Friday, February 07, 2014

Happy 5th BDay to Our BFFs!!!

Madelyn and Kinley turned 5 today and we cannot believe how the time has flown! Liz brought them up to school to eat lunch with their besties! (aka- my kids)

mad sav kin on bday 5



Feeling all nostalgic, I started going back through my pictures. You see, my friendship with Liz started waaaay back in 2007. She had heard through her church, that a crazy woman had just given birth to quads. She offered to help out and started coming over to my house weekly. The first time I saw Liz get down on the floor and juggle all four babies in her lap without breaking a sweat~ I knew we would be best friends forever!


Liz and Chris with our dudes when they turned 1!





It was only fitting that Liz got pregnant with TWINS (completely naturally) a few years later… (don’t kill me for this picture, Liz! LOL) Liz’s kidneys were shutting down, she was taking on tons of fluid ~ going in for an emergency C-section.




2 healthy baby girls were born, and become the best friends that my kiddos could have ever asked for…




A trip down memory lane…

IMG_9152IMG_9155IMG_9576IMG_1420IMG_1424IMG_0882IMG_2951IMG_295210 october 2011 27512 december 2011 30304 april 2012 17806 june 2012 03506 june 2012 03607 july 2012 015IMG_938007 july 2012 05710 october 2012 26610 october 2012 26810 october 2012 29810 october 2012 29901 january 2013 07803 march 2013 13803 march 2013 139232323232fp73485_nu=3254_759_;88_WSNRCG=389374_2_232;nu0mrj05 may 2013 12606 june 2013 14106 june 2013 145IMG_2693IMG_2694IMG_287508 August 2013 00708 August 2013 01908 August 2013 14408 August 2013 21208 August 2013 21910 October 2013 00410 October 2013 13210 October 2013 1351425698_10151928341339146_396879322_nIMG_3358IMG_3935IMG_3994

mad sav kin on bday 5




We LOOOOOOVE you girls SO much! Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!!!!



Uncle Joe, Auntie Suz, Benny Boo, Drew, Ebud, Savi, and Shi dawg

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beth ewing said...

I totally missed the post but how precious!

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