Saturday, April 06, 2013

1st T-Ball Game!

Can I just tell you how long it takes to get 4 kids dressed and ready for T-ball?…Especially tying 8 cleats. We start a good hour before we have to leave.




A quick pic with the birthday dog before leaving for our game. Yep! Sweet Shi dog is 9 years old!!! Love her.

Ben, Drew, Shi, Sav, Ethan




Our little baseball team (well, the Steece quads take up half of the team…)

Drew, Ethan, Ben, Sav




Drew (4), E (12), Ben (14), Sav (3)




Practicing before the game… Sav is 1 of 2 girls on the team!




Pregame pledge




Ethan up to bat




Action shot of Sav stopping the ball




Nice throw, girlfriend!




“duh-dumptee-dump”… Drew cracks me up.





Ben is ready!




Sav is ready!




Ethan is ready!




Drew…well, Drew is playing finger puppets with himself…




Nice squat, Drew…




and now we’re turned around admiring the fence banners… (Drew)




Nice hit E-bud!




Sav and her cute little pink batting helmet




Ben up to bat…




Run, Ethan, Run!




Sav, scoring at home plate!




Sweet little Benny in the dugout




Little Ethan, next up to bat




LOVE this pic of my hubsters. So proud of him. He ADORES coaching his kiddos in any sport. Isn’t he the cutest?!




Another action shot of Miss Priss




Flying to first! lol




Savannah, Ethan, and Drew- nearing the end of the game and getting restless, to say the least…




And this is the section of the blog that I would like to call: “Call me crazy, but Drew might not be too interested in sports”

Nice effort there, bro…




Yep, that would be the opponent flying past 2nd base while Drew has himself a nice, comfy seat on the ground…




Hide and Go Seek… Where’s Andrew?…




This would be Drew spinning around in circles…




and last but not least…complete give up. Turned completely around with his hat on his face. Good Gawsh. I was laughing so hard at him that I couldn’t breathe. Love this quirky kid!




Hi-5’s to the opposing team after the game…




And of course~ the post game snack! (B, S, A, E)



I’ve got to admit, T-ball is SO much stinkin’ fun to watch. I like it tons better than soccer. The kids just crack me up to no end.


These are definitely busy days… but I wouldn’t change them for the world.

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Thank you to Robyn and Papa for your pictures!


Robin W. said...

Great pictures! Looks like for the most part they were having fun and enjoying the game.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! As long as Sav wants to play-encourage her! I was the only girl in my baseball league for years, we need more girls! :)

Carrie said...

Great pictures and commentary!! I love watching my little guy play tball. My first question when I saw you tying the cleats was, "how many had to go to the bathroom right as you got to the field?" Gooness gracious could they make those belts and pants any harder for the kids to undo? :)
Thank you again for sharing your adorable family!!!

Pam said...

Lawd we are laughing so hard at sweet little Drew. My daughter is 13 and just peed her pants over this post. I have a few pics of mine picking daisys but this rundown of the game is the BEST!!

~Shelly~ said...

Oh how this pulls at my heart strings!!! My 5 yr old is now playing t-ball and it just brings back so many memories! I love it!! They are so stinkin cute!

Anonymous said...

I am literally LMBO at my desk at Drew!! Hee-la-rious!!!!

Alissa said...

Oh my, your pictures are so great! Love that each child has their own little t-ball personality! Adorable!

Ashlee said...

Laughing so hard I'm crying and my stomach hurts!! Drew!! Hilarious commentary. I bet their games are a hoot! Such a cute age!

Lisa T. said...

I can't stop laughing at Drew's pictures, so funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on Drew yet..... My now 14 year old son ran around the circle on the mat during his first wrestling match when he was about that age - kind of a "catch me if you can"....... this year he really turned the corner and is quite the wrestler. Just takes some longer than others..... :)

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Great pictures!! your kiddos are so cute! and how awesome that they all can be on the same team!! yipeee!!!

QuatroMama said...

I just DIED with the cuteness! Enjoy this fun season, Friend!

Barbara Manatee said...

SO much fun and the pics are hilarious! Tball doesn't start here until late May or early June but my boys can't wait. The twins played the last 2 summers but this will be my 4 year olds first time out. My daughter opted not to play this year, despite being very athletic and pretty good at tball. She wants to get back into gymnastics instead.

My older son is ALL about baseball so he'll be right now...the younger one should provide lots of laughs!

Alyssa said...

I had a good laugh at your Drew! My daughter was the same way when she played t-ball. She did more dandelion picking and dirt digging than she ever did paying attention to the game. She nearly got hit with a ball while she dug! Needless to say, she's never shown any further interest in sports.

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