Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break In Waco

Do you ever feel like you are missing out if you don’t do SOMETHING for Spring Break? I do. So, Ashley (my sis-in-law) and I decided to pack up our kids and head to Papa and Granna’s for the week! (Granna was on Spring Break too with her school!)


Sav still sporting her steri strips from that mean ole pillar that jumped right out in front of her the other week (heh, heh). I swear I’m going to pad this girl up in bubble wrap.

03 march 2012 312



Drew and that big smile

03 march 2012 314



Little E having fun riding the tricycles

03 march 2012 315



And no trip to Papa and Granna’s would be complete without an outting to Kiddieland! (yes, former-Waco peeps, it still exists!) Ben, Carter and Ashley

03 march 2012 324



Ethan and Andrew enjoying the choo choo

03 march 2012 326




03 march 2012 329



Ethan in his red rocket

03 march 2012 330



Cousin Carter in the boats

03 march 2012 332



Why does Ben always look so grown up in pictures? My precious little man.

03 march 2012 333



I’m guessing Ethan chose this vehicle due to the awesome GREEN flames… any bets?

03 march 2012 337



Sweet Sawyer and Granna…don’t worry lil buddy, you’ll be out there playing with your cousins in no time! Little angel.

03 march 2012 339



Uhh….yikes, Sav! Lol. Savannah and Andrew

03 march 2012 340



Best buds: Carter and Benny

03 march 2012 341



A group photo…(that took about 20 attempts and 5 minutes of torture to try to capture, hehe). Ethan, Sawyer, Carter, Ben, Sav, Drew

03 march 2012 347


This was actually a special night, because we randomly ran into my best friend, Adriane (who lives out of town as well), from childhood and all of her family at Kiddieland…the place where Ade and I had plenty of birthday parties. It was just surreal to be there with OUR children this time. SO NEAT.



Baths and time for bed! Yeah right….how long do you think THIS will last? Ben, Carter, Ethan, Andrew

03 march 2012 35303 march 2012 354



Not long. But hey, at least we gave it a try…after about 30 minutes we gave in the towel and had to split up the rambunctious boys! haha.

And I just LOVE this picture of Sav and Drew…melt my heart.

03 march 2012 367

(Btw~ the pillow is wet from their freshly bathed hair…at first I couldn’t figure it out and I was like, ewwww…drool/sweat! but its not)



I seriously have an obsession with sleeping kid pictures---they look so sweet and innocent…not talking back to Mama or giving her grief. Ahhhhh…..Lovely.  Ben and Ethan.

03 march 2012 36803 march 2012 369




Back to riding tricycles…man, after visiting my parents house, I desperately want to lay a HUGE slab of concrete in our backyard! We had to practically drag the children in for food and such. it was so great. Drew in blue.

03 march 2012 358



Carter---just so you know, this kid is like a bajillion times more athletic than any of his older cousins. Kid is amazing.

03 march 2012 361



Trouble with a capital T.

03 march 2012 363



My buddy, Reynolds and I were actually able to meet up with the kids! It has been forever. Ethan, Ben, Reynolds, Drew, Sav

03 march 2012 370



Good timing it in the Baskin Robbins parking lot Winking smile

03 march 2012 371



The kids loved Reynolds and all of his magic!

03 march 2012 372


And that was it for our Waco trip! Had a blast!!!

Did you guys do anything fun for Spring Break? Maybe a stay-cation? I think I’m going to be one of those crazy Moms who drags her family out of town on a vacation every year in the spring.



I am.


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shellie said...

Love me some Kiddieland! I still scream in the tunnel =)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love the group pic of the cousins! I just posted one today took an act of congress to get it!!

Kelly said...

Sleeping pictures are the best!

The Drama Mama said...

SO FUN! And Ben DOES look so big in all his pictures!!!


cat said...

They all look so big! Fun trip,

Jenn K said...

Sleeping kid pictures are one of my favorites. Sleeping Steece kid pictures - MELT MY HEART. I love seeing my kids snuggle up to each other like that when we go on a trip and they are all sleeping together...sooooooo cute! I love the fun Mama you are and I love how you are a big kid with your kids.

Savi has Joe's picture smile down!!! LOL DYING over (up) here!

Love you Steeces!!

Glynda said...

Cute pics as always.

My 4 boys were on a week long time out, so we only left the house once. My triplets didn't care, but the older son was mad as all get out.

Cox Quads said...

The sleeping pics are just precious, Suz! And OMG look how much they're growing. Seriously their little faces say it so big! Miss you!!

Lissa said...

You have some sweethearts there, ma'am =] We did Six Flags and Sea World. The kids loved the hotel but it was too cold to swim in the pool. Thought about you guys passing thru Waco =]

Jodi said...

awe, love your posts - can't even believe how big they are getting. The pic of Sav & Drew is beyond precious!!!

Sunni Len said...

We did the trip to Grammy and GP and meet up JoLee's babies. JoLee had to work. Man watching cousins play together sure brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for sharing your weekend some day we are going to have to reserve an entire hotel so all of our babies can play together.

NicoleUK said...

Love hearing about the steece adventures! The sleeping pics are adorable! funny how the twins sleep so pecefully and then you look at Ben and Sav and they're sprawled across the bed :)

Happy Campers said...

OH MY GOSH! I'm Robyn's cousin, and they grew up in Waco, along with my Grandparents. We have pictures of us as little kids in front of that yellow lion! And photos of birthday parties at Kiddieland. LOVE IT!!

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