held our wedding reception almost 30 (gasp!) years ago...Green Pastures. Lovely place. Had to comment and tell you how cute you and Joe are. It's great to see happy couples having fun.

Brittney said...

TOTALLY random - but I went to high school with Shara :) crazy small world!

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