Sunday, January 06, 2013

A White Christmas in TX~ SNOW WAY!

It’s not much, and I know you Northern peeps will laugh, but this is HUGE for us Texans! I headed to work and Joe took the kids outside to play in the snow before it melted.


Ben, Ethan, Sav and Drew

12 december 2012 308




12 december 2012 31012 december 2012 312



Sweet Sav

12 december 2012 314



Ben peering out of the “Snow Fort”…

12 december 2012 317



Savannah and her snow angels! (More like, dead grass angel…heh, heh)

12 december 20124



Memories, folks!

12 december 2012 321

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Kelly Branigan said...

Your pictures of the snow made me laugh. I love in Northern Michigan in what is called the snowbelt area. We get dumped on every year. By Christmas morning, we were at about 26". Still hasn't snowed alot this year. Which is very unusual. If you want some snow let me know and I will mail you some ( :

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