Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pics from the ‘Ole iPhone

So, I’ve got nothin’…just living “Groundhog Day” over and over again around here.

(Ok, ok…that’s a little dramatic~ just haven’t had lots to blog about lately).

Perfect timing for an iPhone picture blog post!


This is Andrew~ channeling his best impersonation of Uncle Dan and his bare chest button-downs. (tee hee)

09 september 2012 148



I received this picture from my friend…Joe, Uncle Ed, & buddies~ heading to Vegas. Yah…we don’t get out much. I love that excited little nerd.

09 september 2012 165



So I blew him a kiss for a safe flight.

09 september 2012 164



…and took a picture of MY current surroundings. (Mom was just as excited)

09 september 2012 163

(and to all those “concerned” for the safety of myself and my children, YES, these pictures were taken at a full traffic STOP)



Wear something yellow day at school…aren’t they cute? B, S, A, E

09 september 2012 173-002



We have already decorated for Halloween/fall around the Steece house. Pumpkin candles are in full effect. You should have seen the kids while I was decorating~ they were going NUTS with excitement! It was hilarious. Ben insisted on a picture with the jack-o-lantern.

09 september 2012 181




Almost every day when I pick up the kids from school~ we meet up with Aunt Ashley, Cousin Carter, Baby Sawyer, Auntie Liz, K & M for some park fun… and so I can have some “adult time” with my 2 besties.

Last week we were at Veteran’s Park in Arlington and the kiddos wanted a picture in front of the memorial. (It was also pink/purple day at school). A, B, S, E

09 september 2012 182




So, Joe and I have been praying/talking/stressing about moving houses, closer to his work. Do we try to sell? Do we stay? Back and forth & back and forth we go. We have been talking about projects we would need to accomplish to prepare for this lovely housing market (i.e. finally taking down all the wallpaper!)…

Well, don’t leave me alone if I am bored/frustrated/stressed out. I started researching how to remove wallpaper and just went to town in our kitchen! LOL. Surprise, Joe! Yep, THIS IS HAPPENING.

(nevermind that huge mountain of clean laundry to fold on the couch …’tis my life)



Has anyone taken down wallpaper? (on a newer house…apparently older houses have tons of glue, etc. and it can be a beast to remove)~ it is so easy and actually cathartic when you are stressed. Give it a try! tee hee. Joe jumped right in to help and now we are about 1/3 finished with the kitchen.


…which brings us to yesterday… a super awesome barf bug! When Joe texted to ask how we were doing, I sent him this picture:



Thank goodness it hit quickly and left quickly. So far so good, no one else has shown any symptoms (*crossing fingers*).


So that is what we have been up to… Smile


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Amanda said...

You have the cutest family! You're such good parents. And I think your doormat is absolutely adorable!

Christina said...

K pull all the top layer of paper off (this part I let the kids go to town on) and use a spray bottle with water in it liberely spray the ramaing paper/glue with water let soak in and scrap with a plastic scraper putty thingy (as I call them!)

Brandi said...

Totally random question....where did you get your couch pillow? I have been looking everywhere for some with this colors! :)

The Ham Family said...

I have been taking down wallpaper in my two bathrooms for the past two months - I'm a little slow at it to say the least. Our house is 24 years old but I re-wallpapered the master bath about 14 years ago and the hall bath about 11 years ago. When I did those two jobs, the wall paper peeled off so easy. Not so much this time. I am having the most problem with the hall bath. I really think the newer the wallpaper the harder it is to get down. I am just using some left over stripping solution mixed with hot water in a spray bottle but it is a SLOW process! If you find any new trick, please share!

Kat said...

I'm terrified to take the wall paper down in our bathroom - it just looks like it will be painful (I think it's been there since 1945)

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Your family is just the cutest!! Sorry Sav was sick :( My LO caught the stomach bug a few weeks back.. no fun :( And the only wall paper I've taken off was the old kind so it was a Pain in the BUTT...

Suzanne said...

brandi~ home goods!

Anonymous said...

adorable pics as always! Random question, but did you change your hairstyle? You look fab and your hair looks great.

Anonymous said...

I use a wet towel around an iron with steam. Comes off very easy. Heat and steam from iron along with wet towel makes it very easy

Amber said...

We took down the wallpaper in our bathroom (it was a hideous birdhouse print)and it was horrible! Hours upon hours of spraying and scraping. We finally just hired someone to finish and paint it! haha.. so hearing wallpaper removal makes me cringe!

Alyssa said...

When we bought our current house, there was wallpaper on EVERY wall. And none of it was remotely good- we're talking 1980's old lady wall paper! The kids and I started taking it down the day we could get in and start working. That weekend we had all of our family over for a stripping party and we took down every bit of paper! Some came right off, some took a LOT of work!

Have fun and good luck with the housing decision!

Alissa said...

Good luck with the housing decision! We just moved last June (to a different province) after 14 years in the same house...what a big decision. We bought a house with wallpaper in only one room...the powder room. Wallpaper removal isn't easy but my renovator told me that putting some vinegar and water in a spray bottle, microwaving it for a short time (careful, gets hot fast!) works miracles - and it did - wallpaper came off quite easily. Just spray the wallpaper to soaking and let it sit for a minute or two and then peel/scrape gently - voila! Wallpaper removed! Good luck!

Dawn L said...

We found the best way to remove the wallpaper is with steam. For us it worked great, just peeled right off.

BTW, I love your kids, they are just so cute.

Missy F said...

Learned this on HGTV...equal parts hot water & liquid farbic softener! Mix in a spray bottle, saturate the wallpaper and wait a few minutes. Comes off like "butta" ; ) Lots of luck, worked great for us when we moved into our house and had to remove a lovely textured circa 1970 paper.

Just the five of us said...

I have not kept up with my blog and in turn lost track.of yours. So glad it seems everyone is happy and well. What a great way to help a good cause.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Suz. Im missing your posts!! I know this family has done something cute recent;y!! I love your blog.

Da young Neun said...

Absolutely adorable :]

Erica said...

Ok Steece mama. Its time for an update lady. :-)

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