Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The North Pole Express Train Ride!

The kids have been talking about last year’s train ride ALLLLL year long. We were so excited to have Auntie JuJu, the Tarrants, and the Hoags along for the ride this year! Thank you so much, Papa and Granna, for an early Christmas present!!!


Ben, Carter, Drew, Sav, Ethan, Maddie, Kinley

12 december 2011 310




Crazy Uncle Joe being a silly billy with his nephew~ Carter

12 december 2011 270



The Tarrants~ Chris, Liz, Kinley, and Maddie

12 december 2011 279



The Hoags~ Collin, Carter, Sawyer, and Ashley

12 december 2011 204



The twins~ Judy and Jany

12 december 2011 197



Daddy and his boys! They were so excited to wear their jammies from Granna that had all 3 of “their” trains: Thomas (Drew/blue); Percy (E/green); and James (Ben/red)

12 december 2011 294



Me and my little princess

12 december 2011 276



The carbon copies…Jany, Judy, Andrew, Ethan

12 december 2011 277



Joe and the exact same version of himself 28 years ago (Ben)

12 december 2011 283



Little E-bud (short for buddy) and his ticket to ride!

12 december 2011 282



Sweet Savannah and her train ticket- proudly showing off her hole punch.

12 december 2011 284



And the big man of the hour---Mr. Santa Claus! That’s one big group hug, folks… (Andrew, Savannah, Santa, Ethan, Ben)

12 december 2011 288


Old Saint Nick brought North Pole Express Bells and free coupons for hot cocoa. Greatness!


Love this picture of Savannah and Conductor Bob! (He rocks!)

12 december 2011 293



The whole crew with Conductor Bob and their bells

12 december 2011 291



Savi and one of her absolute favs~ Auntie JuJu (It was so special to be able to grow up with 2 moms. We love Judy SOOOO much! It was so special to share this experience with her this year)

12 december 2011 295



Little Sawyer man getting some love from his cousin Savi. He is the sweetest little baby EVERRRRR! All you have to do is smile at him and his entire face lights up! LOVE HIM.

12 december 2011 306



Sav and her besties! Kinley, Sav, and Maddie in their adorable matching PJ’s! Girlfriends fo life!

12 december 2011 303



The North Pole Express Park! (seriously…who invited that guy?! lol)

12 december 2011 233




Awww, but I love him… that sweet nerd of mine!

12 december 2011 309


Happy Holidays!!!

Hope they are merry and bright!


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Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

I just love Joe. :) He looks like a lot of fun. Merry Christmas!

Kaci said...

How fun! Looks like you all had a great time, so many smiles, I love it!

Alissa said...

Love the pictures! Merry Christmas to your whole family, Suzanne! All the best in the new year, lots of good health (especially to Savannah!) and happiness abounds!

Cathi S said...

Where is this?

Aiketa said...

Merry Christmas from Spain!!!

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