Friday, January 23, 2015

A Recap of Last Semester (2014)

Thank you so much for your sweet well-wishes and checking up on me! I’ve been GREAT!… just ridiculously busy. Last fall I was working full-time hours, then coming home to 3 hours of homework EVERY. NIGHT. with the kids. I had very little time for anything else.

Seeing as how I have missed an entire fall semester on the ‘ole blog…I would love to bring you all up to speed.

These little goobers played soccer last fall. (Ethan left, Andrew right). I can call them goobers because I am their Mom…and, well… because that is exactly what they are.

Babysitting Shiloh and her best friend Sadie (on the left)… the 2 old maids can get into some serious trouble if left around free to roam. Haha! I LOOOOVE Sadie and adore watching the 2 of them play around together. (Sadie is my BFF Liz’s dog)

Joe and I were all fancied up for a benefit gala! (I went darker with my hair---more of my natural hair color) Love this man of mine… about to celebrate 12 year in March! TWELVE YEARS!!!!

Yep…you guessed it! We were headed to Walt Disney World soon! (Florida)

Sass. Check!
Disney outfit. Check!

The Steece family at Jess’s sister’s wedding! I LOVE this picture. It was Paul & Kate’s Christmas card. (front row: Ben, Drew, Sav, E)

(forgive the picture of a picture)~ but this was Grandparents Day this year at school! I had 2 sickies! LOL. (story of my life). But Sav and Ethan sure did have a great time with Papa and Granna!

Granna remains cancer free! Every check up has been perfect! PET scan great. Blood levels normal. An absolute answer to prayer. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts!

Career Day at school:
Ben~ Police Officer
Sav~ Nurse
Drew~ “like Dad”
Ethan~ Train Engineer

I snapped this picture before Joe left for work. How adorable!?!

I was more than honored to speak to the 1st grade kiddies about surgical nursing!

And here we are!!! Grammy and Grampy took us to Walt Disney World. It was absolutely magical! (S, E, A, B)

Here are some of my favorite pics! (E, B, A, S)

Haunted Mansion (S, E, B, A)

Yummm…the World Showcase at Epcot, France (A, E, S, B)

And my favorite part of our trip was the Not-So-Scary-Halloween Pary. LOVED. IT. We revisited the mariachi band (so that I could find the kiddos easily in a crowd)

Favorite picture of the entire trip. Easily. (Go through it one-by-one and look at every single person’s face). HILARIOUS.

Back at school…representing the Aggies with 2 of our teachers! Mrs. Lutsch (Ethan’s teacher on the left), and Mrs. Pilgrim (Ben’s teacher on the right)

The kiddos’ pumpkin parade at school…

I have to admit, we had SO MUCH FUN dressing up as Bert and Mary Poppins this year. We even won the best trunk-or-treat!

HaLLoWeEn NiGhT!

(Sorry, more pics of pics). Not so little anymore, huh? {tear}
Ethan, Andrew, Ben, and Savannah


Heading out for my hospital Christmas party! Fun night.

My peeps. xo (S, E, A, B)

(A, E, S, B) Santa came to visit at my hospital!

Santa at school! (A, B, E, S)

Christmas at Papa and Granna’s house with the cousins! (A, E, Carter, Sawyer, S, B)

Over the holidays, I ran into THIS little gem. See any resemblance? I was blown away. That was me, age 7, and a pic of Andrew a couple of years ago. Genetics fascinate me. (and no, I’m not sporting a teeny, shriveled child hand and giant Santa hand! lol)

God bless Papa’s heart for always taking the kids to the children’s museum. (usually by himself!)

Celebrating Papa’s birthday on December 23rd!

The Mr. and Me. xoxo

Thanks for the pictures, Dad…or I wouldn’t have any! Does anyone else get competely run down at Christmas time? It is EXHAUSTING! But I TRY to maintain a positive attitude and remember why we celebrate in the first place.

The annual trip to see the Christmas lights in Lakeway with Grammy and Grampy and the crew!

…and there you have it, folks! That about sums up last semester.

The Steece fam hit January running! All 4 kiddos are in basketball. Ethan will have surgery for ear tubes soon. Mom and Dad will be taking an all-expenses paid, week long cruise! (Joe won’t tell you, but he was one of the top 10 performers of his company in 2014 and I’m SO very proud of him!)

Hope all of you, blog buddies are doing well! Miss you. Miss being on here.

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beth ewing said...

glad to see you back. i've missed catching up on you guys. sounds like a fun filled semester!

Amber said...

So fun to catch up with y'all in your blog!!! The babies are as precious as ever! Love your new color! ❤️

Love Being A Nonny said...

Loved the recap!! Glad to see you back! The kids are growing like weeds!!!! Still so adorable!

MEGAN said...

The cutest! Glad your mom kicked cancer's butt!!

Lindsay said...

Thank you so much for updating the blog! I'v been following your crew since 2009, and its fun o see what you're ll up to. We visited Disney World as well recently, over Christmas and New Years. It was

Anonymous said...

Love love the update cannot believe how much the kiddos have grown.

Thanks for the update and hear hear to Mum kicking Butt xx

Marie in NZ

Nancy said...

LOVE the newsy update and all the pics of your beautiful family!

Kellie said...

Yay for your mom!

Sharon said...

Hurray for an update! I missed your blog posts so much! You still look beautiful as always and your littles are getting so big!

Alissa said...

So nice to see an update!! Wonderful to see everyone doing so well - the kiddos are getting so big now. Life sure does get busier as the kids get older :-) Have a terrific cruise!

G said...

So happy you are back! Your hair looks great and the kids are cute as ever!

April said...

i've wondered where you have been! so happy your family is happy and healthy!!!

enjoy the rest of your winter!

michelle said...

Glad you are back I missed reading about your kids and they have grown some glad your mum is doing well

sarah howat said...

Glad you are back and that all your sweet family are well!

sarah howat said...

Glad you are back and that all of your sweet family are well!

Elaine said...

So glad for the catch tire me out just reading the blog, can't imagine living it. Beautiful family and so happy for your mom.

Lainey-Paney said...

How wonderful!!!!

Lainey-Paney said...

So awesome. Love the catch up.
Yay, you're mom's doing great, or so it looks!
Yay, you're going on a cruise. Hooooooray!!!!

mommyoflove3 said...

I'm a long time follower and just wanted to say that I've missed your posts! It's so nice to see pics of your beautiful kiddos again. Wow, have they grown up:) Also glad to hear about your mom's good health!


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