Friday, May 24, 2013

A Surprise Mini-Vacay for the Kids

Last Thursday, we kept the kids home from school and told them that we needed to run some “errands”. (Nevermind that morning, when Mom was sneaking around packing bags & loading up the burb).


“Kids, where are we going?”… (E, S, B, A)

05 may 2013 159



Mama knows…

05 may 2013 151



Dad knows…

05 may 2013 161



GrEaT WoLf LoDgE!!!!!!! (their heads almost popped off~ B, S, A, E)

05 may 2013 152



They weren’t excited or anything…

05 may 2013 163



LOVE. THIS. Ben and Dad having a blast!

05 may 2013 164-001



Oh, hello Miss Thang…since when did you turn 18?…

05 may 2013 165



Ebud with his go-to move…the double thumbs up

05 may 2013 166



“But Mahmm, I wanna go play.” (~the forced Drew grimace)

05 may 2013 167



It was hard to grab them to snap pics… I had like a 1.2 second window before they would run off again.

05 may 2013 168



The 3 Steece boys heading into the wave pool…fearless creatures.

05 may 2013 170



Ben loving it.

05 may 2013 173



Quite possibly Mom’s favorite picture?… LOVE. PERFECTION.

05 may 2013 178



Story time that night with Wiley (A, S, E, B). Ask Joe how much he LOVED the song and dance by the creepy mechanical puppets…. bwahaha. “There’s nothing to be scared of here…”

05 may 2013 153




The next morning, we hit up the arcade before the waterpark opened. These pics cracked me up!

05 may 2013 181



(Drew was pouting because Ethan won an Iron Man toy out of one of those stupid cranes, and he didn’t…let me tell ya, that ruined Drew’s entire morning…and mine. heh, heh)

05 may 2013 183



He finally bucked back up and we hit the pool hard. (E, S, A, B)

05 may 2013 185



As if GWL wasn’t enough, we checked out and headed over to the Grapevine Main Street Festival!

05 may 2013 187



Folks, this is ALL Sav. Can you say, PRISSY?!!

05 may 2013 189



Still obsessed with Thomas…in case any of you were wondering…

05 may 2013 190



Now on to the carnival rides! Ben

05 may 2013 191




05 may 2013 192




05 may 2013 193




05 may 2013 194




05 may 2013 195




05 may 2013 196




05 may 2013 197



Savannah~ so serious with her hands up in the air, like it ain’t no thang.

05 may 2013 198




05 may 2013 199




05 may 2013 200



We walked to Sonic while our chauffeur (Dad) went to get the car. Nothing like a cold slushy, on a BURNIN’ HOT day, when you are exhausted from walking.

05 may 2013 154



And the true sign of a fantastic, surprise, whirlwind, mini-vacation?…

05 may 2013 155




We woke them up when we got home and went swimming in our community pool! What a ridiculously long day, but SOOOOO fun! I love our crazy little family.

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Love Being A Nonny said...

Good grief, you packed a LOT into two days! What fun parents you are!

Amber B. said...

Love it! They're all so cute and I love how you have so much fun as a family.

Anonymous said...

We did the same thing for our two boys last year. They thought they were on their way to school and every time they asked why we weren't there yet, we just told them we had to stop a couple places first. And my husband changed the clock every once in a while so they did not realize how much time had passed. I did feel a bit guilty making them crazy but it was well worth it! There is nothing but pure happiness at GWL for the little people.

Stacy B. said...

Oh my goodness, that last pic is PRICELESS!!!!!!

Looks like a really great time!

Catherine said...

What a great mini-vacay for your family! Glad you had such an awesome time!!

Anonymous said...

As a teacher I should say,"tsk tsk tsk", but I wish more parents would do stuff like this with their kids, especially this time of year. You can't replace family time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,
Greetings from Minneapolis!
I came across your blog and am hooked!
You have an adorable and sweet family!
My question for you is how do you manage to find time for yourself, for your hubby, and for each of your kids individually? What's your secret for juggling it all? You must be Wonder Woman?!

Anonymous said...

How fun!!!! I haven't checked in for a while and the Steece kids look like they've grown about 6 inches!! They are all getting so tall. Adorable as ever - just like their 'rents.

Love you guys and so glad you got to get away as a family of 6 for a bit - I love those kind of get-aways.

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