Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun with our Girlfriends!

We had the Tarrant twins (Kinley and Madelyn) over for a fun sleepover last Thursday night. Sav loves her girlfriends!

06 june 2012 035



After manicures and pedicures, we headed to the pool!

06 june 2012 034



So blessed to have such good friends in our lives!

06 june 2012 036

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Linda Chapman said...

You gotta love those nails!!!

Elizabeth said...

My girls had soooo much fun! It was nice to know the girls were WELL taken care of! Madelyn shows EVERYONE her nails! Thanks for being such a good friend and a good Auntie Suz!

Kim Ryden said...

Love Sav's suit...where did you get it???

JDinAL said...

Oh Madelyn looks just like her Mama!!!

~Shelly~ said...

WHERE did u get Savi's suit!?!

Da young Neun said...

They're so cute :)

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