Sunday, December 16, 2012

North Pole Express with the Steeces

Last weekend, Grammy and Gramps treated all of us to the North Pole Express in Grapevine! Thank you SO much! We had an absolute BLAST!!!

12 december 2012 101



Uncle Dan & little Ben

12 december 2012 083



Aunt Dani and her sassy Savi

12 december 2012 084



Dani and Sav were having a love/hate relationship this day…as Sav was competing for Uncle Dan’s affections

12 december 2012 085



Auntie Jess and her Drew

12 december 2012 087



Uncle Ed, Ebud, and Joe

12 december 2012 088



Grammy was feeling festive! LOVED her candy cane headband

12 december 2012 089



Gramps and Ethan

12 december 2012 090



Giving my little guy some sugah. (E)

12 december 2012 093



Umm…okay, okay… time for a haircut, boys! I love this pic!

12 december 2012 09512 december 2012 096



So awesome (yet very deflating) that we were able to sit on a patio in mid-December and enjoy a wonderful lunch! (I’m actually sitting on my patio right now, in shorts and a T-shirt, composing this blog post while the kids play in the backyard in flip flops. GRRRRR)

12 december 2012 097


Can you tell how much these kids are loved? SO incredibly blessed with amazing families.



Andrew and his LOVE of penguins! Look how proud he is to stand in front of these dudes… presh.

12 december 2012 098



Yah… this picture isn’t creepy at all! bwahahahaha. LOVE these 2 nerds, in front of the “sleeping Santa”.

12 december 2012 099



Ben and Dan

12 december 2012 104



So, the kids love taking pictures…these next few billion images, are kid-taken, mom-edited.

Winking smile

12 december 2012 10212 december 2012 10512 december 2012 10712 december 2012 108



LOVE that the Grapevine North Pole Express added the tricycle arena so the kiddos could burn some anxious energy while waiting for their train ride.

12 december 2012 111



Of course the dudes were all OVER the Thomas the train engines…

12 december 2012 112



LOVE this pic of Aunt Dani and her quaddies (E, S, D, A, B)

12 december 2012 114



The whole crew, waiting for the little pre-show to begin. (Here’s a nice tip: Sit on the farthest side, when looking at the stage, its on the left. That section loads first for the train and you can walk all the way to the front)

12 december 2012 115



Savi and Grammy

12 december 2012 116



Ed, Ethan, and Jess

12 december 2012 117



Diddy and Benny

12 december 2012 118



Daddy and Andrew

12 december 2012 120



LOVE this pic of these guys walking through the Christmas tree maze and snow blowers!

12 december 2012 12212 december 2012 123



Trusty ‘ole Conductor Bob punching tickets yet again

12 december 2012 125

12 december 2012 126



The old folks Winking smile and Ben (the old soul---fits right in)

12 december 2012 127



SOOOOO much excitement! Grammy, Andrew, Sav

12 december 2012 128



Joe, Dids, Me, and Ethan (my Mama’s boy)

12 december 2012 129



LOVE. Joe and his Dad. Smiling because we are sitting in the nice comfy seats of the first class car!

12 december 2012 130



Oh, the magic… (Drew)

12 december 2012 131



Sav stopped one of the carolers and asked her to sing with her. Savannah’s song request?~ “Jesus Loves Me.”

Melt. My. Heart.

12 december 2012 133



The BIG man and the kids! (S, E, A, B)

12 december 2012 138



SOOOOOOOO excited about their bells… (Mom and Dad… not so excited. Heh, heh)

12 december 2012 139



Sav asking Mrs. Claus about her lipgloss……….. of course.

12 december 2012 144


And I have no shame in confessing that as SOOOON as we stepped off the train, our group SPRINTED to the nearest sports bar, on Main Street, to watch the Heisman Trophy Ceremony.





What an incredible ending to a wonderful night!



We are SO proud of you, Johnny! Gig ‘EM.

johnny heisman

Classy guy right there.

Cannot WAIT to attend the Cotton Bowl with my main squeeze!


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Josh and Shan said...

There are no words for how precious your family is! SO so so much fun!

Erin and Ryan said...

Savy's song request brought tears to my eyes -- so sweet. :)

Erica said...

I so LOVE your blog!! Look forward to reading every week. Btw, the pic of the guys with the ponytails crack me up!!

Kaia said...

So cute of the song request from Sav. Did the lady sing it?! :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Can I just say how dang cute your entire family is!?! You, Joe, the kids, parents, siblings, etc!

The Polar Express looks like so much fun. We have something similar to this near us but its SO expensive and books up fast (like $80/adult and $60/child!!!) crazy! I haven't been willing to dig that deep for just a few hours but I've heard its magical!

Jennifer Harrell said...

Thank you so much for posting this review! I have a 5yo and a 2yo, and was wondering if you had any advice on when to go/time of day/what to bring?? We're from Mississippi, visiting family, so we want to make the most of this trip (and comparing to the one in Palestine-have you been?) I seen pics of a Santa with a HORRIBLE fake beard, but some with a real beard-I definitely want the real beard! Please email me at (Sorry if this is weird and all over the place!)

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