Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Festivities 2012

We were quite the Texas travelers during the week of Thanksgiving. First stop was a dinner with the Hoags in Waco… (super fun traffic on Wednesay evening…I guess I was zapped and totally forgot to take pics!)


Thursday morning we headed to Austin for a festive Steece feast. Our 4 little turkeys were dressed in their fall’s finest… (A, S, B, E)

11 november 2012 079



It was a nice and warm 70+ degree Gobble Day in TX, so you can imagine what the first question out of my childrens’ mouths was…


No swimsuits?…. NO PROBLEM! (E, A, B)

11 november 2012 080

(Man, Mom needs to put some meat on dem bones! Doesn’t help that they were sucking in from the slight chill of the setting sun)



Of course sister had to join them in the hot tub… (B, E, A, S)

11 november 2012 082



Not sure why, but when your sons ask you to take a picture of them holding their toys, you do it.

11 november 2012 084



The Facebook caption read: “L-Tryptophan”…

11 november 2012 085

Nothing like a good nap after an incredible turkey din din. Am I right?!



The next day, we headed down south to Uvalde, TX~ where we celebrated my Grandfather’s 88th birthday! It was such a treat to be with family that I haven’t seen in years.


Love this pic of the great grandkids helping GrandPapa blow out his candles!

11 november 2012 046



Pulling out the candles to lick off the icing…

11 november 2012 048



Sweet Sav, making sure her cousin Reagan had a turn…

11 november 2012 050



LOVE this pic of the great grandkiddos and great grands! We were missing Carter and baby Sawyer.

Sugar, Ethan, Ben, GrandPapa, Madeline, Drew, Sav & Reagan

11 november 2012 051



Add in the original grandkids!

Andrew, Suz, Jeff, Jason & Jen (Missing my bro~ Collin)

11 november 2012 052



GrandPapa tried on Andrew’s turkey hat and Sav thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen!

11 november 2012 053



Sav the flirt and her Uncle Ronnie, lovingly referred to as “Macaroni” (that is what the kiddos called him when they were babies)

11 november 2012 055



Me and my beautiful Aunties! Sandra and Susan. (My Dad’s YOUNGER sisters, heh heh)

11 november 2012 056



Aunt Susan, aka~ the pied piper, brought bubbles for the kids!

11 november 2012 06011 november 2012 063



Sweet little Reagan!

11 november 2012 065-001



Great Grand-Quads with their Sugar! (S, B, E, A)

11 november 2012 069



So perfect. Our kids are ridiculously blessed to know such wonderful great grandparents.

11 november 2012 070



All the kiddos!!!!

11 november 2012 073



The grandkids! We have so many of these pictures throughout the years. LOVE these guys.

(Jason, Papa, Andrew, Jen, Suz, Sugar, Jeff)

11 november 2012 074



Our family left, and we spent the night with GrandPapa and Sugar. While we were waiting for Papa & Granna, Collin & Ashley et all, to arrive… we took in the Uvalde Parade with GrandPapa!

11 november 2012 088



Very neat little small town parade. Loved it. And enjoyed getting to meet up with my friend, Julia! Hate that I didn’t get to hug Charla…next time, girl!

11 november 2012 089



The kiddos with GrandPapa at the coffee shop~ where he and his cronies sit and gab every morning…like something out of a movie. Adorable.

11 november 2012 090



A pic with the Hoag cousins!

Ben, Drew, Ethan, Sugar, Sawyer, GrandPapa, Sav & Carter

11 november 2012 078



The Hoag Men: GrandPapa, Papa, Sawyer, Carter & Collin

11 november 2012 093



We headed further south to Brackettville, where we loved on our Auntie JuJu and Uncle Stoney! Sweet JuJu, my beautiful second Mommy, and my little DARRRRRLIN’ Savaweekuss.

11 november 2012 094



Drew wore his turkey hat, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Like, every day. He LOOOOOOOOOVED his turkey hat. Makes perfect sense.

11 november 2012 095



Taking pictures for Daddy during the Aggie game! Ebud was my watching partner and sat right beside me during the entire game, despite my whoopin’ and hollerin’. So SWEET!

11 november 2012 096



Ethan wanted to show Dad his Army jeep…uh…ok, lil man. So proud.

11 november 2012 097



Love this blue eyed babydoll! Sawyer man jumping on the old giraffe…having a ball.

11 november 2012 098



Okay, so…apparently the kids just thought these glasses were a hoot and wanted to take silly pics for Dad…

11 november 2012 099




11 november 2012 100



Oh wait…we’re taking silly pictures???…

11 november 2012 103




11 november 2012 101




11 november 2012 102



LOVE this pic of my fellas and Uncle Stoney~ such a special, special man. Love him.

11 november 2012 104



Uncle Stoney and his princess.

11 november 2012 105


Had such a great week…truly thankful for SOOOOO many things in life…most importantly, our loving families.

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Sandy P said...

I love seeing pictures of your extended family. I can only imagine how crazy it will be when the quads are the parents!

Kat said...

they are so big and so beautiful. ps LOVE LOVE LOVE your haircut.

Kimmyyy83 said...

Great pictures!!! The hot tub one with all 4 is my favorite!

The Townsend's said...

Fun! You have some cute kiddos! We actually had Thanksgiving dinner with your parents at the Ellis' house!

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