Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Corpus Christi Beach Trip

About 2 weeks ago (the day after we put our house on the market), we took a trip to the beach with our best friends and cousins. Not too bad of a drive when you get to fly by at 85 mph!

06 june 2013 121



Best buds! Carter, Ethan, Andrew, Ben, Sav, Maddie, Kinley

06 june 2013 144



I LOOOOVE watching little kids enjoy the beach sand and waves! PRECIOUS!

06 june 2013 145



We got baby Sawyer in the mix this time!




…and some creepy dude photo bombing on the left




Two gals I couldn’t live without---Liz and Ashley

06 june 2013 154



Let the fun begin…




Chris took some super cool pics with his Go Pro camera




Joe fighting the waves with Ethan and Ben




Liz and her little cuddle buddy~ Ethan




Joe jumping the waves




Ashley and Carter




Baby Sawyer~ not sure what to think

06 june 2013 147



Beach babies…

06 june 2013 15006 june 2013 151



All 8 kids

06 june 2013 152



The beach house where we stayed was perfect! Collin throwing Carter…




Love. Kin, Mad, Sav, E, Drew, Ben, Carter

06 june 2013 141



Bribed them with popsicles…

06 june 2013 142



This would be Joe~ finding out we had 2 offers on our house in less than 24 hours!

06 june 2013 156



Those beautiful beach bombs~ the Tarrant twins: Madelyn and Kinley

06 june 2013 169



Ethan, excited about a shell

06 june 2013 157



Benny boy hunting for treasure

06 june 2013 160



Trying to find clams/crabs/whatever else…

06 june 2013 163




Uncle Joe and Sawyer, having a quiet little sit down…

06 june 2013 165



What’s a beach without sandcastles?!

06 june 2013 171



Sav getting burried by some friends who met us out at the beach.

06 june 2013 173



What a sassy little mermaid!

06 june 2013 175



Back at the beach house, Joe gave all the kiddos rides in the canoe




Chillin’ on the deck

06 june 2013 182




06 june 2013 185




06 june 2013 186




06 june 2013 188



Okay, so maybe they have had too much sugar??… LOL. Sweet Maddie

06 june 2013 189



A sunset dinner with BFFs

06 june 2013 190



Chris is a professional photographer, and so naturally~ we all planned on taking beachy photos together before we headed home.





Carter, Kinley, Maddie, Sav, Ethan, Andrew, Ben




Our little fam (E, S, B, A)




My girls~ Liz & Ash




Our boys…uh….. Joe, my bro Collin, and Chris. Scary crew.

06 june 2013 129



Sweet little girly girls

06 june 2013 127



My main squeeze




My mini-me with Daddy’s eyes.

06 june 2013 128



Excited about the 6.5 hour drive home! Weeeeeee!




Crazy kids! Chris told them to “Vader”… Joe jumped and Collin held out his hand as if he was using “the force”… NERDS. (but super cool pic!)





Headed home with my boys… (Auntie Liz let Sav ride with the girls)

06 june 2013 192

And that was our wonderful trip to the beach!

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CrazyLady said...

I love Corpus! The vader pic, oh lawd xD

Lissa said...

How fun!! We are headed to Corpus next month...would love to hear where you stayed / cost?? Thanks

Chelley N said...

85 mph?!? That's crazy.

Kaia said...

Super cute of the kids on the beach and looks like great family pics, too!

Missi said...

Wish our drive to the beach took 6.5 hours. Major traffic jams & 14 hours later (NW Ark to Gulf Shores) we arrived. 85MPH, WOW!! That'd be nice.
Good to hear you already have 2 offers on the house. Congrats!

Homer said...

This is great!

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