Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Tooth Fairy is BROKE!

I’d like to take this time to say “I’m SO sorry” to all of you other kiddos out there who have been skipped over by the tooth fairy. You see, the Steece household has been running her ragged. I’m pretty sure she filed for bankruptcy last week.


Cheech and Chong have been losing their teeth at the same time. It is uncanny. Ethan and Andrew have lost the same teeth, in the exact same pattern. In December, their top right teeth came out within a week of each other. (E, A)




The identical twinnies sharing identical twin smiles… (E, A)




And just last week, they became my toothless wonders yet again---each losing the top left tooth within a week of each other. (E, A) Look closely, the same top right permanent tooth is beginning to show. UnReal.




And then there is Ben…my dear, sweet, sensitive soul. He was starting to get a little teary eyed that he was the only kiddo who hadn’t lost a tooth yet. Come to find out, he was a smidge traumatized after watching Ethan’s top tooth be pulled out (lots of blood)…


I nearly had to straddle the poor guy! true story.

~but he finally let me wrap the floss around that tiny bottom tooth and yank! He was totally fine once it came out. Just look at those red, puffy eyes! Awwww, Sweet Boo.IMG_4058


And now I ask YOU!~~~What is your preferred method of tooth-pulling? I’m curious to know!

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HoundDogMom said...

Tie one of the string to the tooth, the other end of the string to the bathroom door and SLAM it really hard. LOL Love your toothless wonders. Have a great day!

Wildali @ These are the times... said...

TWINS are amazing! It is so fascinating to me!

Alissa said...

Wow - look at those cute toothless smiles!! How exciting! A dental hygienist friend of mine showed me my preferred method of teeth pulling...take a napkin and give the tooth a little twist and pull. Works like a charm!

Anonymous said...

Steece, I hope you will choose to post this comment. It’s not exactly a response to Tooth pulling. But, it is quite germane to your idea that THE TOOTH FAIRY may go broke. I believe all children have their own personal Tooth Fairy. Each Fairy will leave different amounts of money and she can explain in a Note to her child why it isn’t what your child’s school chum received. All sorts of wonderful Notes can be left in exchange for each tooth. If collected with the photos you have already taken they will form a wonderful treasure to be enjoyed well into adulthood. After I saved the Notes received by my two girls, over 30 years ago, I made them a book. This was received with so much enthusiasm that I published an album, ”Notes From: Your friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY.” This makes it much easier for today’s parents to complete this 20 Note project than it was for me. The book is available on Amazon and more of my ideas are on this You Tube video interview:
Thank you, Steven W. Margles, MD

beth ewing said...

my son won't let us pull them and i'm ok with it. i'm not sure i can do it. i'm fine with blood and stuff put pulling something out of my childs body does not sound like fun to me. lol. he just waits until it falls out into his hand. drives us crazy but whatever.

The Hunt's, Inc. said...

I am the mother of six and our preferred method was always a wet washcloth. We would wet the washcloth, grab hold of the tooth and wahlah! the tooth was out. The great part about the wet washcloth is that as soon as the tooth was out they could bite down on the cool washcloth to help minimize the bleeding.

Bama Girl in AZ said...

Ick - I never pull them. It grosses me out!

Country Living at its Finest! said...

Let 'em fall out on their own. Except when my son's tooth was SO LOOSE that we were afraid he might choke on it when he was sleeping...;) And then, since he's not all about having 'em pulled out, he actually swallowed one of his top front teeth while eating lunch a few weeks ago. Crazy kid.

Lissa said...

I use a toothbrush. Whenever they are really loose,I give it a good brushing back and when I pull forward the tooth will be in the bristles. It's clean, the kids aren't worried about losing the tooth, and I don't have to touch anything.

Good Luck !!

Cathryn's Closet said...

I like to use a napkin. It's so hard to get a grip on their little teeth.
Courtney G.

Susan said...

Wow I never even knew people pulled them out (not criticizing at all...just truly did not know this). I have always heard the tales of the string and doorknob but thought they were just...well...tales. My kids teeth always just fell out thankfully. I think I would have cried more than them if I had to pull them out.

It sounds like the tooth fairy needs a loan.

Missi said...

I told my son that the Tooth Fairy had his address saved into her faves on the GPS because he lost 7 in about 6 weeks. As soon as they started to get a tiny bit loose he would "work" it (wiggle) it till he got it out. This took no more than 24 hours usually. I thought he had pulled permanent teeth a couple times because I didn't know they were loose.

As for the tooth under the pillow. I started having my kids put theirs into a ziplock bag. That way it slides out really easy.

There's places you can send their baby teeth & they make braclets out of them. Sounds gross, but their pretty. It's expensive so I never did it.

Anonymous said...

I knocked my first tooth out with a seat belt. It was already loose, but I don't recommend that approach! I also had one removed with string and a door knob. The rest were of the "wiggle them incessantly and start spinning them until they come out" method.

Mihai Lazar said...

I like these photos they are so cute
toothless!Cute smiles!

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