Wednesday, December 12, 2012

School Christmas Program

LOTS going on…lots to catch up on! Last week was the kiddos’ Christmas program at school.

Ethan, Sav, Andrew, and Ben were dressed in festive holiday attire

12 december 2012 070



As difficult as it is sometimes to rearrange work schedules, etc. to make these school performances---it is all worth it. The looks on our kiddos’ faces when they see Mom & Dad in the audience is absolutely priceless.


This is the exact moment when Sav spotted her Mom, Dad, Auntie Liz and Uncle Chris sitting in the back of the auditorium. Smiling brightly and waving vigorously…. PRICELESS.

12 december 2012 071



Always gonna be a challenge to watch programs like this with the kids split up into different classes! Ben & Andrew on one side of the stage, Sav & E on the way opposite side. My videography is hilarious because I’m constantly swinging the camera back and worth. It will definitely make you nauseous to watch!


I was so proud of Ben for standing on the front row and singing his heart out. (Very different from his usual shy anxiety attacks with public performances! ha)

12 december 2012 073



Andrew was close by, smiling like a goon! Love that crazy kid.

12 december 2012 073-001



Would LOVE to tell you that Ethan was really getting into the singing….but he was just bored, making silly faces at his Daddy the whole time (who was encouraging it, btw…tsk, tsk)

12 december 2012 076



Our little sweeties…love them so much!

Andrew, Sav, Ethan and Benny

12 december 2012 069


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katie said...

Hey there! just a stranger here but I LOVE your blog! I hope thats not creepy! Your children are just adorable! I've got a question that might seem kinda silly but how do you get Savannahs hair to get such beautiful volume?! I just love the way it looks with the headband and I have a little girl about her age with the same texture it seems and I just think its the cutest style! God Bless!

Miller Family said...

I thnk our kids are just precious! I think the thing I love the most about you is that you love the different personalities your children have! I've been reading since you found out you were pregnant! Love watching your kids grow up!

Unknown said...

ha ha love this so much! This is what I do, work with kids just there age and have done many Christmas programs! Love how you captured each of their little personalities! Savie Cracked me up ha ha! I thought at first you Photoshopped that in for a sec :) Your kids are so adorable! I am sure there teachers love having them ! What a fun bunch!

Love Being A Nonny said...

It is AMAZING how much Ben looks like his daddy!

Jessica said...

Her hair is just to die for. I am jealous of a 5 year olds hair.

It's just so amazing. She'll really appreciate it when she is older!!!

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