Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Festivals Times THREE!!!

We partied hardy at 3 different fall festivals this weekend. WOW! And we still have Halloween night to go! (exhausted much?!!)

I’m tellin’ y’all~ this age, 6, is SUCH A FUN AGE FOR HALLOWEEN! We have had an absolute blast!

I reeeeally encouraged the kids to choose their OWN costumes this year (we have always done a group theme)…and I was pleasantly surprised that they all picked Halloween characters!

Drew- A Ghost

Ethan- Dracula

Sav- A Witch

Ben- A Skeleton




The head witch of the household…ahem…




We met our besties~ the Tarrant twins~ (dressed as Madeline! Liz is so creative) at our FIRST festival on Friday night.




In no time Mom was holding on to 4 buckets, a camera and a cell phone… (followed by a ghost costume and 8 shoes)

10 October 2013 134



The girly girls waiting in line for the inflatable fun

10 October 2013 135



The cutest little skeleton that I’ve ever seen! (by the way, very difficult to find non-scary skeleton and ghost costumes, just so ya know…)

10 October 2013 137



My super ninja nephew Carter!

10 October 2013 144



and his adorable baby bro, Sawyer, as Superman

10 October 2013 146



Me and my…uhh….scary bro Winking smile

10 October 2013 148




Love that Liz! She is sporting Sav’s witch hat that Savannah ditched after 5 minutes.




Yep, Andrew proudly ran around in his sister’s tight athletic T-shirt that was 2 sizes too small while Mom held his costume… tsk, tsk

10 October 2013 136



I was determined to get a costume that he could potentially keep on for longer than 5 minutes…so, I hit the stores late Friday night…

Whallah! Now we have a werewolf! I was cracking up that I could see him smiling behind his mask! That Drew…




Saturday afternoon: Halloween Fall Festival #2.

Favorite pic of all time?… four ghouls in FULL CHARACTER, folks.

10 October 2013 151



Scratch that…this one is definitely my fav!




My beautiful little witch daughter…




Going through these pictures, I have noticed that the majority of them are of Savannah Leigh. Her brothers wouldn’t hold still long enough for a snapshot!

10 October 2013 161



I tell ya something~ this little missy has an incredible amount of patience and determination. She stood in the cake walk circle for 30 minutes until she won some sugary treats to share!

10 October 2013 164



Again, the boys were crazy and having SO much fun bouncing around. Drew could barely contain himself long enough for this picture!

10 October 2013 166



Sunday afternoon: My church’s Fall Festival!

Papa, Granna and Aunt Judy were able to come & join in the fun before Mom starts her radiation and chemo treatments in Houston next week.




Mama’s little monsters Winking smile




Trunk or treating!

10 October 2013 167



Crazy Dad…

10 October 2013 169



Auntie Liz and the girls! Adorbs.




My fearless wonder

10 October 2013 173



She actually got pretty high, I was impressed!




Best Friends Forever.

10 October 2013 168



Live music is always a plus! There is Mom holding everything again…heh heh




The witch specifically requested stars beside each eye…

10 October 2013 176



Playing with the animals in the petting zoo




LOVE my bro, Ashley, and precious nephews! Such a cute fam.



Savannah going for a pony ride




Dracula (Ethan) trying his turn at the rock wall…yeah, didn’t work out so well. Maybe next year, lil buddy!

10 October 2013 179



Trouble #1, and Trouble #2…but aren’t they cute?! (Kinley and Sav)




SO much fun!!! Love seeing Mom laugh. Good times had by all!

10 October 2013 180



Papa took this pic of Sav, totally posing in front of the Fall Festival sign. Love it.







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Melissa said...

I LOVE these pictures of your kiddos every year! Great costumes and they always look like they are having a BLAST!

Cassie said...

You look so much like your mom in these pictures! Sav is looking like a teenager (as usual) and the one of your mom laughing at the table with all the kids just melted my heart. She'll be in my prayers as she starts her battle.

arnetsa said...

Loving your orange and black leggings! Where did you find them?

Anonymous said...

Loving the scary Steeces this year!Our little ones are 8 and 10 now but every year we say that Halloween has turned into an extravganza for sure! It is somehow stretches to about two weeks of activity. My husband likes to tease me that we have to attend every fall festival and trunk or treat because I am going to get every last dollar's worth spent on costumes!!! And he is correct :-)
Best wishes to your sweet Mama.

Anonymous said...


How is your precious Mom doing?

Lainey-Paney said...

Prayers going up for your Mama!

Unknown said...

These pics made me smile. Prayers going out to your sweet mama. ~Jenn

Anonymous said...

Love Sav's shoes, where are they from?

Suzanne said...

Thx- target!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a long time, and I have to say, your kiddos are gorgeous!!! Yeah, there will be some broken hearts in Texas.

You always look so great in your pics? How do you do a "selfie" so great? I always end up with a weird facial expression.

Thanks for sharing your family, and many healing prayers to your Momma!!!


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