Friday, September 07, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge with G&G!

Last weekend, Grammy and Grampy treated the kids to a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX. It was uh-may-zing!

Checking in…the boys had a front row seat (A, B, E)

09 september 2012 007



Our room was SUPER cool and had a kids’ cabin!

09 september 2012 009



Naturally, Ben claimed the top bunk! (Funny how they all migrated toward what they have at home)

09 september 2012 010



Umm, E is a wee bit excited about his bed

09 september 2012 011



Drew~ thinking this is the coolest place ever! And we haven’t even gotten to the waterpark yet…

09 september 2012 01309 september 2012 014



Sav, Ethan, Drew, and Ben

09 september 2012 015



I’m trying to be better about taking family photos…(the kids had a school project and the most recent family pictures were from Easter & early summer! oops)

09 september 2012 016



Let the fun in the sun begin!!!

09 september 2012 023



Waiting for the wolf to howl, followed by a massive downpour!

09 september 2012 024



I believe this was the first time they experienced the drenching, and it freaked them all out…Ben was so scared he fell down! LOL

09 september 2012 021



The highly entertained audience… Grammy, Dad, and Gramps

09 september 2012 025



Andrew and Ethan chillaxin’…solving world problems

09 september 2012 029



Love. This.

09 september 2012 033



duck and coverrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

09 september 2012 035



Dad joining in on the fun

09 september 2012 030



a pensive Drew…

09 september 2012 037



Moving this partaay indoors! Sav showing off the kiddie section

09 september 2012 051



Drew behind the water gun

09 september 2012 044



Slip sliding away…

09 september 2012 04709 september 2012 049



Ebud cracks me up…he’s doing stuff like this all the time~ throwing up double thumbs or number 1’s…crazy kid

09 september 2012 050



So sweet…Savi and her Grampy (she’s definitely got the men in her life wrapped around her wee little fingers)

09 september 2012 052



About to be splashed by the giant water bucket!!!

09 september 2012 053



Joey and Benny way up top

09 september 2012 057



Can you find the whole gang?!

09 september 2012 062



Ben dumping water on some poor unsuspecting soul…heh heh

09 september 2012 064



Indoor story time every night…yep, this was the best shot Dad could get…tsk, tsk

09 september 2012 065



Slapped on some dry clothes and headed out for a bite to eat (Ed and Jess came along!)

09 september 2012 072



Oh, did I mention that the kids missed their nap (yep, they still nap 2.5 hrs every day) and were super exhausted from playing in the water??? Not so thrilled about dinner…

09 september 2012 071-001



…like I said

09 september 2012 078



LOL! Poor dudes!

09 september 2012 079



We promptly put them to bed and at some point, Andrew had stealthily secured a rice crispy treat, but fell asleep holding it! Good grief, son. He sure did wake up happy to find it there…a little early morning snack, if you will.

09 september 2012 082




Had a WONDERFUL nights sleep, and started all over again the next morning!

This picture PERFECTLY depicts the insane amount of humidity in the indoor waterpark. Not to mention the chlorine BURNS your eyeballs…but the kids loved every second!

09 september 2012 086



Grampy getting in on all the fun!

09 september 2012 087



Ahhhh, outside~ fresh, clean air! G & G scored a nice covered area

09 september 2012 099



KIDDIE cocktails!!! Yippieeee!

09 september 2012 100



After droppin’ some mad skillz on the bean bag toss, the kids scored some super cool sunglasses!

09 september 2012 101



I love this crazy kid and that electric smile. (Drew)

09 september 2012 103



More Labor Day fun~ free face painting!

09 september 2012 104



My little patriotic butterfly baby girl

09 september 2012 106



Not sure what these yay-hoo’s were going for…but they are somethin’ else. (notice the exact same positioning?…such GOOBS!)

