Sunday, November 11, 2012

“Pow Wow”

The kids had a little “Pow Wow” program last week at school. It was adorable. The teachers gave them each a new Indian name:

11 november 2012 021-001



Ethan “Big Eagle” seemed extremely disinterested during the preschool performance…not a fan of big crowds, this one.

11 november 2012 014


11 november 2012 004



Savannah “Bright Star” beamed and sang every word to every song with an occasional bashful smile.

11 november 2012 006



Andrew “White Wolf” had a HUGE grin on his face the entire time. Joe and I were completely impressed that he sang along to every song as well.

11 november 2012 010

(See Ben in the orange?…)


Drew bud~ my little ray of sunshine! (Ben being carried…the ONLY child being carried. LOL)

11 november 2012 003



Yep, and then there was Benjamin “RAIN CLOUD (could not be any more fitting! Well done, teachers) who refused to participate out of overwhelming embarrassment and had to be assisted by a teacher.

11 november 2012 002




I just LOVE these crazy little Indians and their drastically different personalities! It makes life so much fun.

11 november 2012 024


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Nicole walter said...

Hi, been following your blog can we get a mm update?

Leire said...

Sav looks so grown up in these pictures!!! your babies are growing way too fast for me..I can't imagine how it feels in your heart :)

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