Thursday, August 30, 2012

Party People!!!!

The Birthday keedos right before their party started (Drew in blue, Ben in red, Sav, and E in grEEn)



Workin’ hard to get the food ready! Thanks SO MUCH for your help Kate & Dani!



LOVE this pic of baby Sawyer and Papa…so sweet!



My little bday princess (she changed outfits about 5 times during the party)

08 august 2012 337


Not sure who had more fun…the kids or the parents! We LOVED having all of our friends and fam under one roof for a party.



Sav, Ben and Auntie JuJu



Uncle Stoney, Ben, & Ben’s cheeto

08 august 2012 310


Liz, me, Mist and some of their beautiful girlies

08 august 2012 315


ADORE this pic of Liz’s twin girls: Kinley and Madelyn

08 august 2012 326


One of the kids’ BFF from school came!

08 august 2012 327


We love Frankie!



Oh, did I mention that Frankie is Ben’s “girlfriend”??? LOL. They are precious.



The Todd fellas were in attendance! The dudes are too cool, I’m tellin’ ya.

08 august 2012 328


Awww…some of Savi’s best girlfriends~ Cam and Reid Gerwer

08 august 2012 336


Some of my girlfriends from church~ Jen, Hallie, Lacey and Annabel. LOVE them.

08 august 2012 333



My cousin Kristy and her son Kieran (JuJu’s grandson) stopped by on their way back to Georgia! SO awesome to have them party with us.



Me, Ashley, Sawyer and Kristy

08 august 2012 356


Kieran playing at the train table




Granna, me, JuJu and Savi



Ladies with multiples! Urech, Gerwer, Todd, and Steece

08 august 2012 324


Twin Grannies!!!

08 august 2012 321



The Princess, and the love of her life

08 august 2012 342



We had people EVERYWHERE in our house and loved every single second!

08 august 2012 332


Kids were playing upstairs…




on the patio…




and don’t forget the bounce houses!

08 august 2012 316IMG_057108 august 2012 34308 august 2012 344232323232fp6355__nu=325;_588_745_WSNRCG=37;748_23_32;nu0mrj



Baby Isa playing with the castle door…love that face!

08 august 2012 347



Sweet brothers all the way from Austin! We love Will & Trent!

08 august 2012 350



Some of our favs! Sheeds and Reeves

08 august 2012 351



Beautiful Aunt Ashley, my darling nephew and Granna

08 august 2012 354



We were SOOOO bad and hardly took any pictures. It was pandemonium. Didn’t even get a family pic. (Thanks again to all who sent me these pictures!)

Mama and Little E-bud

08 august 2012 360



LOVE that smile, Drew!

08 august 2012 361



These 2 pictures depict the tweedles every single second of every day perfectly…

08 august 2012 36208 august 2012 363



A picture of the people who mean the most to us in the entire world. We would not survive without these amazing grandparents who are always so quick to help us out. Our children are beyond blessed to have you in their lives. We LOVE you.

08 august 2012 365-001



After the official party was over, we kept it going with some of our besties.

08 august 2012 370



I bribed the kids into another bday picture before I would let them open presents…tee hee hee.

08 august 2012 371-00108 august 2012 379



Opening the door to find their new big kid bikes from G&G.

08 august 2012 388



As soon as this weather cools down, we’ll start working on those training wheels!

08 august 2012 38908 august 2012 391


Sweet Benny hugging on Grampy and saying thank you.

08 august 2012 394


Cracked me up that the adults were having more fun with the remote controlled cars than the kids!

08 august 2012 395



Katie and Vero helping Sav with her headband making kit…and let me just tell you---she was ALLLL over it!

08 august 2012 396



…not to mention the makeup!

08 august 2012 406



My beautician gave me a makeover…

08 august 2012 411


…and a manicure!

08 august 2012 412



Don’t look too closely! ha

08 august 2012 413



Will LOOOOOVED Grampy’s chicken wangs. LOL

08 august 2012 415


…he also put the moves on AK…just darling! Love our friends!!!

08 august 2012 423


We had a WONDERFUL time getting to party with all of you. Thank you so much for coming and for being such a blessing in our lives. We LOVE you all!


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Brandy said...

Love the pics! I bet you were worn out after that!

Random question! We just got to new braunfels/San Antonio today for a wedding/vacation. I know in the past you've talked about yummy restaurants in the area. What are your good recommendations? We have a 5 yr old and 2.5 yr old. Please don't tell me I'm crazy! :). It seems like you've mentioned a Mexican rest or something?

Anonymous said...

Suz! You hair! Is that a 'stacked bob'? Love it! Do you curl it yourself? How, if so?


Barbara Manatee said...

You are on amazing Mama!!! Wow Suz! That all looks so fun and its so neat to see you all surrounded by so many friends and familY!!

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