Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween Night 2012

The crew walking up to another festival at Crossroads Christian Church (B, A, S, E)

10 october 2012 333



We had to use the “B-team”, “back-up” staches tonight…

10 october 2012 334



The whole fam, ready for a good night!

10 october 2012 336



LOTS of inflatable fun!

10 october 2012 339



By the time the kids wore their costumes for the 2nd time, the boys were boycotting Mama’s picture taking…but I could always get ONE of them to pose…

Are you surprised?

10 october 2012 343



LOVE this pic of Ethan and Joe. He was trying to get the little man to do his “hulk” face, but settled for a sinister little Frenchman with a maniacal laugh.

10 october 2012 344



Savi in one of the trillion inflatable obstacle courses…I’m not kidding, this place was HUUUUUGE and jam packed with enormous bounce houses/booths/activities, etc.

10 october 2012 350



We were SOOOO happy to have Carter and Sawyer with us! (They had been sick on Sunday) Aren’t they adorable?!

10 october 2012 356



Drew about to tackle Carter! Love it. Crazy, goofy, rowdy cousins…

10 october 2012 361



Carter and Ben~ best buddies! Melt. Me.

10 october 2012 355



The whole gang! Drew, Ben, Carter, Sawyer, Sav and Ethan

10 october 2012 368



While we were walking out, there was a live band playing music and Dad started dancing with his little princess. Love capturing priceless moments like these…

10 october 2012 371



Not gonna lie…we stopped at McD’s on the way home to let the kids run off some of their “sugar high” and almost passed out from sheer exhaustion. Sav took this picture of us.


10 october 2012 375


Hope y’all had a great Halloween!

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Andrea said...

hello Suz! I have been reading for years and enjoy watching your kids grow over the years from here in MN. My own kids are just a touch older. Random question... where did you get your orange/black striped leggings. I have searched but only come up with kinda icky tights for Halloween. Thanks!!!!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Happy Halloween!! You and Joe have such energy to take your kiddos to do such fun things!!! I am so impressed

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