Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Steece Mariachi Band (H-2011)

Benny, Andrew (mustache UP), Ethan (mustache down), and Savannah

10 october 2011 188



The kids REALLY got into Halloween this year and it was an absolute blast!

10 october 2011 190




We went to two different “Fall Festivals” and met up with our good friends Maddie and Kinley.

10 october 2011 193




They even stopped for a picture… or two… or ten

10 october 2011 246



COUSINS! Sweet Reagan and the crew: S, E, A, B

10 october 2011 198



MORE COUSINS! Baby Sawyer, Sav, E, A, B, Carter

10 october 2011 264




Drew- being a “tough guy”…

10 october 2011 206



…now that’s more like it, buddy!

10 october 2011 207



When we had returned home and taken our costumes off---we got a HUGE kick out of 3 little boys running around with mustaches… it just looked SO abnormal and hilarious. (Stayed tuned for a post I’m working on where Daddy joins in on the fun- omg. Never laughed so hard in my life!)

Ben, Ethan, Andrew- my little hairy men

10 october 2011 215




Round 2 of the Halloween festivities: North Davis Fall Festival

The mustaches were bigger, as well as the smiles!


10 october 2011 432




10 october 2011 430




10 october 2011 429





10 october 2011 433


Ethan, Sav, Ben, Drew

10 october 2011 327



LOVE Ben’s innocent face in this picture, and then Ethan being so “tough” on the ground. Cracks me up!

10 october 2011 268




Met up with our favorite peacocks: K & M! Didn’t Liz do a fantastic job on those costumes?!! They were precious!

10 october 2011 273



A group shot of all of the rapscallions enjoying a tasty treat-

Ben, Sav, Drew, Ethan, Carter, Kinley, and Madelyn

10 october 2011 275

PSST- Check out Carter staring at Ethan’s mustache thinking “hmmm- that’s just not right”


…and don’t forget sweet baby Sawyer! Isn’t he the cutest?! LOVE HIM.

10 october 2011 354




Carter not so sure of his nerd of a dad (aka: my bro). XOXO

10 october 2011 365



Sav was a natural with those hens in the petting farm---just like her Mama when I used to play with my Papa’s chickens as a little girl. Brought back memories!

10 october 2011 284



Ebud loving the animals

10 october 2011 277




My sweet little Spanish princess

10 october 2011 287




These crazy boys have been absolutely precious lately. They will just hug on each other all day and make these high pitched squeals. its adorable. (Drew, Ben, Ethan)

10 october 2011 300



They cracked me up in this tiny, little pit-o-balls. I don’t think they’ve ever had more fun in their entire lives. Nerds. (Ben, Drew, Ethan)

10 october 2011 291



These two are amazing to watch. They are so close and are hardly ever away from each other’s side. Ebud and Andrew- best friends for life.

10 october 2011 288




I was asked several times: “How in the world did you get Savannah’s hair up like that?!

10 october 2011 306



Oh, you mean… because her hair absolutely will not grow after her two successful attemps to cut it to the scalp and is super short? Just don’t look to closely or you’ll see the 100 bajillion bobbypins that are hiding in there. LOL> but turned out pretty cute, eh?! Oh, the things I could do with long hair…{sigh}

10 october 2011 302


Sorry these pics took a long time to post…I’ve been working a LOT lately (which is a good thing!)- just super tired to do anything else, ya know? I’ve got 2 more posts loaded and ready to publish so check back soon!

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Kimberley said...

i cannot stop laughing at ben's mustache. i laughed so hard i was afraid i was going to wake up my son who was napping. i cannot wait to show my hubs this post. so stinkin' cute!!!! favorite costumes ever!!!

Alissa said...

ADORABLE!! Love this post! ALL the kids (cousins, friends too) look fantastic in their costumes! Keep your chin up with all your work, Suzanne. :o)

Savannah said...

This is the best costume theme EVER for your quads! Looks like everyone had such a great Halloween!

Barbara Manatee said...

The costumes and mustaches are awesome!! Love baby Yoda, too!!! ha!

Sav looked so pretty! What a sight they must have all been!!

{K} said...

Awww, your 4 little ones are the cutest things I have ever seen! What a great idea for costumes!! Those little twin peacocks are adorable too. What a creative idea! :)

James said...

Awesome costume ideas. I may need to steal for next year...

Stacie and Tony said...

What a cute idea! the kids look adorable. I follow your blog but never get time to comment. But I had to stop and comment how cute all four of your kiddos look!

texasmacks said...

STOP it! Those are the cutest costumes ever. I always coordinate my boys costumes except this was the first year that demanded to show their own personalities. Great idea!


Elizabeth said...

oh Suz! I am still cracking up about those mustaches! Don't be surprised if the next time we watch the Quads, you come home to 3 little amigos again! It was so funny to watch them do anything with those things! lol! So glad we got to do Halloween with y'a ll this year, I can't believe we haven't before!

Kat said...

All the kids look absolutely adorable, but OMG Sav is a gorgeous little girl!

cat said...

Oh these are just adorable. Sav looked so beautiful

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