09 september 2012 107



…speaking of Cheech and Chong~ this was Ethan and Andrew the entire weekend. (The lifeguards hated them…they kept dunking each other and were giggling nonstop)

09 september 2012



Miss Priss shakin’ her thang during the hula hoop contest…

09 september 2012 108


(Fun Fact: Mama won the adult hula hoop contest…yep, it’s a hidden talent. Sorry folks, no pictures of that one, heh heh)



That night, we celebrated Grammy & Grampy’s anniversary at The Gaylord Hotel’s Old Hickory Steakhouse. (What amazing grandparents to spend their anniversary around tons of screaming kids at a waterpark, right?! LOL. Definitely memorable)


Ebud got a kick out of the shuttle bus

09 september 2012 110



Mama and her handsome little Benny Boo

09 september 2012 111



Sweet Savi (with flowers err horns in her hair…depends on the situation at that exact moment) and gorgeous Grammy

09 september 2012 113



Drew yelled that he wanted HIS picture taken from the front of the bus as well…

09 september 2012 114



Another family photo

09 september 2012 115



Before Jess took this picture, she said: “Okay, everybody act normal!”… this is what we got. Yep, that’s about right! LOL

09 september 2012 116



Ed and Jess! LOVE them, they spent the day with us.

09 september 2012 117



Me and my lil’ girlfriend

09 september 2012 118



Dad and Ethan (2 of the most intense people you will ever meet~ very similar. I keep threatening to lock them in a room when they start obsessing over things. Ha! Grammy gets it…)

09 september 2012 119



Drew and “Gramps” (as he has started calling him)

09 september 2012 120



Grammy & Benny

09 september 2012 121



The Beautiful Couple and their celebration of love & marriage! Still Best Friends after all these years. Love them.

09 september 2012 124



This picture cracks me up to no end!

Mr. Ben was determining the wine selection for the evening…

09 september 2012 127



Gig’ Em, Mr. Giggles!

09 september 2012 128



Dessert time!

09 september 2012 13009 september 2012 131



Of course the boys spotted some trains outside of the restaurant (thank God they were not moving anymore or we would have never gotten them back to the hotel…well, without a fight anyways)

09 september 2012 137



Saying bye to Auntie Jess and Uncle Ed…love them

09 september 2012 138



The foursome in front of the creepy figures (~coming from the girl who hates anyone who doesn’t talk, dressed in a mascot uniform) that sing: “There’s nothing to be scared of here…” (yep, anyone who has visited the GWL knows the eerie little jingle. It is STILL stuck in my head!)

B, E, A, S

09 september 2012 139



Yet another family pic…you can never have too many! (okay, okay…so I had SERIOUS Mommy guilt when I realized we hadn’t taken a single picture of all 6 of us in a while)…

09 september 2012 140



An enthusiastic thumbs up! What a GRRRRREAT weekend had by all! (Andrew)

09 september 2012 142



Me and MY BFF…love him

09 september 2012 141




Happy Anniversary Grammy & Grampy! Thank you SO much for taking us to the Great Wolf Lodge! The kids were in heaven.

09 september 2012 136


We all love you so very, very much.



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Mrs. Williams said...

Great Pictures and your right you can never have to many family pictures:)

Kimberley said...

i want to take my boys there someday! i know they would love it! i cannot believe they still take naps, and for that long! my 5.5yr old stopped taking them when he was 4, ugh. enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

Heck, I would take that long of a nap too if I could! Naps aren't just for little kids :)

Gloria said...

these pictures are all SO GOOD! My mom dreams of us going to GWL one day!
Those people-mascots that don't talk? I don't like them either. Those and camp names. I HATE camp names.

Liz said...

Awww we just went to the one in Williamsburg a couple of weeks ago! The lifeguards are on POINT, right? Loved them! haha

Your purple tunic is awesome! Glad y'all had a great time =)

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a fabulous time! And yes, there are no such thing as too many family pictures! Your fam is too cute!!

Pam said...

Love this post, you have a beautiful family! One of these days I'm taking our grand children there!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a blast!! If you don't mind me asking, you have such cute tankini swimming suits, where do you shop? Thanks!

Alissa said...

What great pics! I was just saying to my hubby that I wanted to go to the one in Niagara Falls! It looks like you guys had such a blast.
And always look so glamorous!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I just had to tell you how GREAT you look, and that your arms look amazing!!!! And that first pic of the kids running from the water dump (and Ben falling!) made me burst out laughing! Man, why do I love humor like that!!? Ha!!

~Shelly~ said...

Too cute for words! I cracked up laughing ~in my silent office ~of that picture of Ben picking out his wine! HA! Classic. Love your super cute outfit too!

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