Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas in Waco 2013

December 23rd was Papa’s bday!!! The kids LOVED celebrating with him. He is such a good Grandfather, y’all!




My little keeedos in their new jammies from Auntie Liz!




Decorating sugar cookies on Christmas Eve with my homegirl. LOVE this tradition.




…my Christmas spirit this year (tee hee)




Caught a sweet moment before the kiddies went to bed on Christmas Eve. They were all gathered around the TV watching the Classic Grinch cartoon. I LOVE that Carter climbed up on Uncle Joe.




And its ChRiStMaS MoRnInG!!!! Weeeeee!!!!! (SUCH a super fun and magical age!)

The kids were thrilled with their gifts from Santa…exactly what they wanted Winking smile




Yep, that would be Sav hugging her Easy Bake Oven.




Andrew had better like that car… apparently Santa was running out of supplies and it was very difficult for the elves to make this one…Winking smile




my little bakerella…




“Suz, how do you get such good pics of all of your kids looking at the camera and smiling?…”

Bribes. Lots and lots and lots of bribes.

Before we opened more presents, the kids had to all sit on the couch for a cousin pic! heh, heh




…and on to more gifts…




Yikes. Haggard much? LOL. Oh well. Memories.




My sweet Mama was SO terribly sick. Bless her.




The kids couldn’t wait to play with their new toys!






And this picture pretty much sums up the entire Christmas holiday season…

MAGICAL for the kids…


…and utterly EXHAUSTING for the parents!



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cat said...

So very true- but magical never the less

Mel said...

Suzanne I think your Granny would have approved of your shirt. She might have even switched her Bah Humbug one for yours HA. Thought about your Dad all day on the 23rd while I remembered all the great times on that day at your Aunt Bonne's. Such great memories. Give your mom and dad, Collin and familia and your kids and Joe a hug. Thanks for sharing. Love you girlie

Pam said...

Looks like everyone was very happy! Can't wait to hear some baking stories from Savannah, I had so much fun with easy bake oven, I'm sure they have changed a lot! Hope your mom is feeling better, keeping you all in my prayers. Thanks again for sharing! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

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