Sunday, May 05, 2013

PV Day 4: Fancy Schmancy

Loved it so much, we just had to go back to La Palapa.

04 april 2013 425-001



Me and my bestie…

04 april 2013 426



G enjoying some refreshing coconut water…while some crazy local photo bombs in the background… uhhhhh….

04 april 2013 431



And my favorite purchase of the trip?…












this ADORABLE little guy!!!

04 april 2013 434



He shall be named Pedro…

04 april 2013 432-001



Joe and his college buddies call themselves “The Donkeymen”… no, nothing political… nothing in reference to anything specific… just a long, boring, random story that “stuck” and its been going on 10+ years now…nerds.

04 april 2013 302 (2)



One last pic with our main man, Roger. Best dude ever. Go to PV, go to La Palapa and ask for Roger. He’ll take good care of you.

04 april 2013 435



The last night of our vacation, we dressed up for a fancy schmancy dinner at one of our favorite places.

04 april 2013 303 (2)



The whole crew…

04 april 2013 437-001



Crossing our fingers that we make it alive in the back of the Mexican cabbie!

04 april 2013 438



After a beautiful & scenic drive up into the mountains… we arrived at the gorgeous, romantic restaurant: Vista Grill.

04 april 2013 439-001



Uh-may-zing views…

04 april 2013 440



The night couldn’t have been any better…

04 april 2013 441-003



Love these peeps…

04 april 2013 442-001



Best. Friends. Forever.

04 april 2013 443-001



I should have taken a pic of our food! YUMMMMM…. But here is my favorite part--- The Flaming Mexican Coffee! HOLY COW. How incredible is this picture?…all the way down to the flame in the glass!

04 april 2013 447-001



How’s that for presentation?…

04 april 2013 448-001



Love. Love. Love.

04 april 2013 450-001



Joe’s dessert…

04 april 2013 451-001



Genny’s fresh fruit… looked amazing!

04 april 2013 452-001



PV at night…

04 april 2013 444



This is super blurry----but it is the pirate ship! All lit up at night…

04 april 2013 453



It fires off fireworks!

04 april 2013 45404 april 2013 455



Magical evening. Good food. Great friends. Would give anything for a do-over right now…


Coming up~ Day 5: Last day Sad smile


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Jenn said...

that coffee is so cool! great pics!

Anonymous said...

Texas and California have the most BEAUTIFUL women, as evidenced by you two ladies, quad moms, and BFFs.

Apple said...

Brilliant pics lol do you know what a donkey man would be in the UK? Rude! xx

Anonymous said...

love your dress up dress. where do you find cute things like that

~Jodi~ said...

Your trip looks like it was so so amazing! thanks so much for sharing the memories! You really got some incredible pictures!! I loved the ones that almost seemed like you took accidentally and they turned out so beautiful! So glad you guys got to get away with such special friends!

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