Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jess & Ed Rehearsal Night

The kids were absolutely THRILLED to be in Auntie Jess and Uncle Ed’s wedding! (granted~ they have never been to a wedding before and really had no idea what it was…but they knew it was a big deal!)


Ben, Sav, Ethan and Andrew with their beautiful Auntie Jess at the rehearsal (The Hills of Lakeway Country Club)




Savannah and her bros, doing a practice run…




Drew was SO proud to carry the ring box. Just look at him~ beaming!!!




I love Jess’s face in this pic…it screams: “EEEK! Are you ready?!!” So cute.




The watching party…




Thank GOD for best friends. Liz and Chris joined us for the weekend to help out with the kids when needed (i.e. late night after the rehearsal and wedding, etc). Talk about GREAT PEEPS! Chris is the one who took the purdy rehearsal pics above.

10 October 2013 002



LOVE them. Thank you SO much!!!

10 October 2013 007



Sav was thrilled to have her best girlfriends around~ Maddie and Kinley

10 October 2013 004



My handsome little men sporting their fake smiles: “Hurry up and take the pic, Mah, we want to get back to this super cool iPad built into the table”- Drew, Ben and Ethan

10 October 2013 005



Me and my handsome fella

10 October 2013 001



Joe and his bro~ Ed…love this pic

10 October 2013 006



My beautiful new sis-to-be!!!! LOVE Jess. (let’s see how many times I can use the verb “LOVE” in this post, eh? I can’t help it…lots of love going around)

10 October 2013 008



After the rehearsal, we headed over to Rocco’s for dinner. The snazzy Steece men: Dan, Diddy, Ed, Steve (Diddy’s bro), and Joe

10 October 2013 011



They are SO cute~ Paul and Steve (or Diddy part 2, as I like to call him)

10 October 2013 010



The bros~ JoeDanEd (yep, say it all together fast)

10 October 2013 012



The current Steece ladies: Kate, Suz and Dani

10 October 2013 013



SOOOO happy to add Jess to the mix!

10 October 2013 015



Kate’s bro, Brad, and his wife Beth traveled all the way from Minnesota to party it up! Love them. (Miss you and wish we could see you more!!!)

10 October 2013 017



The Steece boys and Sammy (a close friend of the fam who traveled with his lovely Mom, Nancy, from San Diego!) Joe joked about how he used to babysit all of these dudes and now he is the shortest one of the bunch! heh heh

10 October 2013 018



The Maid of Honor (Jess’s sis~ Michelle) and Best Man~ they were a great team!

10 October 2013 019



Diddy, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. It was a wonderful party~ thank you so much Paul & Kate!

10 October 2013 021



Super sad this family pic turned out blurry…but had to put it in here anyway.

10 October 2013 023


Stay tuned for the most gorgeous bride, groom, flower girl, ring bearers, flowers, background, etc. that you have EVER seen!

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Jenny said...

What a gorgeous family!!!!!

Anonymous said...

my goodness Sammy is HOT!!!

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, Sav looks like she is 17 in the picture where she is walking up the aisle! So beautiful :-)

~~Lisa~~ said...

Suz, where did you purchase your beautiful dress for the rehearsal?


~~Lisa~~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meredith said...

I love your dress! Share where you got it, maybe, please?

Suzanne said...

thanks so much, ladies! I fell in love with the dress the second I saw it. I ordered it from seaside boutique on facebook. I also saw bleue boutique selling them as well on facebook. do a search for them. they do auctions~ so you have to comment quickly to "win" your order. unfortunately, I think these dresses have all already been sold.

~~Lisa~~ said...

Just an FYI for those of us who love the dress, I found it on Amazon.


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