Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Grand Prairie Lights Surprise!

On Monday night (yes, a school night)- we totally surprised our kids. We told them that we were going to run a quick errand before going to bed. Little did they know, Aunt Ashley, Uncle Col, Cousin Carter and Cousin Sawyer were on their way to our house---to go to the Grand Prairie Lights!


We had hot cocoa and Christmas cookies waiting for them when they had gotten into the suburban.

Ben, Ethan, Sav, Drew (they aren’t excited or anything!)

12 december 2011 07312 december 2011 074



The kids were SOOOO excited this year! Ashley said she could hear them screaming from her car behind us! (Ethan and Ben)

12 december 2011 075



Andrew and Sav- hot cocoa, cookies, and lights- doesn’t get much better than that!

12 december 2011 076



A little liquid warmth for the Mamacita

12 december 2011 077



Dad excited to see the lights as well… (nerd)

12 december 2011 078



A different company took over this year and the lights were incredible! We thoroughly enjoyed it!

12 december 2011 082



“What are Ethan and Ben doing in this picture?”- you might ask… well, they are trying to blow out the candles, of course. (precious)

12 december 2011 096



‘tis the reason, for the season y’all…

12 december 2011 098



And let’s not forget the best part---the rides during the middle of the lights! (Ethan, Andrew, Ben, Joe, and Sav)

12 december 2011 102



Uncle Col and Cousin Carter. LOVE them.

12 december 2011 103



Absolutely adore this picture- it says a lot about how close the tweedles are lately… {awwwww}

12 december 2011 105



Aunt Ashley and Cousin Sawyer waving from below!

12 december 2011 107



Cute family pic, while we wait our turn for the Tilt-A-Bear! (Drew in blue)

12 december 2011 109



Ohhhhhhh the anticipation…

12 december 2011 110



a quick snapshot of us inside our “bear”…

12 december 2011 112



This 22 second clip is hilarious. The kids FREAKING LOVED IT. Lol. Cracks me up.

Grand Prairie Lights, Tilt-A-Bear 2011




Another ride on the ‘ole carousel before we hit the rest of the lights.

12 december 2011 114



“…deep in the harrrrrt of Texas”

12 december 2011 117



the awe, the wonder…so neat to experience life through the eyes of your children.

12 december 2011 122


We’ll see you again soon, GPLights!

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Jenny said...

That looks SO fun! I absolutely love that last pic...precious kiddos.

write_casey said...

Loving how your husband is screaming louder than the kids in the video. Wish I was back in Texas <3 They have a great Christmas light storybook neighborhood in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area if you ever have the chance to check it out.

Kelly said...

What fun!! Always love reading your blog. You have a beautiful family!
Merry Christmas :)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Precious! They are at SUCH a fun age this year!!! And I know they loved no car seats for the viewing of the lights. I think that's the part my grandgirls liked best!

Savannah said...

What a fun family tradition! You continue to inspire me with the fun things you plan and do for your family. Your quads are very lucky to have you and your hubby as parents!

Mrs. Williams said...

Looks super cool!! I live in Mesquite and I've heard of that light show, were exactly is it in Grand Prairie?

Barbara Manatee said...

wow! How fun! We have something similar not too far from our house, but not quite this cool. I LOVE that tunnel of lights! Looks like a time warp! so cool!

Love Sav's eyes in the 2nd pic, the Twins holding hands, and Ethan and Ben trying to 'blow out the candles." So cute!!!

Jodi said...

How fun! I love the pure joy in the video! :)

KSDallas said...

What a fun surprise! I might just have to drive to Grand Prairie to see them myself. It looks like a great display.

Side note - did you ever hear back/find out anything on the burb that got stollen? Seeing the new one just brought it to mind. :)

Sunni Len said...

Mine get super excited when they get to ride in the car without seat belts at things like this.

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