Saturday, March 22, 2014

February Recap

So, since it is now the end of March, I thought it was fitting to do a quick recap of February. (Bad blogging~ sorry!)


I don’t know about you, but I am SOOOOO OVER this crazy winter. (Joe and I thought this was funny one, cold morning: looked up and saw this scene while we were getting ready…3 little donkeys eating breakfast around the table)




Then randomly, the next day it will be like 75-80 degrees




…the following day, back down to 50. NUTS! Please hurry up, summer!!!!




For Valentines boxes this year, the kiddos picked out what they wanted from Pinterest. I covered the boxes for them, but the kids did the rest! So proud.




Except for this little guy on Ethan’s frog- he’s my favorite addition from Mom!




Valentines Parties times 4…Always fun to run between classrooms for a fun, filled, busy hour! (E, A, B, S)

02 February 20141



LOVED the artwork on the walls in the hallway. Melt my heart!




Drew was sick the day they made their “love” journals, so I dug this one up! Hilarious. God love you, Drew.





We also played Upward basketball this winter. (S, A, B, E)





Ben, Ethan, Savannah, Andrew

03 March 2014



Dad was coach! and our kids took up over half of the team (4 out of 7! ha) Joe, Drew, Sav, Ben, and Ethan




My cute lil hubby coaching…



This was one of the only pictures I took, because after the first game, I felt so sorry for Joe trying to herd cats, that I became co-coach. It’s a glorified title. I wore a coach’s shirt and just pointed the kids where to go on offense. Ha!


My dream is to one day be able to attend a sporting event without having to do anything but watch and take pictures!…wishing thinking.


We also had muffins with Mom one morning. That was special. I love watching the kids get a big kick out of events like this.



And that about sums up February!


We received HUGE news about Mom and her fight with cancer over Spring Break last week! Thanks so much for the prayers!

Stay tuned.

Winking smile

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Lindsay said...

Thanks for the update!! I do check your blog oftent o see what is going on with your family and I have been keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers!

Cathy and Marshall said...

It's great to see an update from you! I've been thinking about your mom and praying that her health was getting better. Your blog is one of my favorites - I've been reading it for five years. Glad you are all doing well!

Anonymous said...

Hehe echoes the thanks and awesome update. Loving the toothless grins too love to you and yours. Marie in NZ

Da young Neun said...

they look so grown up in basketball uniform :)

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